Monday, July 16, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Even when you stand alone for God and His truth, you are never alone. Though it may look like you are standing alone, actually you are standing with a majority when you are standing on God's side. When you are standing on God's side in spite of the cost, God will be standing on your side to prove that His truth always win in the end. You can either stand for truth or be the enemy of it. There can be no compromise at all when you are standing for truth or a compromised truth becomes a lie with a potential to deceive people in various percentages, which is worse than a open lie itself. When you are pressured to give in to a lie, resist it with your whole heart and strength, so that God who sees it will be pleased to intervene in to your circumstances to change it with His power. Standing for truth may not be fashionable, but it truly makes you be favorable in God's sight. While being fashionable in the sight of the world passes away, while being favorable in God's sight lasts for a lifetime. While the world cannot help you in your time of danger, God favor will protect you through it. Truth brings more of God's life in to you, lie brings spiritual death to your life. While those who speak lies are abominable to Him, those who speak the truth are cherished by Him. Love the truth and live it to have favor with God which will also in turn bring favor with men too. So two mangoes with a single stone, it is not great, you decide. Truth matter the most in the end! At the end of your earthly life, all those truth that you stood for all the days of your life will stand for you in the end to make you rejoice that you have really stood the test of times and that a heavenly reward is waiting for you! Truth adds value to itself as time goes on, while lie makes you a miserable debtor spiritually as time passes on. If you live a life in truth, you will never have any regrets for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"Unless we become like little children to let our spirit-man rule over us and thereby rise up every morning afresh in the spirit of eagerness, adventure and certainty, we cannot enter in to the fullness of God's kingdom joy, peace and righteousness in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"A man should search his own heart to find himself as a sinner in order to find the truth, then he needs to search the truth to find God's unconditional love which makes him a saint out of a sinner, then once he finds God's love he needs to find himself in God through our Lord Jesus, which will finally make Himself find everything he ever longed for in life! The search for ultimate truth ends in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whom we find who we are in ourselves without God and come in to the ultimate reality of who we are in God through Christ Jesus. Without God we are a zero but with God we always end up being a hero." — Abraham Israel

"When you have committed your life in to God's hands, He knows how much strength you need to finish the last step even before you ever take your first step to move forward. All you need to do is to trust God in your journey of life and keep walking by His supernatural empowerment that will strengthen you moment by moment. When you are tempted to think that you can walk on by yourself easily and thereby do the needed things, just wait for a moment to renew your mind to think rightly that it is God who is strengthening you and give praise to Him with a grateful and a thankful heart which keeps you balanced in your spiritual walk. All those who fail to acknowledge God and give Him glory due to Him will soon become weary because of the lack of His supernatural grace to match their need. Many who grumble against God are those who enjoy God's blessedness without real thankfulness. Unthankful people are led in to wilderness journey to be trained until they start to thank God for all His grace and blessings, after which they will see a Canaan land. God only gives His satisfaction to those who not only trust Him during difficult circumstances of life but do not fail to remember Him and His grace all the time after God gives them victory and peace. When God has taken you to do a particular task, remember He is faithful to take you through it if you do not fail to thank Him and praise Him for His goodness. When was the last time you thanked God for His grace? You better remember to give it to God, so that you might continue to enjoy the supernatural touch of heaven in your life." — Abraham Israel

"God loves all children's very much because they have a spirit that trusts those who take care of them, in fact God has made us to be His spiritual children so that we can understand his unseen care with which He sustains our life and trust Him to be His little child. All that people expect for a child is to grow to be an adult, but in the process of growing in to adults the children lose the precious innocence of a child which is precious in the sight of God, so only after we are born again in our spirit-man newly as God's baby, we grow spiritually to be child-like and we continually unlearn from childishness to achieve freedom from soulish life in order to become a spiritual adult. What a privilege to be the child of God through our faith in Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

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