Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Acknowledging our need for the love of God will keep us in a good spiritual state of staying in His blessed Presence for fellowship, sharing and caring towards others who are different than us without our own effort for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"When you know deep within you that you have been called to do a particular service toward God and men, no matter all the humans in the world desert you and run away seeing the hopeless condition you are going through, the Lord will stand with you faithfully and strengthen you to finish that which He has started in your life. What you start you need to finish, what God starts with you He will finish it to the end no matter what may come. Know God's plan for you and start doing it, you will never have a aborted journey ever for the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"When the road you are travelling seems difficult, think about it, God has a fore-planned a beautiful destination ahead. When the sorrow of your soul seems too heavy to bear, think about it, God has oil of gladness and the joy of heaven in store for you as you move ahead unloading it upon Him by faith. When your body aches and all you feel is weariness in toil, think about it, Jesus has invited you to carry His yoke of burden in prayer for others and as you do it, you will experience the rest He has promised you in your body and blessedness of heaven's rest in your soul. When you fumble, think about it, all you need to do is to humble before God to accept your mistake as sin and receive His everlasting forgiveness. When life makes it difficult for you to praise God because of the present situation you face that looks grim and depressive, think about it, how many times God has done a miracle to rescue you and thank Him for it all, then praise will come out of your heart to give you peace and assurance about the possible victory God has planned for you. When people are negative all around you, think about it, you can be positive and let the light of Jesus shine upon people to make a bright difference in their lives. Remember, light shines the brightest in the darkest places!" — Abraham Israel

"Our present situation cannot go beyond our ability to handle it, because our God who is the God of the present has promised us to give His grace needed to face the exact situation that arises on our way to our destination. Our future destination is the best that is yet to come because the God of the Future who holds the entire universe also holds our future in His hand, and He knows how to prepare us for the great future that He has promised to bring to pass in His time. Hold on to God as He holds you strong, then you need not hold on to your schedule to make things happen, because all that might seem to be delays actually are divine pathway that leads to God's destination. With God delays are not denial, but those are stepping stones to our destinies that we walk in to for the glory of God! You may come to ask, why the delays? The answer is because God is more concerned for the growth of your blessedness in your eternal character than in your temporal comfort that might destroy your spiritual life if given to you beforetime" — Abraham Israel

"Christ is the end as He is the beginning. No one can find true reason to rejoice in this life without knowing the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who becomes the very reason to rejoice as He gives all who seek Him with the assurance of the life to come in which the abundant quality of God's life lived in heaven is experienced on earth within." — Abraham Israel

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