Monday, February 25, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Satan feeds you with lust until you crave for it inevitably leading to death of separation from God and straying away from His will. God feeds you with His Love until you start to desire it intensely by yourself in freedom and liberty, leading to holiness of running away from the lure of sin and death, and staying blessed in the will of God and being satisfied with the abundant life of joy, peace and righteousness of the Kingdom of God which rules the earth sovereignly from heaven." — Abraham Israel

"When you take the lonely walk of miles as a pioneer, you are not really alone because you are walking the road with God and in God who is walking with you hand in hand as your friend, encouraging to walk the walk and talk the talk before you end up in a place where others can only dream and crave to be. You can never lose through the trailblazing, when you are inspired by God! To walk alone with God is worth more than a million men surrounding you and going with you not knowing where they are going to end up without God." — Abraham Israel

"Evil finds it expression in the fact that God is in sovereign control even when it seems otherwise because of it vileness. God is never out of control of anything and everything, only what He allows beforehand can come in to existence. Evil is the absence of good that originates apart from God, it a choice where God himself steps out of the visibility of his creation by respecting and valuing their choice to let them proceed to live without His foot and hand prints on them, in spite of them all being the works His own hands. They who want to boast in pride saying, we are self-made and are a making of our own in their godlessness, they want none to rule over them, not knowing that all humans are made for God. Until they come to realize that they are made by God, and for God, they will die in their sins and will no more see the light of heaven and the goodness of God hereafter when they will leave this earth. Saints of God, take heart, when it seems out of control, remember God has declared that He is in control of even the smallest details of the universe. Hell is a place where people end up in their after life because God has granted their wish to let them be without God and His Presence. Repent is an action word to turn to God now for those who are alive, the same word in hell is something that people only could just wish they had heeded and turned to God when they were alive on earth." — Abraham Israel

"You can never thank God enough no matter whatever situation you are through. Have an attitude of gratitude, until your very attitude becomes your gratitude towards God and fellow humans." — Abraham Israel

"If we come to believe who God says He is and how we ought to be (i.e.) "I am perfect be ye perfect", even though we do not see a utopia now in our present time within and without, we can at least expect a shadow of it now through God's grace day by day with the hope of seeing it come true through our lives in the future as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It is only a matter of time before the promises of God begin to sprout forth in our lives on earth and in the life that continues after this present one. The most important thing with God is, whether we believe what we want to according to our whims and fancies which He rejects, or believe who He says He is, that is, a God who who is only pleased with the right kind of faith based on His word that says He is present now everywhere we cannot see Him, a rewarder of those who believe Him and a God who knows the end from the beginning of time as He was the one who has planned everything for His own purposes to be established for His Glory. The hope of coming alive to live forever in the perfection of God is the greatest hope of the entire humanity! All religions cannot be one, because all belief are not the same, the God who commands faith to reward it tangibly is the one true faith and the purpose of it. Make sure you have the right kind of faith based on believing the Bible which is the Word of God, or else you cannot expect a sure reward but a failed one. Above all make sure your faith pleases God!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"While religion has a common thread of spreading a inclusive message of how we can be good for God to accept us, the relationship from God which He has initiated to save humankind is a exclusive message of how God helps us accept ourselves as a sinner by making us receive Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior in faith, which immediately transforms us as a saint in Him to live the eternal life forever as his dearly beloved children. While the world languishes in sin and condemnation, God's children enjoy God's righteousness and liberty to experience God as their Father, Friend and the person of Truth in Christ Jesus who saved them all from imminent bondage of sin which leads to death of separation from God for eternity ahead! In short, truth without the light passing through it and revealing Jesus Christ, is as dry as a dried wood of any religion which is ready to be set ablaze in hell fire any moment ready to be consumed." — Abraham Israel

"As a child of God, being strong and courageous is not a ability to develop, but rather it is a choice of faith to trust God's ability and character which is already at work in us and deny the sinful nature that brings discouragement and causes us to be afraid. You as a lions cub are always under the protective presence of the Great Lion whose name is God Almighty. He is our Father in Heaven who watches over us always! Remember, until you grow up to be on the prowl for the God's enemies of sin, self and Satan to be always under your feet, run back to Him often and protect yourself from the intimidation of the enemy. God's children are born to rule over all the realms of the universe, for that to get fulfilled, we are being trained for mastery over the unholy trinity of sin, self and Satan by the very Presence of our Father through our Master Jesus Christ who is our trainer who leads by example as a forerunner. It doesn't matter where you have come from, what you have done or where you have ended up, remember the Lord your God is with you where ever you go. You can never lose that which cannot be lost, which is the greatness of the unrivaled attribute of God's strong and courageous character in our spiritual genes that is at work constantly because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. He who is of the stock of the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is the unconquerable King of Kings over the entire universe is our Lord, Master and Savior, this very fact makes us praise the Lord and give thanks to the Father God in all circumstances keeping our head held high because of the security of the Presence of God that makes us fearless. Again I say to you, be strong and courageous not because you need to but because that is the most easiest choice to take and rule over all enemies of God because of the triumph of faith! Your faith is your victory! In every circumstances, remember not who you are in your limited abilities and frailty of humanity, but rather whose you are in your divinity! You are more than a conqueror because you are of the tribe of the Lion whose unconquerable and undisputed winning streak will continue forever and ever, even through you because you belong to Him. Rejoice and again I say rejoice because you are a part of the winning streak, and are not apart from it even for a moment!" — Abraham Israel

"Rapture and Second coming are two different events which happen at two different times which will be at least we can safely say three and half years apart or less than that. When you mix the two and try to understand the Bible doctrines of the end time, it is like mixing mud with water in a glass jar and then trying to separate it in order to see through it to find a object that lies at the other side of it. In short, you become more confused about the eschatology of the end which become Greek, Hebrew and Latin the moment you try to make a cock tail of the Rapture and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

"If there is one faith, one hope and one love, then why look for those right things at the wrong places." — Abraham Israel

"The past experience teaches us what to avoid, the future experience will help us how to apply what we have learnt and the present experience is to unlearn and relearn to never give up. God wants you to succeed and delights in the prosperity of whatever you do, so never ever give up until you succeed in His will for your lives! Age is just a number, God bypasses it all to work within us until He fulfills His desire for our lives. Your path is uncharted as no one has ever lived it before or will live it again, make every moment count for the Glory of God! Do not be too hard on yourself, take a moment to sit back, marvel and be thankful for your life towards God who used the grief to soften you, who allowed heart ache that wisened you, and let you suffer so that His strength can be replaced within you to help you navigate through this life with ease to fulfill His great and mighty plans for now and for eternity. Be proud of the fact that despite everything that has happened, you have grown to be a man and a woman of God. Don't continue to cling to your mistake just because you have spend a lot of time making it, accept what you cannot change and leave it safely in to the hands of the One God who has promised you to make it all work together for your good to bring not just a good end but rather a custom made best end to it all." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Faith is not believing our ability to please God, but rather it is in the knowing of our inability to please God by our strength, and instead believe fully on God's ability to please Himself through Jesus Christ on behalf of us who believe Him! You can never ever please God without faith." — Abraham Israel

"By faith we come to know God and be pleasing to Him, and with the same faith continued for a lifetime, we become champions of faith for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"God has given this beautiful life with a purpose to find the God of purpose who has created us all to find Him. The purpose of God within the life time is to find the life of purpose and bring Glory to Him who has created us for Himself. In Jesus Christ is hidden all the mystery of God's purpose for our lives, our family, our community, our city, our nation and the whole world of humanity. The more we grow closer to Him, the more our lives will become a reflection of God's purpose to the whole of humanity around us. The way we get in to God's purpose for our lives immediately is to understand that wherever we are, whatever we do and however we have ended up, we should learn to give thanks in all circumstances to God which is God's will for us in Christ Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to only believe, because He knows fully that all transformational changes in life can come only out of it." — Abraham Israel

"Believe in God, but also believe in Jesus Christ because you cannot have the One without the Other. Believe you can and you will. What you believe is who you will become, so make sure to read and fully understand the Bible to become what God wants you to be. We do not just see the gospel in the Bible, but also in the grass, birds, clouds and everything around us that reveals the Glory of God everyday to make us humans seek out and find the Creator to worship Him alone in spirit and in truth. " — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Dreams and visions are the seeds of heaven God plants in our heart to make us think big enough to achieve the impossible with humans to become possible in partnership with God. God never gives any dream or vision that matches our budget, but gives a dream and vision of His to fulfill His will and purpose for our lives and our generation, and then he matches his supplies of resources to reach the big dreams and vision that grows in our heart by faith. The power within the God dreams or visions we have within us have unlimited potential to achieve the impossible if we dare to care about it and believe God to fulfill it through our lives. Faith fills our purse to match us to the dream and visions which grow day by day within us to empower us supernaturally to bring the hosts of heaven to work behind the scene and to bring in to existence the blue print of God for our lives to come to pass! GLORY! Nurture the dreams and visions with the living water of the Holy Spirit, the fertilizer of faith which comes from our Heavenly Father and expose yourself to make the Son-shine of Jesus Christ regularly over you to be cleansed by the light of his blood to thus make you grow spiritually and see the visions and dreams of God supply you supernaturally to make you become the planting of the Lord in the house of God to bring great Glory to God. With in God's house you are never in lack or need any moment of time because of living always in the Presence of God which is able to supply all our needs always supernaturally! Dare to dream till you dare to live the dream you have dared to believe." — Abraham Israel

"God gives, gives and forgives, humans get, get and forgets. So it is true that to forgive is Divine and to forget is very much Human. Make sure you forget what you did for others and never forget what others did for you, so that you can forgive what others did to you and receive the reward from God for now and for eternity for what you did for others as God never forgets even the least you do in His name for Him from your heart towards others. God is the greatest giver in the whole Universe, and you cannot out give Him because He is addicted to give to those who are addicted to giving others what He gives!" — Abraham Israel

"We can only seek God and initiate change within us with our sincerity to receive the grace, mercy and love to believe and repent by trusting His promises, but repentance in itself is the gift of God unwrapped by God to pass it on to all those who seek for a change and transformation from God. There is never a day before death when repentance is beyond our grasp, because God’s love makes repentance always acceptable no matter where you find yourself in life to get saved from sin, but regarding repentance to inherit eternal blessings, we should seek for it by lifting up the cross that God has given to us through rejecting the temporal pleasures of sin, world and the lure of Satan by faith and embrace the will of God in the hope of inheriting the eternal pleasures forevermore. Jesus Christ works in us from our spirit only when we work out our repentance in our soul, as He says, 'Repent!, for the Kingdom of God is at hand to experience in your life and living!' The first repentance is God's benevolence to accept us in to His Kingdom as his child in our poverty and alienation from Him by sin, self and Satan, the second continued attitude of repentance is also a gift which he expects us reverently to receive day by day for our prosperity, as it is something that God wants us to inculcate and discipline ourselves to make ourselves know and understand to rejoice that we are still his child whom he chastises to make us inherit all the riches of His Kingdom as much as possible individually, as he has many children like us. Every chastisement of God takes us to new heights of our spiritual life bringing fruit of holiness to become partaker of his nature which determines the eternal glory we will be able to inherit from Him for eternity! If you want to become the planting of the Lord, in His eternal house of your body to bear fruit of righteousness and see the Lord work supernaturally now and forevermore in His awesome glory, repentance is not an option but a calling to fulfill His will and bring to fruition His plans and purposes for us. This shows that God loves us all the same, but rewards us differently according to our works after we have become His children, based on His character of justice and equality among all his children, with no partiality shows to anyone or more child of His as he is the just God who justifies the ungodly who believe Him! What a awesome and true God we have, Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"A world without God is a world that runs by the impulsive mind, that deceives humans until it becomes demon driven, rather than living a sound and healthy life by the heart that feels the heart beat of God to be guided by Him." — Abraham Israel

"The true valentine is not the one who gets, but the one who gives, selflessly even one's own life for his family and friends. The only one who fits in to giving this true self-less unconditional love, for the whole humanity is none other than Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the whole world which includes us personally, so that those who believe in Him like us might get saved from perishing because of sin, and instead receive eternal life of friendship and fellowship intimacy with God who have become our dear Heavenly Father for eternity ahead. Jesus is my true valentine, how about yours?" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"In this world we will have troubles and sorrows in the first Adam our forefather because of his disobedience that has come upon all mortal humans like us, but the good God has reappointed and anointed Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior as the last Adam to give solutions from God's foreordained plans and purposes for all the questions of life that must be answered individually by all humans to receive the supernatural promotions in our earthly life for every endeavor of faith. Faith overcomes curses and turns it all in to a blessing individually for us, unbelief destroys God's purpose for our lives and brings curses. Choose life, and reject fear of death by faith! Every questions in life when not sought for answers from God, becomes the stumbling block to keep us in unbelief rather than live in faith. Faith pleases God, unbelief displeases Him. Choose God and reject unbelief to receive His favor always." — Abraham Israel

"Smile not because you love Jesus, but rather do it because Jesus loves you always. Your smile from your heart of love has the power to change the gloom of someone to become a bloom of gladness that will make them smile too. Smile doesn't cost a penny but it has the ability to bring more wealth within and without in to your life if you are ready to keep giving it without restraint!" — Abraham Israel

"If Jesus is the one and only reason for your smile, your smile can start with a insignificant 's', but can become the longest word in English vocabulary with a length of a mile after it." — Abraham Israel

"When God says I have drawn you in the palm of my hands, He meant to assure us individually that we are not an accident waiting to happen or an incident that has gone unnoticed, but rather from the hour of our birth to death, we are His beautiful plan waiting to get unfolded more and more even unto eternity! God is not only concerned for every area of our life to prosper and bring glory to Him, but for us to give space to Him to be in partnership with God our Father to unfold the best plans that He has for us to fulfill in our lives. You can be the best when you are in the best plans of the eternal God your Creator who has created you to bring glory to Him and Him alone!" — Abraham Israel

"We cannot have true greatness in this life and in the life to come, when our trust and confidence is in what we have with us rather than in who we have within us. In short, we can lose everything in this life but still with a smile can carry on in this life if we can have hope and faith in the God of the mountain who carries us in his arms through the waters of trials and fire of oppression to be the unchanging same God in valleys too. No flood of waters can drown us and no blazing fire can burn us when our God goes before us to make a pathway to move forward, and then becomes a rear guard behind us to protect us from deceitful arrows, and keeps His hand upon us to empower us in our journey called life. What a wonderful God we have, when we come to realize that the God of the wonders is not far away but is carrying us moment by moment in the arms of His loving Presence! When we have our Lord Jesus Christ as our shepherd, we shall never be in need and will lack nothing in this life or in the life to come because only where there is a lack there will be a need. The Lord is my shepherd and I truly shall not be anytime in want of anything except His awesome indwelling Presence that warms me with faith, hope and Love which brings heaven to earth often and takes us to heaven when we die. Glory!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"The seed is the word of God." (Luke 8:11).

The limitless power to bring change and make impossible to become possible is not in our ability to grasp the Word of God with our knowledge, but rather it is in the power hidden to be released within the seed of the Word of God itself. So it is not how much we have learned the Word of God that matters in the end, but how much we have allowed the Word of God to be planted in the soil of our heart and have allowed its power to break us enough to make it a noble and a good ground for it to grow and bear fruit for the Glory of God that matters at the end of it all.

Satan and his demons like a bird from the air wants to remove the seed the moment it falls in to the soil of our heart and thus keep our eternal soul to remain in unsaved pathetic condition if we are lethargic enough to just hear the word of God and not take action when we are convicted by God to repent so that God can break the ingrained habits of sins in our soul to defeat the giants of Canaan. Even if we worship God singing praises and lifting hands to soak in it within a Church or any religious service showing our devotion to God but have not allowed God to break our heart to let Him have his way in our lives, we who have believed the Word of God will soon fall away during temptation time and thus remain as unsaved religious hard nuts of no use to God and his eternal purpose still.

But if we have repented and have allowed God to turn ourselves from our sins and evil habits of our fallen nature, then after knowing the power of the Word of God in our lives we will be saved for eternity ahead gloriously. Hallelujah! Then after a while if we become lukewarm to allow the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and pleasures of life to carelessly influence us, and bring no fruit of our Character to maturity of Christ-likeness in our lives, we who are saved from heaven by God will bring him no glory to his name even though we are his children. If we remain in the same way without repentance towards the heavenly life with which God called us to live on earth, we will lose our eternal reward of great joy of harvest of souls that are waiting for us in the days and eternity to come ahead of us. It will be too late to regret after we become late Mr/Mrs in our short life which God has given graciously to us. God is very much excited and interested in seeing his children prosper and experience heaven on earth through not just hearing the Word of God, but obeying it with a noble and good heart [(i.e.) having a broken heart and contrite heart that have been transformed in to a fertile heart of great spiritual harvest now], so that they can keep it that way and bear fruit with patience to collect treasure for eternity ahead. The next time you do not experience heaven within your beautiful heart of your mind, understand that your heart need not just refinement and constant breaking of the fallow ground but constant sowing and protection of the seed of the Word of God to experience the heavenly harvest of joy, peace and righteousness more and more! Let go and let God...

PRAY WITH ME SAINTS : Dear God, help me be a wise farmer to use the power of God within the Word of God to make a impact in this short earthly life which you have given to gain eternal riches for me, my family and all people around for your glory.


Much Blessings.....

"There is no greatness in holding bags of seeds and foolishly boasting ourselves to be a rich farmer, until we sow the seeds and patiently water it and protect it until the mighty harvest comes tangibly for the same bags of seeds to get multiplied by the blessing of heaven's rain to increase enough to feed the multitudes to gain eternal riches in exchange now. Reach souls through the power of the Word of God, until every soul reaches out to God to experience the same power in their own lives and let it be unleashed in the lives of others!" — Abraham Israel

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