Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Satan and his demonic minions are ruthless sadists who make people to break themselves apart in their soul using the outside force of the world which tries to conform them to be something they are not, but only God in his eternal wisdom can really break a person from the inside within him where He resides and make room to fill every area of brokenness with the living water of heaven which makes them to get transformed supernaturally and experience heaven on earth without leaving it physically. Our spiritual life ends when we are broken from outside, our spiritual life begins and continues to grow when we are broken from our inside. So day in day out, accept who you are in Christ Jesus and instead of resisting your God ordained circumstance in your life, choose to be thankful for it all which is planned and orchestrated by God in His sovereignty, and thus allow God to break you to use you for HIS GLORY! When Satan and his cohorts try to break you using the outside worldly forces and influence, resist it with all your strength and they will flee from you, but when God tries to break you, cooperate with Him more and more to experience a newer and scintillating heavenly life more and more. When you soulish life gets broken, your spirit life begins. When you spirit life gets broken, your soul life will get deteriorated. Choose life and not death!" — Abraham Israel

"The victorious ambassadorial power of Jesus over Satan and his demonic minions can only be experienced in your lives through a daily relationship with Jesus, because the daily relationship we have with Jesus Christ is like connecting our spiritual man which is like a battery inside us to the power plug from the heavenly power socket which will fill it with the power of heaven. So don't use Jesus name without the authority and power of heaven acting through it, or else it will have no effect upon the demonic world that comes to destroy the blessings of God over your life. If you are fully recharged with the power of heaven, commanding the devil to go one time "In Jesus Name" will be enough to terrorize him and crush his power each time. So use the name of Jesus wisely!" — Abraham Israel

"If you are are born again believer, what is on your outside may grow old and weak day after day due to age, but what is on the inside of you will grow younger, bigger, better and stronger to make you leap for joy day after day. Each day for a Christian is a opportunity to rejoice for growing in to a better adult sonship in Christ Jesus, and praise God that we never grow old after being adult spiritually in our inner-spirit man. There are no downward spiral in our spiritual journey, each day is a new day to learn something new in God and about God. If we stay put, we will stay where we have attained and will miss to go higher. Until the end of our earthly lives journey, we can choose to grow spiritually in our race of faith. Think about it, we may die someday being old in to the autumn of our lives journey, but what we have become spiritually will stay with us for eternity as we just change our residence address and continue to be with God forever. Those who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior will grow better as they become older and not bitter as others who are without Him become as days passes by." — Abraham Israel

"God always think about ways to make you prosperous in every area of your life, He has a great hope that you will prosper in your future. But the final say is in how you understand His good thoughts towards you and how much you can cooperate with him in a daily relationship to hear His guidance and make good choice to succeed in life. We may not feel good always about God and his good intentions towards us because of a sin nature which influences all humans within, but neglecting our feelings if we believe that God is good all the time by faith as He is in reality, we will soon begin to see the good things of God's thoughts become a reality in our lives. Those who are walking with God are never discouraged in life because they do come to understand that He is all they need to satisfy all their desires and live a fulfilled life." — Abraham Israel

"When you look to yourself for happiness, you are oppressed;
When you look to the world for happiness, you are depressed;
When you look to the Jesus for happiness, you will be refreshed!" — Abraham Israel

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