Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"To be born as a Christian one need to confess himself as a sinner before God and need to receive the foreordained God's solution of accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. To live as a Christian one must realize that he has become a new creation and therefore the old pattern of living life according to the self, world and the devil has been put out of our body system completely according to God in Christ Jesus. To see our self as God sees us is the secret to grow in our spiritual lives, when we consider ourselves as the children of God who are indebted to Him for what God has done for us freely through His only begotten Son Jesus, then our lives will become a fragrance of gratefulness for a lifetime of service towards Him. To say we are a Christian without living it out is like having a vehicle that empowers us to travel without ever travelling in it. The very purpose of God for us Christians is to bring praises towards God with what He has already done for us in Christ Jesus. Jesus has done all for us, what have we done for Him? If we are full time Christians, living with a thankful heart, praising God with all our strength and praying to God fervently all the time, soon the demons and devils who are on full time duty to distract us away from God by trying to fill us with all kinds of worldliness, worries, fear, fleshly and prideful desires and thoughts will soon begin to realize the power of God over us and will be defeated in it strategies and will run away to break their head for some other way to trip us spiritually. We will reign with God, when we resist to give in to sin by acting as full-time Christians." — Abraham Israel

"Before God gives His mantle to a person, He dis-mantles that person completely of his old mantle and then out of the wilderness of loneliness of lack of God's presence, He will test their desperation for Him. And once they trust Him in the midst of His test, then He promotes them to receive His glorious mantle out of it." — Abraham Israel

"Running away from God and His call to be a minister thinking that we can run away from Him safely and then tell Him that we are right as far as we have traveled will only complicate things because God never changes what He has already told and decided, even if we keep giving thousands of excuses why we were right in our own eyes. God who knows the end from the beginning knows absolutely what we will do even before we start to do what we think as right based on our heart condition, even though we also know what God wants us to do rightly. So it is we who should change our ways and align according to God's direction and keep traveling in it to lead a prosperous and a safe life with in His unchanging will. There are a thousand wrong reasons to believe that we are right in our own understanding, but there is only one right reason to believe what God says, it is by humbling and surrendering to God's will and direction unconditionally. It is better to implicitly obey what God tells us to do, than to question it by our limited logical understanding and as a result of it enter in to time of severe trials in the whale belly school of theology that God conducts to turn us to His ways and make us obey His will. It is always wise to trust and obey God who knows even the minutest details about us than we know about our self, than to suffer and then obey with much heart break which will then become a case study for others. Obedience is better than so called great sacrifice for God because in obedience God is greatly pleased as His good will is perfectly fulfilled for the best possible blessing for ourselves and through us to all others in the whole world." — Abraham Israel

"A thankful thought and a praising heart towards God before going to sleep is the best way to end the day positively. Think of the persons who have come your way to help you, was it a coincidence? God brought them to you. You who were provided with the exact need, God sent it your way and it was no coincidence. The healing that came suddenly which had not happened for years, it is God's intervention for your comfort. Even for the troubles we faced, God gave His grace for us to face it. Once we are thankful for the grace that God has given for the day to face the trouble that we had, then we can continue to rest in the loving arms of the Lord. We sleep by faith that we will wake up the next morning, it is the mercies of the Lord that we wake up with the gift of life the next day. So no matter how hard things were the whole day, God who had given His grace for the day also has already prepared His grace ready newly for your tomorrow. So sleep, sleep, sleep expecting to hear what God is going to say for tomorrow. God has full of surprises waiting for you to unwrap, because He is always excited to give pleasant surprises to His children's who love and trust Him. Love God and live for Him, there can be no better life you can live on earth than this all the days of your life." — Abraham Israel

"A friend is the one who knows your weakness and strength, but still believes and wishes your strength to be always greater than your weaknesses. When you feel weak, he will stand as your strength. When you laugh, he will share it without fail. When you are down and out, he will speak words of comfort. When you wear a smile, he will definitely complement it with another one towards you. When you are in need, he will stand as your provision and wisdom. Finally when you act as a friend who seeks to be friendly with the help of God towards all the people around you, you will have a friend always beside you. Above all God has promised you to be that friend even when you all other friends might fail, after all humans are never perfect even in their best state. A true friend will remember even with out communication because heart connects and remembers even when mouth fail to express." — Abraham Israel

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