Monday, September 30, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Have you ever thought what it is to rejoice in the Lord? It means you do not derive your joy based on who you are , what you have or even who you know, but you solely trust the Lord to gladden you heart by taking a positive choice to step in to the very joy of the Lord by faith through your spirit-man, and let yourself get in to the sweet stream of heaven's pleasure within, irrespective of what situation you go through or have gone through in your life. The easiest way to take a vacation for your soul is to rejoice in the Lord. You choose to take a positive choice, God will let Himself loose to make you enjoy His joy. Choose to positively rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!" — Abraham Israel

"Each day is a gift from God and that is why it is called as a present, to use each day on earth to serve God who has given it to us is the greatest privilege we have as a human. The most profitable way we can use the God given time on earth is by loving God through serving others with that love of God which He has given to us, and thus make use of it towards others whom He brings our way. When we love God, we will serve others. When we serve others, we show that we really love God. Love profits and satisfies us immensely in every area of our lives even when it takes so much sacrifice on our part to use it to profit! The true sign of a spiritual person is not how much charisma they have, but how much they are able to love others without expecting anything from others in return." — Abraham Israel

"The Lord has warned through His apostles to test the spirit and not just naively trust Charisma to be deceived by false appearances especially in the end of end times we are living in, we can know a person whether they are really of God or not only when we test their character and find it whether they are able to exhibit the Character of God as His child. Charisma deceives, Character defines! True sheep followers of Jesus will not seek entertainment in their religious life as the goats, but rather will be devoted to God's message of faith sacrificially. Our eyes are the mirror of our soul, so have your inner eyes open enough to separate the clowns who entertain the goats by trickling their fleshly appetite, from the true shepherds who feed the sheep by helping them to take up their cross and follow Jesus as they will be leading by example. Charisma can takes us to great people and places, but only character can make us stand there consistently. Learn to always choose character over charisma to find who is a real deal and who is phony doll. Embrace people of character to grow spiritually and avoid being entertained by phonies to keep yourself from being deceived!" — Abraham Israel

"Search for truth is not a optional choice for all humans, we are put in this earth to know the God of all truth. He is the person of truth and not a doctrine which just gives you a understanding of right and wrong. His name is Jesus and in that name you find the very meaning of existence. The love of God has been revealed in Jesus, so that the moment you embrace that Love in Jesus, God becomes your Father in heaven and you His child. So a truth seeker will always end up finding himself, love, meaning, God and everything that one's life longs to know on earth. Are you a truth seeker and a child of God? If you are, you have a great future! Destiny unfolds for those who seek for truth and find God's purpose for themselves in it." — Abraham Israel

"If there is one friendship that we need to concentrate to develop, it is relationship with God because that is the one relationship that will last without any change in this life and in the life to come. Be intimately connected with God as a friend, and you will not lack any satisfaction in your life for eternity." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The world, the devils and even the fleshly self cannot keep a child of God from progressing in lives journey of destiny that has been designed by God before anything or anyone ever came in to existence. No one can stop a child of God from progressing positively in life because the One who works within them is greater than all the powerful forces combined coming against them from without." — Abraham Israel

"God gives a beautiful shape individually to all those who are devoted to Him. He makes this shape to be in the image of Himself which is the image of purity and blessing. It is the healthy flourishing tree that gives fruit continually and makes itself a blessing to many who feed it by taking care of it and also those who throw stones at it, the same way when we become shaped by God in our life by a day to day walk with God, then we will be a blessing to not only our friends and people around us, but also to our enemies who will be touched by God through our God-shaped life, and will be blessed within by the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. What a privilege to walk with God and work with Him till we see people blessed around us with the blessing of heaven through us! Don't ask God for things, instead ask God to shape you like Himself, then you will not only have all things as a blessing, but also you will let God make all things become blessed to be a blessing through you! The power of God's blessing never stops flowing until there is someone who want to store it for himself and therefore becomes of no use to any one. Never forget, we are blessed by God to be a blessing. So learn to let God bless people through you by your sacrificial heart!" — Abraham Israel

"Some people on earth are so satisfied with themselves and what they have, they have forgotten that they have been put on this earth to know God. These people are in danger of fooling themselves not knowing the real purpose of human existence on earth is to know God intimately and be known by Him personally, they are on the verge of missing eternity without the gala life of God that awaits them. This category in which people are living can be termed as earth dwellers who live an animal existence of earthly survival. Still others who have been pursuing material things to satisfy their God shaped hole within their soul, will become so disillusioned within them that they cannot stay still and therefore will begin to ask themselves, 'What on earth am I here for?' These people are in a better position to reach for God in their desperation than the former ones who are satisfied with earthly thing. This category of people can be called as desperate seekers, who need to receive Jesus and establish a relationship with God to live purposefully. Still others who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and have come in to a eternal relationship with God are those who can be categorized as heaven seekers who will inherit all the riches of God because they have become God's children. May God help you to check yourself to know what category you are in, and make you desperate enough to become a heaven seeker and a collector of riches in heaven. Remember, the most important relationship in this side of eternity is to have relationship with God and establish it thereby to grow in intimacy as a friend with Him for the rest of our eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Some people ask, how can you overcome evil with good? God says see my Son Jesus, when all the religious people around Him wanted to kill Him to death, He chose to let my unconditional love burn in His heart as a flame towards them in return, thus overcoming the evil false fire of Satanic hate that wanted to overcome and destroy my good purpose and plans for humanity. The evil fire of hatred cannot withstand without being quenched against the roaring river of heaven's stream of rivers that my Spirit brings as a Tsunami flood against lawlessness of all kind. My Son proved that love is as strong as death, though the body loses its life, the emotion of love within that soul of that body lives for eternity. Therefore the flames of love are the flames of fire and the most vehement flame that the evil waters of this world that brings death cannot quench and even the flood of it cannot stop. No temporal things can ever buy love, because as it is displayed in My Son who chose to despise the shame of death and embrace the sacrifice of My Love for all of you." — Abraham Israel

"The very reason God told all humans to keep Sabbath Holy and separate from other days is for them to know the Lord of Sabbath who is Jesus Christ intimately and rest internally in one's spirit knowing the finished work of redemption and salvation that has already been prepared for them by Divine providence from the foundation of the world for all humans to enjoy their walk with God for eternity ahead. If you know the Son within your heart, you will experience the Sun shine of heaven upon you on earth. Blessed Sabbath rest in the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The negative emotions of feeling unloved, unimportant or insecure comes out of the heart that does not stand perfect in the love of God. You cannot blame God for feeling like this, in fact God has shows his Love towards us already that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. What manner of love is this? For a righteous man, perfect man or a good man someone has the chance to give their best to defend them, but God has clearly revealed His unconditional love towards us that when we were his enemies living as sinners, God gave for us the best that filled and gave joy to His heart, so that out of that sacrifice we could become His children. So now it is our self life and the devil's lies that act as the fog to limit our visibility of the love of God. God's love never changes, but our perception of it changes according to the circumstances we face. So keep yourself in the love of God by getting in to His word and confessing to yourself who you are to God to reaffirm yourself with the consciousness of your privilege in Christ Jesus. Hearing Faith comes through the confession of the word of God, it destroys fear and demolishes all walls of unbelief. When you know to whom you belong, there will be no doubt of the reality of who you are and the negative emotions that follow the unbelief of the heart." — Abraham Israel

"When you seek the face of Jesus Christ in all circumstances of your life, the heavenly sunshine of heaven will brighten your soul like a sun brightens the sun flower and makes it bloom with colors of life at all times. When God's joy fills your heart with the heavenly sunshine, the garden of your soul will be filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers irrespective of the circumstance you go through in your lives journey. When you are positioned towards the Son-shine, not only you will be blessed, but all those who look for a blessing through you by faith will be a blessed to experience Divine blessing through being in contact with you." — Abraham Israel

"People who do not know the Bible will be surprised with what is happening and what will happen in the end of end times we are living in. The unstable nature of political boundaries, the roller coaster rides of economy and the pain of birth pangs due to natural calamities of catastrophically cataclysmic proportions with cosmic disturbances that will fill the heart of unbelievers with fear of what will happen to themselves and the world. But those who know the God of the whole universe and His word will look with excitement to see what is written in the Bible get fulfilled before their very eyes. Know one thing, what is written in the Bible must get fulfilled before the world can come to an end. God and His word are one, God cannot break His word, so begin to passionately look in to the deep nuances of the word of God and you will never be disappointed without inspiration and purpose to live this life in this unstable world of end time." — Abraham Israel

"Those who face all kinds of trials, tribulations and hardships with faith willingly expecting God's grace to carry them on during the ordeal, and not run away from it are those who see their very lives get turned from plain charcoals of purposelessness in to diamonds of great value and purpose which will be used to honor the crown of God during the time of eternity that lays ahead of all of us. It is not whether we face ordeals that matters because Jesus has promised that as long as we are in the world there will be tribulation, but how we handle these tribulation cheerfully with expectation of God's grace empowering us to overcome all such thing with God's strength that makes us spiritual diamonds of great value before God and men. Grace strengthens us equally to that of the trial we face in our lives and nullifies it oppressing power completely, so that when we come out of it, we will feel that we have been made strong spiritually than before the trial with the result of a increased vision of God's power and uplifted higher ground of visibility by faith in to the very door of heaven from where the power of God came to help us in our time of need. Handle stress humbly by the grace of God and become a spiritual diamond in the crown of God for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"You have not come to this earth by chance and is surviving on it through some kind of random supply of existential sustenance and material that has come because you have ended up in the present place that you are in. Know for sure that your life has been planned by God millions of years before itself and was brought forth out in to this world for such a time as this to live the purpose and plans that God has engineered in His blue-print for your life. These purposes and plans of God cannot be forced to get fulfilled by our strength, it can only be fulfilled when we live a life of faith and wait for God's time to come in our lives day after day until we fulfill the individual purpose of God within the whole purpose of God for our generation. When great men of God like Moses, David, Joseph tried to fulfill it by their own strength, they messed it up and finally learned to patiently wait by faith for God's timing, after which God made their lives get bloomed beautifully with the fragrance of Christ, so that the world was able to smell and enjoy the marvelous and great wonders of God on earth like in heaven above. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for God to fulfill His will in His time or are you ready to use your talent by yourself in putting it for sale before God's time arrives? What we do by God's strength will only be counted for a eternal reward for our future life, all that we do by our own strength will have no eternal value. If ever you think that you have to do anything in your life immediately, stop it for a while and remind yourself that without God working in His time, you are going to mess it up and miss it all which God has in store for you. So wait and win, that the way it works out in God's economy where He reveals how it is all worth the wait in every step of your life when you are waiting for God to act in His time!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Tithing is never a obligation to fulfill in order to receive more blessings, it is a thankful attitude of gratitude toward God for giving us life to live, people to love and the day to day provisions to carry on in life. Tithing is a starting point to show to God that we are keeping Him first and telling Him that we are trusting His provision and security to keep us on track for HIS GLORY. But tithing should not be done as a duty to fulfill rather it should be done out of cheerfulness for the goodness of God towards us and our family, and the Lord who sees the cheerful giver will love such a person in different ways and will bless him and his household immensely in many different ways spiritually, soulishly, physically, socially and materially. Tithing is just basic, we can carry on further with God by giving Him ourselves as a living sacrifice and a bond-servant for His holy use which will make us to fulfill His perfect will for our lives. Always learn to acknowledge to God that you are giving Him only a part of what He has already given to you and only such sacrifices will really make God happy. You cannot out-give God who gives it all for you to know Him and His love more and more." — Abraham Israel

"The commission that Jesus gave us all to go in to all the world and preach the gospel is just one half of it, the other half is to go and makes disciples of all nations by baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that Jesus has commanded us. In other words, only as we become true followers and learning disciples of the commands of Jesus, we can fulfill the the commission that Jesus has given to us. Jesus has promised His personal presence with all His disciples in all the world to help them fulfill this commission which He has given them to fulfill." — Abraham Israel

"Because God is first and foremost love in all His essence and entirety, that is why He is good. God hates sin because it destroys human beings. God judges sin and loves sinners because His love is everlasting. Learn to rejoice always knowing that the good God who saved you from sin, will also deliver you from the power and presence of sin because He has made you His children and have called you to be His saint. God loved you so much that He has embraced you in Christ Jesus just as you are in your sinfulness, now God loves you so much that He is not ready to leave you just as you are in your sinfulness, instead God has promised not to let sin have dominion over you to defeat you completely by making you powerless against it if you let Him work. Rejoice, God is working within, if you cooperate with Him, you will see victory without! Rejoice, God is at work because He loves you continually no matter what!" — Abraham Israel

"Learn to enjoy the simple things of life because one day when you look back these may be the greatest moments of your lives journey. It is not how much you have what you want, it is how you see what you have and make it meet all the wants, that is what matters in life because God only gives you what you need so that you will realize He is all you will ever want. In short when you realize that God is present in His tangible Presence, you will be content enough in your consciousness to enjoy your time irrespective of your circumstances." — Abraham Israel

"When we break through the clouds of doubt, fear and anxiety of our soul that trouble us on this side of our earthly sphere, there is a higher place of heavenly rest beyond that where we will experience a supernatural life of God within our spirit where serenity, tranquility, peace of mind and quietness will be always present like a beautiful fresh garden beside a still water. So when each step you take for your breakthrough becomes harder and harder, remember not to stop but keep going because the view at the top is not only beautiful but is worth the effort to make you come back again and again until you get addicted enough to make your head stay in heaven and feet on earth and your hands working for God through His mighty grace. The destination is always more satisfying and worth the effort for the hardness of the journey to be remembered no more!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You can easily know where your treasure is by self scanning your priority in your life, Do you love God the most?, Do you try your best and give all that is possible in your strength to extend His kingdom?, Do you allow the thoughts about God, His word and His love to dominate you thinking or some material needs and survival on earth is the dominant thought of your mind?, What do you think the most, is it about yourself, others or God?, honest answers to these above question will help you understand where you are collecting your treasures really. If you are collecting your treasures in heaven, you heart can never rest on earth until it reaches the shores of heaven and stand before the throne of God. It is like the dove sent out by Noah which found no resting place for the sole of her foot on earth and therefore returned to Noah in the ark who put out his hand and took her in to the ark to himself. Jesus is the anti-type of the ark that is floating in this worldly waters on earth now, the true believer cannot be able to find a resting place for the sole of their foot on earth and therefore will return back to their God who is within the ark, they will live in constant friendship with God and will therefore look forward to God who has promised a mansion in heaven for them in eternity and a equivalent reward for what they have done for God on earth. Invest your life on God and get repaid with eternal dividends forever and ever!" — Abraham Israel

"The righteous walk of integrity and justice that you are doing may seem hard right now, but actually you are collecting spiritual riches for your children who are going to be rewarded for what you stood for before men and God. Every unseen effort to live righteously may not be noticed by any human, but the God who sees in to every private lives and scrutinizes without fail is watching your every move, in the right time God will reward you publicly for such private acts of righteousness. Not only that, your reward is stored for your children and children's children even up to thousand generation. So watch what you do privately, you never know that it might be the climax of a promotion which is waiting for you supernaturally from God!" — Abraham Israel

"The Church has enough powerless unholy fires caused by the flesh burning here and there to create a lot of noise without any true revival in the hearts of men. But the true tongues of fire with which Jesus baptizes all true passionate seekers of God will burn all unholy attitudes and sin in the first place and will further send the zeal of the Lord to work for Him supernaturally in to every bones and tissues that has life within it. No true apostolic revival can ever be experienced without the rapid spread of the fire of tongues that causes revival in the true first century style of the apostles." — Abraham Israel

"God has called us according to His own purpose and will to work within us according to His own pleasure, therefore it is our duty to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind without dividing its desire towards any worldly material, family relationship or even our own life which has the power to make our spiritual lives ineffective and purposeless. But for those of us who love God with our whole heart, the love of God will keep us intact in such a way that we will be able to rejoice knowing that all things whether good or bad have all been worked out by and by, by our good God who is working it all for our own good which will bring the glory of God more and more in to manifestation in our lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Love of God has a beginning in God, but it has no end because it exists as long as God exists and that is for eternity ahead. God's love is everlasting love and it really means that it never ends. Once we are drawn towards God's love in Christ Jesus and come to experience the warmth of the sunshine of His love penetrating in to our darkened hearts, the sunshine never ends! God love never changes based on our performance in our spiritual life, instead it helps us perform better as it never changes no matter what situation we go through in our lives. Love of God is the one constant that have no shadow of turning because the God who is light also is equally the God of love in the other half of his manifestation to all of us!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If your enemies are around the corner watching you but can't do anything to you because of God watching over you, know for sure the promise of God which you have believed has brought the anointing of heaven's glory all over you to make you glorify Him supernaturally, because you have waited long enough to go through the grind waiting for Him to transform you just like Him. When it is God's time, you enjoy it all whether someone likes it or hates it with all their might, those who like it will be blessed through your anointing, but those who hate it will only see their own bones melt with jealousy. Congrats, it is your time!" — Abraham Israel

"God's grace empowers us, His mercy sustains us and His peace guides us in to our destiny. Keep availing it because it is our duty to avail it by faith until we succeed in His purpose for our lives." — Abraham Israel

"The very reason Jesus showed the raw wounds on His body and asked Apostle Thomas to check it after his resurrection is not because He wanted sympathy from him, but because Jesus has chosen to retain the wounds on His resurrection body as a sign of reminding God to continue in blessing his followers in spite of their failings, weaknesses and doubt from time to time, and in reminding men about the reality of freedom that He had purchased once and for all time over sin, sickness and death no matter what kind of curse that tries to affect them because of the lack of faithfulness on their part towards God. In other words, the whole world may come to forget you for your unsteady life, but remember that Jesus has your image inscribed on his hand and that is the reason his wounds can be seen on His glorious resurrected body through which we are reminded that for sure all our past, present and future sins were forever forgiven and we were healed of all our sicknesses in our soul and body for eternity ahead. Remembering the faithfulness of Jesus should make you stand on your faith and enjoy His unchanging blessings no matter what kind of doubt or unbelief has attacked you to weaken you through your time of trial. Let go of yourself and your striving, let God take control by depending on His promise and faithfulness." — Abraham Israel

"God is building up His end time glorious Church by the washing of water which is the revealed fullness of the Word of God, the Word of God when quickened by the Holy Spirit has the ability to reveal the fullness of the power of the blood of Christ and the finished work of Christ achieved for all believers, and such fullness of revelation causes them to rest in His grace and glory. Thus the Glorious Church is not a fiction, doctrine or speculation, it is a living reality of which you and I are a part in this terminal generation. If you believe it say, "AMEN" and type it for the GLORY OF GOD!" — Abraham Israel

"The more we know the Holy Scriptures, the more the freedom of salvation from sin we will experience because of our faith within. So through the Scriptures be wise, become convinced and begin to walk the journey of a lifetime before the lifetime of your journey becomes expired. Be inspired before you get expired and you will never get perspired to succeed in life!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God works when you rest in faith with thankfulness in your heart, but He stops working when you start to work through confusion which shows that you are not ready to trust God or wait for Him to act in His time. Let your faith soar, and come to know for sure that your miracle is nearer than when you first believed!" — Abraham Israel

"I have trusted God in the good times and have fretted about the bad times, till God taught me by letting infirmities strike me ruthlessly and through it made me trust Him at all times. Now I know that God is good at all times whether I feel it in my circumstances or not, He makes all things to work together for my good." — Abraham Israel

"If we never come to experience sorrow, grief or sadness, we can never come to know the sweet comfort of the Lord. So all bad things can be worked together for our good by our loving God to understand Him more and more in this fallen world of sin, if we positively position ourselves towards such bad happenings to become a sweet Divine experience to cherish the rest of our eternity. There are no bad things in this world to discourage a person whose eyes are set on the God who turns everything in to good for them who believe His ability to use the curse of bad things to become a good blessed rewarding thing for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"You can never be too stressed to go beyond the break down point in your life, if you are wise enough to use the word of God to destress yourself from distress regularly before the break down point." — Abraham Israel

"The spiritual doctor of our soul has paid the price of giving His own sinless life for the healing of our soul and of the whole wide world, but only those who know that they are sinners in need of the Savior Jesus whom God sent to heal the sin sick diseased soul of all sinners, can only be able to avail the power of transformation in their lives and experience freedom from the penalty, power and presence of sin. Have you approached God as a sinner, or else you think that you are righteous enough in your own eyes? If you haven't yet responded to the call of sinners, you have disqualified yourself as a righteous who needs no salvation of God and therefore are justified in your own sight but condemned already in God's sight to go to hell-fire without the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. Today God is appealing one more time with a call for sinners through Jesus, humble yourself before God and receive the perfect righteousness of Jesus to be justified for eternity before Him." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When God sees us, He sees us as perfect in Christ Jesus. There is nothing we need to do in order to fragrantly smell any more than what we are already in Christ Jesus. If ever we begin to think that by our own effort, we can add some more fragrance to what we already are, we begin to stink by our filthy rags before God. To understand this truth and be satisfied in this understanding of the New Covenant wisdom is what brings great pleasure to God!" — Abraham Israel

"The attitude of Jesus was ruled by true humility, though He was the Creator of the whole universe, yet He humbled Himself not only to become a man, but also became a slave of God to serve all humans like us and to die to redeem us from our sins. Jesus never ever thought less of Himself because He knew that He was the Son of God, but He always thought of Himself less to stay humble before God and men. May our attitude be also the same as that of Jesus Christ, to know that we are the sons and daughters of God and be grounded enough in this identity, yet think of ourselves less to stay humble and receive more and more grace from our Daddy God!." — Abraham Israel

"The way God wants to make you rich is in the way of having His joy given to you first, and then getting the things you need given to you from above at the point of your need. Everything that God provides needs no striving, just like a flower blooms without effort and the birds get their food at the right time from our Heavenly Father without neither sowing nor reaping, this is the way of prosperity that God has promised us. God gives our need first to make us live purposefully, then when our desires become His desires, He provides and satisfies all our desires because that will make us be blessed enough to be a eternal blessing to all who come our way. Anything and everything that God gives will bring no sorrow or striving with it, but it will give us deep satisfaction and thankfulness towards Him for eternity. What more prosperity we need?" — Abraham Israel

"There are mainly two categories of people who seek God intensely, one is the face seeker and the other is the hand seeker. While both will get what they want, the former will be satisfied with His countenance shining upon them and making them to be transformed in to His image, the latter will get what they want from God with out either the spiritual benefit nor the satisfaction of any contentment that usually comes to a child of God. While the face seeker will be used by God, the hand seeker will try to use God for their own benefit. While the face seeker collects his treasures for eternity with God, the hand seeker will collect his treasures on this temporal earth to become hopeless as time passes on for him to leave this earth, because at that time sanity will return to his head to make him realize that he cannot take anything away with him when he dies and will therefore regret all his eternity for having just sought the hand of God for earthly survival by neglecting the eternal reality. Are you God's face seeker or his hand seeker? Change your priorities before it is too late!" — Abraham Israel

"While God's voice brings heavenly peace in to our hearts, the devils voice always bring hellish confusion in to our hearts. While God's voice assures us in the midst of confusion, Satanic voices confuses us in the midst of assurance. While God's voice brings faith in to our heart, Satanic voice bring fear in to it. Faith and fear cannot go together, if you allow one to stay within your heart, the other has to leave based on your choice that you have taken. Have faith and resist fear, because God can legally move on behalf of you only when you hold on to the good choice of identifying His voice and stick on to it by faith." — Abraham Israel

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