Friday, March 1, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Sometimes God prompts us to pray when He is waging the war critically for us, other times He wants us to pray to Him so that we could feel His peace, love and righteousness which brings His heavenly joy to our heart that further gives us the strength and spiritual stamina to walk with God forward in boldness and faith. This faith helps us see the victories of heaven's blueprint on earth which has been planned beforehand for us. When we walk with God through prayer, we will never have to walk in defeat without God's victory of faith given to us from heaven's direct intervention. When you miss the bus of blessing from heaven, check whether you have come at the right time to secret hour of prayer perpetually to get in to it and at least get ready to get in to the next bus coming on your way, you will reach your destination safely. Faith not only matters the most to God and get him pleased with us, it matters to us a lot so that we may not miss the transportation that God sends to bless us from heaven to be present at the right place and right time to experience it all for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Behind every darkness that comes to engulf while you carry the cross to follow Jesus, there is a dawn of resurrection that is coming ahead gloriously, so never ever give up your hope when you are walking in the will of God for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"What is the worst thing ever of evil in its vileness to have happened? It is undoubtedly the Cross in which Jesus the Christ who was the sinless lamb of God got crucified unjustly. What is the best thing ever to have happened to humanity? Without doubt or even a blinking of our eyes we can say, it is the Cross of Jesus and its divine message to all humans which has saved us from sin to help us inherit eternal life of friendship with God. The greatest message we can learn from the greatness of God in allowing the cross of His for us is that, every suffering of the cross we bear in our lives in the will of God has been planned by God to bring the joy of resurrection in every area of our lives. Embrace the cross that God sends your way, but when you die to yourself, expect the resurrection power of God to come out in every area of your life to be used for God and His Glory! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Sin thrills for a while, but then after a while it kills the abundant life of God that God has provided us through Jesus Christ. Never lose the eternal thrill for a temporal facade of sin that leaves you spiritually limping and gasping for breath. Tell the Lord God Almighty to deal with you as a son, and sin can never be able to have dominion over you because of the abundant grace that you will receive through all the chastisement you will go through in life. God's chastisement is only for a while, but the fruit of holiness that comes out of it will stay with you for eternity ahead in all it value and glory. Never exchange temporal for eternal, it is not worth it because your inner spiritual man is too big to become satisfied with pig's pod of the temporal pleasures of the world rather than become satisfied eating the delicacies of the King of kings who provides such exhilarating joy from heaven. Being in sin kills the joy and satisfaction of heaven from the outside-in, being a son thrills from the inside-out to make us kill sin perpetually and instead rejoice from within forever and ever!" — Abraham Israel

"When the written Word of God in the Holy Bible becomes the revealed Word of God in our hearts and minds, that is when we start to see the face of God face to face, and start to know Him in different dimensions of life and living daily through our lives on earth, thus taking a more experiential and holistic approach to find the reality of God which can only give us the assurance of the God who cannot be seen or felt with our five natural senses, but can only be found through the sixth supernatural sense of our heart. God not only has written his Word through the prophets in pen and paper, but also writes it in our heart through the Holy Spirit if we care enough to look in to it to seek His face through which He always without fail reveals Himself to us intimately and eternally!" — Abraham Israel

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