Thursday, February 6, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Wisdom is application of knowledge, for those who are too fearful to fail will never learn to succeed. Because wisdom only gets in to the life of those people who have faith that God holds them intact when they fail and know that success is failure turned inside out. Failure patiently endured until success shows up is true wisdom. The fear of man is a snare, the fear of devils brings all curses of God and only the fear of God is the right kind of fear that brings wisdom that succeeds through failures. Choose to fear God and automatically you will succeed in all areas of your life through the wisdom that comes from God and God alone!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God is the one who has planned romance for all humans, the greatest of all romance is to be in love with Him who is the master of it and let it be seen in the quality of our way of life to all who are created for it. God is most glorified in and through us when we are happy and satisfied in His love!" — Abraham Israel

"Until that Love arrow from the throne of the unseen heavenly King of Kings who created us for Himself pierces our heart, we will never come to fill the mystery hole of longing for something unseen which we all try to fill with all the things that are seen all through our lifetime on earth. God starts with what is seen to makes us long for that unseen that satisfies us to the core as we experience it more and more in our Love relationship with Him. That which is seen is temporary and that which we do not see is eternal, choosing the temporal for eternal is a cheap substitute that never satisfies us fully in this life and make us to miss the amazing life of glory to come. Choose wisely to experience eternity within you!" — Abraham Israel

"Anybody can break a bridge, but it takes nothing less than the supernatural heavenly grace of God to build it skillfully and strongly. So wisely build bridges and do not break it even when someone from the other end would like to, because in life you never know that there will come a time when you will need that same bridge to walk back again to your destiny that might keep calling you that way. Do not miss your perfect destiny just because someone doesn't want you to succeed because of their jealousy that you are blessed when they are not, handle them with the grace of God which will make you forgive, forget and love them back again as much as possible peaceably which will keep your bridge fit and strong for life. Walls block destinies while bridges lead you to it." — Abraham Israel

"If it is that easy to love people unconditionally, all self willed human beings would have succeeded in life to create a heaven for themselves. To understand that we cannot really love people without God is the first step to start loving people, and asking God's help to give to us His love in order for us to give to others is the final step to fulfill that love for all people." — Abraham Israel

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