Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ : 

"Praise sets the rhythm of life in to motion and makes life exciting and heavenly as it ought to be, a life without praise towards God is like a vehicle without wheels and so it takes you nowhere in this life except boredom and more of it." — Abraham Israel

"God hears every heart prayers more than all other type of prayers because that is where the true cry of all humans starts. Cries towards God never go unheard because it is God who has promised to answer the cries of all humans if it is from their heart which is the production center of all thoughts. Speaking to God through the thoughts of our heart is the best way to intimately speak with Him who is the Creator Spirit of all of us humans!" — Abraham Israel

"When we feel that we are drowning in our lives storms that comes to us and are much worried about our very existence further, then we cry to Jesus to lift us up out of the sea of sin, sickness and death that always threatens us to swallow us in its grip, that is when Jesus gives His hands to lift us up to make us walk on water with Him every time we call upon Him. Remember our life guard walks on water and above all makes us to walk along with Him. When we walk with God, the gravity of this earth and the world that pulls us away from God cannot hold us long in its grip, but God's power that works in our weaknesses lifts us up above it supernaturally nullifying its power!" — Abraham Israel

"Positive thinking works only when you have a God who is bigger than all your problems, and who keeps working on all your good and bad things of your life, and finally turns it in to something good at the end of each journey you do in life. With Jesus as our God who is the Sovereign ruler and Creator of the world, we are safe under His covering to think positively and find something good even in all the bad situations we face. Through thinking positively and trusting His sovereign control over each part of our lives, we are on a safe journey to reach our destiny which has been prepared by God even before the foundation of the world. " — Abraham Israel

"The missing link in evolution is not in finding the neanderthals fossils which are forged to fit the monkey shaped lie of human imagination, but it is in finding the lost image of God in us humans which will transform our heart to find the missing link of God in our day to day existence. What has actually caused spiritual deafness and blindness is the marred evil heart of unbelief in humans driven by sin, self and Satan. The true evolution is not in the finding the past lies of humans, but in finding the present condition of our heart that will regain its image of God in truth, and therefore will determine our future to live with God forever. Finding Jesus the God-Man is worth the search of every human, than to search worthlessly and dig in to the lies of neanderthals that has never been in existence." — Abraham Israel

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