Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"To be free from sin is not just be free from a particular act of sin that bothers us, but rather it is the complete freedom over the penalty, power and presence of sin that comes to us through what Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has achieved for us on the Cross that dismantled all powers and principalities that are the promoters of sin that used sin to keep us in bondage of the condemnation of sin which is death the seperation from God. Now there is truly no condemnation for all those who are in Christ Jesus, because the penalty for our sin has been paid in full through Jesus Christ's sinless death and therefore we were justified by God through His resurrection. Sin shall not have dominion over us, because we are not under the law which judges us to be sinners by birth and actions, but rather under grace which justifies us as saints by the choice of our belief to accept Jesus the Christ as our Lord and Savior. Sin has lost its power and sting now over us, because the Cross has intervened to bring us back to God who makes us holy and keeps us holy as we obey Him day by day as His dear children." — Abraham Israel

"When science speaks, it speaks about the present temporal world. When the Bible speaks it speaks about our desperate need for Jesus now so that we might understand the eternal world to come. We can be part of the eternal winning story written by God if we choose to be a part of the Kingdom of Jesus now by partaking with Him in communion and intimacy. In other words, Jesus becomes the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we thirst for and the light we need to stay healthy now spiritually, so that when we die He becomes our everything we long for in our eternity! We cannot lose salvation that which we have not gained by our effort but has received as a gift from Him. Thereafter we can work but only God can give us as a inheritance which we have gained through salvation with our effort through our faith in partnership with God. What we work after salvation is eternally valued and rewarded by the motive that drives our faith. Whatever is done for the Glory of God will stay forever, whatever is not will be burnt as ashes of no value with no eternal reward when every believer will be judged soon before the judgment seat of Christ." — Abraham Israel

"We honor God when God takes vengeance for us, we dishonor Him when we take it in our own hands." — Abraham Israel

"We cannot lose forever what we cannot gain forever by ourselves without God. Waiting for God is never a waste of time, because God has not failed even once for those who waited for Him. God knows the end from the beginning of time, but are we ready to wait enough for the Lord to bring that glorious end for His Glory and Honor in our lives? If yes, we are blessed for eternity ahead as eternity itself is hidden in Him. The more we wait for God through believing His promises using the simple things of our day to day life, the hidden eternity in our heart becomes unveiled more and more till God Himself shines as clear as the noon day sun in every part of our lives. No one is more blessed than the one who have waited for God to act, because without fail God acts at the appointed time for the one who have waited for Him to act. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"It is a honor we give to God when we let Him take vengeance in His own time that glorifies Him which He only deserves, it is a dishonor we give to ourselves and to God when we take vengeance against those who deserve it by taking justice in our own hands. God has appointed justice to be done through court system in this world, when it fails God overrules over it when we let Him continue to defend our case. God's case cannot lose because He knows the end from the beginning. Every case that we give to God to solve, maintains the peace of heaven in our heart in the midst of pieces we have experienced. Every case we take in our own hands to try to correct the injustice done to us brings hell on earth and in our heart to dishonor the God who has promised to take vengeance on behalf of you and me who are His children, as that very right belong to God the Father and Him alone. When we wait for God, his judgment will be the best and glorious to us because it will bring glory to Him and Him alone who deserve to be praised and thanked forever and ever! God has not lost even one case till today, hope we all transfer it to Him before we lose it by ourselves. Faith in God's promises transfers our case to Him, hope in God will make Him work even when we cannot tangibly see any difference in the case, and finally love for God and others will perfect us to grow in perfection of His image even as we will see the end of it all in our eternal victory through our Lord Jesus Christ without fail. Amen." — Abraham Israel

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