Thursday, July 24, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you believe half the job of what you need to do is over, when you keep believing, the rest of what needs to be done will be done by the Lord to fulfill that glorious destiny which He has for you. Don't toil in your Christian life, just believe and all things are possible in partnership with God Almighty!" — Abraham Israel

"When you desire to know what God has to say to you through His word, you will eat the word till it becomes flesh, you will drink the word until it becomes the blood that flows within you. When you become a man or a woman full of the word, the word within you will become powerful enough to make you stay as a reputed man or a woman of the God whose word you have kept within. The Word impregnated in human flesh will make natural beings like us become a supernatural beings of God! You make a beginning with the Word of God today, God will use you until your ending in this life of yours. You can hear God only through His Word, because only with it you can come to differentiate the voice of your self, the devil and the world from the voice of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Walking in the Spirit means you are hearing God's voice through His word and understand His will to walk in it through the empowerment of the Spirit of God. When you are walking in the Spirit, your natural limitation of time and space will start to diminish in such a way that you will start to realize that heaven's life doesn't start after we die, but right now we are living the eternal life of God that will continue unchangeably after we die in a higher level of clarity and nearness to God's voice and direction." — Abraham Israel

"When God tries you with difficult situations, He is checking whether you can handle the promotion that He has planned to give you right after it. When God checks you with a test, He is seeing whether you can stay humble and faithful in your heart without giving in to pride and faithless wanderings of your evil heart of unbelief that loves to wander when you are promoted. Every trials and tests of God will cleanse your life from trusting yourself, but will train you to trust the God who rules over your life for a lifetime. Embrace God's test and realize your trust in His sovereign rule over your life, then you will never ever ask God 'Why me?', rather you will say, 'Try me...until I reach that higher ground safely and help me stay there by your grace for your glory.'" — Abraham Israel

"If you are a child of God by believing in Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then commit your ways to God. Commit every decision you are going to take to the Lord, then confidently do what you have planned, if it is the will of God you will finish that which you have started, it will happen supernaturally or else forget it because you will not end that which you have started outside of the will of God. The Lord will override you and your decisions every time you are tempted to derail out of His will by your fleshly strength and will, to establish His will in His way in your life. Don't keep knocking on the closed doors that are closed by the Lord, but instead move on to knock other doors that are available to fulfill His plan for your life. If you have become discouraged in life, I am sure it is because you must have stayed too long knocking at a closed door that is not supposed to open up for you in His will. Let go and let God guide you in to His destiny for your life. What a confidence we have to walk with God when we have committed our ways to Him and our will to His! No regrets in life will ever be there for everyone who have committed their life to God because every thing we have tried is not a wasted time but a challenge we undertook to stop wasting our time without God." — Abraham Israel

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