Monday, December 31, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It is not whether time ticks on that matters, but for whom it gets ticked is very important to store a good foundation for the time to come where eternal riches of untold wealth of authority, honor and power awaits for all those who chose to tick their time for Jesus Christ. They will be welcomed home in heaven very soon by the King of Kings Jesus Christ on their arrival, as none but those eternal billionaires who stood the test of time to spend their time for the Lord Jesus Christ constantly will spend their eternity in nothing but riches which will never ever perish. Spend time constantly day by day in the coming year ticking it with thanksgiving, praise and worship from your heart to express you love for God in Jesus Christ whom He sent to make us eternally rich on earth, because when our heart ticks in the same frequency of heaven, soon enough the atmosphere around us on earth starts to become a heaven on earth, as every tick from our heart spent now for Christ Jesus get echoed with tock from heaven in approval which creates a ripple effect of great eternal investment for eternity ahead! Be wise in the coming year to invest in riches that can never ever perish, so that you can be rich towards God in heaven as well as fulfill your purpose on earth which God has called you to fulfill." — Abraham Israel

"What better thoughts we can think on earth than to think the very thoughts of God to let loose the power of God's positivism of heaven in to our heart, mind and soul to affect our body to influence the world around us through the Word of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith is going beyond reason in to the realm of eternity hidden in our heart, it is like a eternal space suit we put on ourselves through our belief in the Word of God to go beyond time, space and matter to touch God Himself and feel Him personally close to us in our day to day experience. That which the mind is not able to comprehend, the heart is able to apprehend! Faith is beyond reason because faith moves, lives and breathes in the eternal zone of God which transcends our mind." — Abraham Israel

"When you are called by God and love Him so much, then God will wreck your good and better plans if He finds that it is going to wreck His best eternal plans of peace and prosperity! Never feel bad when God wrecks your plan because when He does that, you can stay assured for the rest of your life that the best is yet to come to you personally from Him. Love God, live for God and show the light of God to the world around you! Let go and let God, then everyday day will be more exciting than the day before as God's plan for your life gets unfolded to make you fulfill His destiny for your life!" — Abraham Israel

"The works of the devil starts with spreading lies against God, promoting sin that God hates, spreading hatred in one people group against the other, etc...which all come under the category of darkness that his kingdom represents in rebellion against God's kingdom. When Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who is the only begotten Son of God came from heaven as the humble son of Man in this earth, he did turn the world in darkness upside down by obeying God perfectly in all things from his childhood onwards, doing good works through speaking the truth about God, promoting holiness that God loves, spreading love and good will in one people group for the other, uniting the world which is divided by culture, color, language, caste, creed by letting loose the fire of the Holy Spirit and uniting the divided world supernaturally by the phenomenon at Pentecost and as a result established God's kingdom beachhead on earth. Humans were divided at Babel to seek God because of uniting together in rebellion against God, they were not divided to remain like that to develop hate against each other without God, but rather to get united very soon in God and love each others as Brothers and Sisters, heart in heart, hand in hand to take care of each other to spread the love of God. So in our times as we obey the word of Jesus and keep His commandments of love, to love God and love fellow humans, we are letting out the light of God to fill the earth like the water covers the sea, thus dispelling the darkness that hides the face of God in the world at large. We are not trying to win with God, we are winners already in Jesus Christ who are out in the world to tell its people that we are winners as we are destroying the works of darkness in our lives too like Jesus and they can become winners too in their life if they join us in following after Jesus in their lives too! Hallelujah! Satan and his demons can only roar to fill people with fear, but they cannot touch us who are the children of God unless the Lord allows it for our own good." — Abraham Israel

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