Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you fight spiritually against all evil powers with the strength of the Lord and in the power of His might, actually you are not really fighting, but God is fighting for you and the whole armies of heaven will be behind you without you even realizing it. So always thank God immediately for all the spiritual victory that you experience day in and day out. Always boast in the Lord for every victory you experience, for He loves to hear you do that. When you face problems, do not react but act in love. When you feel like crying, cry to God for He always takes your burden upon Himself whenever He sees His precious ones in tears. Love overcomes hate of the evil one. Your cry makes God to move on your behalf and fight for you continually. So you are spiritually the strongest when you know that you are the weakest of all who depends on the Lord for every victory you experience!" — Abraham Israel

"Leaders of the kingdom of God lead others by example, but the bosses of the world hypocritically tell others to go where they never dare to go. Jesus has called us all to learn leadership from Him through humility of being a servant to others and not have a attitude of a boss. If we have chosen to be God's bond-servant, we might be tested again and again with our attitude until we mature enough to lose ourselves in the joy of the Lord which only comes to us as a reward in serving others with the right attitude. We know we have become a mature leader when we don't mind to do the meanest job and still not be conscious of our servitude done on behalf of God. Leaders are God's vessels of honor on earth and throughout eternity. But bosses are those who are forgotten as fast as they have gained their power and superiority over people, which all people under them will hate to remember for their tyranny and hypocrisy. But people who have received the service of God's servant-leaders can never forget it because of the impact of the love of God that have impressed upon their soul. So be a leader in the kingdom of God and be a BLESSING!" — Abraham Israel

"When we bypass the noises of this world and our-self, then calm down and wait for God to move in the silence of the heavenly peace of God within us that we receive through prayer, very soon we will come to experience the power of God in our lives because God always acts for all those who wait for Him." — Abraham Israel

"When God guides, He provides without fail. When you are in the center of the will of God, provision comes to you and you do not have to run after it. A sincere seeking heart towards God and His righteousness is the basic foundation of all the supernatural provisions to come and fill your life day by day. Provision comes naturally when God is your vision! God's work done in God's time will never ever lack the needed resources to fulfill that which God has desired to do through your life." — Abraham Israel

"Those who live for God wholeheartedly moment by moment, have no regrets even for a moment in their lifetime of pilgrimage on earth and for eternity ahead. But those who live for themselves and for their own selfish ends will end up more miserable than ever before as time goes on to make them older. When God has given this life to find Him first and then to serve Him the rest of one's life, anything done to abort His plan for your life will not be blessed by God. So wake up and enjoy God by serving Him through your life. You can never truly enjoy life until you serve God who gives you the joy of serving Him." — Abraham Israel

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