Thursday, January 16, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"Peace is not in the absence of problems or tough circumstances, but in the Presence of the Spirit of faith which strengthens us when we believe in the Word of God and not our own feelings that can easily misguide us away from the Love of God which He has for us everymoment of our lives! God's love is not just in the letter, but in the Spirit that works through it to reveal it to us, so that we can be rooted and grounded in the Love of God through His peace that passes all our finite understanding for the Glory of God through our lives and living that pleases God, brings Him glory on earth and collects great eternal reward for us in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"When we die, our sin nature will leave to die with the body on earth. But our spirit will enter heaven with the Holy Spirit, to forever be empowered and guided by the Spirit from thereon through our spirit in our liberated soul. So now is the time to fight against sin by mortifying it by rejecting our own desire of the sinful flesh that tries to dominate us through self life and embrace the cross which the Father God has given to us in His will. The moment we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to get saved, it is not that we should crucify our flesh or we must crucify it, but rather the fact of the matter is, our old self was crucified when Christ was crucified. As the truth is we were crucified in God's mind through Him. So according to God's decree, the body ruled by sin in the past has no more power over us who were saved, therefore, we should choose positively in faith to no longer become slaves of sin by giving consent willingly to it again and again by our poor choice to enjoy the world which is God's enemy. Allow the Old you to rest in peace, and feed the new man in Christ to be strengthened daily through His Word and Prayer to become empowered and do great things for the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Freedom is not a destination, but rather it is a collection of daily choices taken positively to embrace the truth and reject the negativity of sin." — Abraham Israel

"Freedom is a lifetime of todays, processed one day at a time which makes us realize that tomorrow will be better than today, not because we will not face temptations tomorrow, but rather because the grace of God which strengthened us today to overcome will carry us surely in our tomorrows too without fail. We can only fail once each moment, but can choose to win tomorrow as long as we choose to stop failing today in a moment of time by the good choice taken to resist sin and love righteousness. The good choice taken to not to fail, will always supersede the choice taken lethargically to fail and that too fail completely which then might have enslaved us. God's gracious ways are to help us see the good in us as well as in others around us, and not focus too much on our failures as well as the others who have failed us immensely." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus Christ was separated from the Trinity for a moment of time, so that we who have been separated forever from God because of our sins could be brought near to Him in that moment of time forever and ever." — Abraham Israel

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