Friday, March 29, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"No humans have ever found true love to find the meaning of life and satisfaction in life until they have come to experience the power of the love of God through Jesus Christ, which the greatest of all miracle that has happened to humanity from the God of all love who is in Himself is nothing but pure Love. Love inspires life, but lovelessness expires it. Experience God through Jesus Christ and experience life more abundantly than ever!" — Abraham Israel

"There are times when God gives the power of darkness to reign over the good and godly people, but He has something good to come out of these times in His eternal chart. Until darkness is experienced face to face, no one would desire to light their surrounding with a candle. A Christian is like a candle, he lets his self melt with the fire of God and thus give light to others. God is good all the time because He allows even the evil things of life to become a positive experience and glorify God through it." — Abraham Israel

"Praising God in the midst of our storms makes Satan and his demonic minions to be whipped spiritually and be avenged in the spiritual arena for their rebellion against God. When humans speaks unbelief and contrary lies to the truth of God, Satan and his demons will be the happiest of all in the entire universe. The demonic world takes pleasure in lies because they have no truth in them, in their willful rebellion they dwell in darkness because light of God which is God's life and His Holy character doesn't act in them and the wisdom of God doesn't work in them so that they do not have the hope of the world to come unlike us believers. Why are saints kept in the midst of all evil when God could wipe away the evil of this planet earth and the rebellion of the demonic world in a fraction of second? God has kept us here to declare aloud the praises of Him who is sovereign over all the earth and universe, so that the mouth of demonic rebels that says that God is worshiped and revered by humans for His blessings might be shut up by the glorious actions of the saints of God continually. The whole of heaven watches the move of the saints from the heavenly arena, and rejoices over every victorious praise and godly repentant actions that come. When you praise God, hell trembles, but heaven rejoices and wants more of it. Praise is a sacrifice and is always costly. Praising God in the midst of all contrary circumstances that act against us, makes praise to rise up as an incense that brings sweet fragrance from earth to heaven and gives God the greatest joy for creating us. Praise God in all things, praise God for all things and praise God through all things!" — Abraham Israel

"The single most exclusive week that changed the whole history of this universe is the holy passion week, where on Friday it seemed that evil has won and death has reigned over life forever. Little did anybody hope that Sunday the greatest turnover of events will change the history of humanity forever. Nobody ever fathomed that on the resurrection Sunday the greatest comeback in the whole history of our universe could be done by God in Christ Jesus so easily. On that Sunday life overcame the power of sin and death which loomed over 4000 years of human history to curse them with all its possibilities of destructive evil has been eternally condemned with its evil Satanic instigators. And heavenly life with all its passion and power has emerged forever to be the single most force of love. Life of God powered by His unconditional love, was declared by God as the single most winner and blessor of humanity. Friday Jesus died wrapped in the frail of humanity, on Sunday majestically in the royalty of divine power of heaven Jesus the Christ came alive to live forever in the new supernatural meta physical heavenly spiritual body gloriously. Jesus died and rose again so that you and I could die to self and live forever to serve God for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"Negativity contaminates life with more negativity which causes sickness of our soul and body. Positive influence breeds positivism and makes our life to be filled with more and more positive healing life of God from heaven in to us. Being positive and thankful towards God for everything in life brings more of heaven in to us and makes whatever we see on earth to become heavenly and glorious with a touch of heaven on it. We must protect our spirit within us with a child like excitement of heaven by limiting our time with negative people. Dare to be positive all the time and hang on with God with your spirit within and you will never fail to be positive in all circumstances of life, cause God is the most positive person in the entire universe whose friendship will never fail to fill us with positive life giving energy and excitement. Be childishly positive, and manly hateful against negativism." — Abraham Israel

"No religion can bring the power of the resurrection life of heaven in to our earthly life except Jesus because He not only died for our sins to be forgiven, but rose again in a glorious spiritual body to give us hope that one of these days we and all our loved ones will be resurrected like Him when He will come back again to earth to take us all to Heavenly Jerusalem to be with God forever, until then He has told us to carry our cross of doing God's will for our lives and deny ourselves so that the same power of heaven can revive every dead areas of curses that have come in to our lives because of our sinful condition and fill it with the glorious new life and character of God. If you have not yet experienced the resurrection power of God through fellowshipping through suffering with Jesus, you haven't yet experienced true Christianity at all. Experience Jesus through denying yourself and letting Him fill and use you the way He wants to use you. The power of Resurrection is not a theory to learn but a reality to be experienced daily in our spiritual lives. " — Abraham Israel

"The power of the cross is hidden to worldly wise and has been revealed to the those who are foolish to the world. Stay foolish to the world, but wise to God to be blessed for eternity." — Abraham Israel

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