Sunday, April 17, 2016

Manna For The Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"Turn to Me with all your heart." (Joel 2:12, NKJV).

God is only interested in pursuing a heart relationship with all His children and not a religious performance which tries to please Him with one's doing. Christianity is not a group of people having a law to govern themselves and keeping it believing that the God whom they follow will get pleased more and more as they keep more and more of the law by themselves. In fact this is religious law that God hates. Law works only to show that we are sinful, but it never gives anybody the strength to overcome sin and please God through such a lifestyle. Law was given by God that sin might become more sinful, so that we could be so condemned by its power that we will run to Christ Jesus for relief from the guilt of sin. Praise the Lord! Sin condemns people, but Jesus comforts a repentant and penitent sinner and then turns the sinners towards the Cross where they experience the victory of the salvation that He has achieved for them. When it comes to God in dealing with His children, it is all about their heart that He sees. When we turn to God with all our heart and draw near to Him in truth in the inward part, immediately God turns to us and draws near to us in spite of all our weaknesses, sins, failures, etc...God is always positively involved with all His honest children who acknowledge their sins and leave it to Him to deal with it. When God deals with sin in our lives it is for our own eternal good and great blessings that He does deal with it. He doesn't get anything out of it, but we get everything out of His dealing with us. We get the best with God, when God deals with the sins of our lives. When God starts to operate within our heart, all the unwanted sinful hidden things will show up before us. Once we say to God and co-operate with Him in shunning and cutting those spiritual tumors through our trials we face, then God gives us the power to live free from the diseases of sin. God is interested in helping us live a clean life of victory over sin and that is the only thing that can constantly please God always. May we throw away our religious mindset and get transformed by the power of God through a close relationship with Him by opening our lives to Him and allowing Him to clean us up to live a victorious life for His Glory. Pray with me Saints : "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving us a chance to change every moment of our Christian life by giving us the choice to turn to you with our whole heart and see victorious life of spiritual transformation take place as a result of it. Help us live a victorious life of faith that will please you and make you smile over us. In Jesus name, Amen!" Praise the Lord!

"He who believes in Me shall never thirst." (John 6:35, NKJV).

There are times when humans die of thirst. There are times when in the olden days desert travelers would find a mirage of water and keep going on thinking that the water body is near to them and then end up dying of thirst. The world is a spiritual desert without any real water, but Satan has people see the oasis of water mirage everywhere around the world to make these people crave for more and die of thirst for living water. Satan is a sadist, that is why he is after the people of God who want to live satisfied in the oasis of the living water that God provides in His garden. The Word of God is a fountain that can satisfy the deepest needs within us. There may be struggles on our way in finding time to the Garden of God within the Word of God. There may be distractions of family life and cares of the world that Satan might bring to us on our way to the Garden of the Word of God. There may be a thousand addictions that Satan might have us get trapped so that we might not go to the Word of God where we find our rest and abundant living water of the Holy Spirit satisfying us to the core. There are thousands of reasons the devil might give you to say that it is impossible to spend time in the Word of God, but there is one reason and only one to throw away all the things that pull us in to procrastination, that reason is none other that the deep satisfaction that we enjoy in the Garden of the Word of God where we will always find the oasis of living waters. God wants you to enjoy drinking the Word of God and spend time with Him in His Garden that He has for you. Pray with me Saints : "Dear Abba Heavenly Father, Thank you for showing the way to drink the Living Water of the Holy Spirit through staying in your Garden where you unveil the flowers of the Garden within your Word. Quicken your Word and let the Living Water deeply satisfy me. May all distractions, addictions, weaknesses, cares, desires be removed in Jesus name, and let me live in the oasis of your Garden where you always satisfy me with good things. In Jesus precious name. Amen!"

"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." (Phil.2:12, NKJV).

Sometimes the salvation that must be praised and thanked for towards God every second of our life, becomes heavy enough to drain us when we start to think that we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling or else we will lose it all together. Just think for a moment, if you have done something to gain your salvation, then you could lose your salvation if you fail to do something more to retain it with you. When all you have done is nothing but believed in the Lord Jesus which in itself is a gift of God as the Bible reveals, and as a result of it God recognized you as his child to save you from all your past, present and future sins, once and for all time, then we could never lose what God has done for us through our Lord Jesus Christ. If we hold salvation by our strength, we will definitely lose it. But as God is the one who holds us after we are saved, no one in the entire universe including us have the strength to take the salvation of God which He has given to us from the hands of the God who is omnipotent and infinite in strength. So we must not fear and tremble of losing our salvation, but rather fear and tremble to work out the salvation which God first works within us, or else we will lose the reward that God has for us in the time to come. In other words, salvation is the root and the benefit of salvation is the fruit we gain by growing and partaking in the very nature of God. We must now rather learn to live a lifestyle of praise and thanksgiving to God for saving us, and that is the only fruit of the sacrifice of our lips that we can give God in gratefulness for what God has already done for us. We are not saved by good works, but saved for good works, and that means God has already designed everything for us, and then starts to work within us for His purpose to be fulfilled through us. Now all that we are expected to do is to work out that which God works within us by His strength and power. In other words, as much as we allow God to work through us, that much of blessing we will receive and also give to others for the Glory of God! Pray with me Saints: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the assurance that you have saved me once and for all time. Help me cooperate with you to let You work through me more and more to bring Glory to You. Bless me to be a great blessing to many. In Jesus wonderful name I pray, Amen!"

"The hand of our God is upon all those for good who seek Him." (Ezra 8:22, NKJV).

Nobody can have copyright or exclusive rights when it comes to the hand of our God moving on behalf of them. Mostly in today's contemporary religious environment, we see that many people do seek for things from God, protection for them and their family from God, provision to succeed in life from God, progress to grow in their business or in their personal life from God, but nobody seems to ever understand that seeking God's hand is not the answer, as all the religious people in all the earth seek for the same thing through the God of their own imaginations and yet God graciously ignores their ignorance to supply their needs, yet their soul is not satisfied. Why? Human soul can only be satisfied when God Himself becomes the focus of its existence and reward! So the ultimate that we as God's children should be seeking is not the hand of God, but the face of God. For all those who seek the face of God to understand his beautiful Character and desire to become like Him, automatically the hand of God comes upon all of them for good because they seek His face. So are you seeking God's hand or face? Are you living in relationship with God expecting what you can get from Him? You are building your house on the sandy beaches where when storm of life comes to you, instead of standing strong against it, you will cave in to destruction mode because of lack of character and faith to stand against it. Most wimpy Christians who complain and grudge against the Lord after years of following the Lord superficially, must think about their shallow spiritual houses they have built by their own wrong attitudes towards God and repent to change from being focused on God's hand to focus on seeking God's face. If you want the automatic hand of God to be always good to you, start seeking the face of God daily to become more and more tuned in to the beauty of His wonderful character day after day by willingly going through trials by faith and rejoicing in it. Hoping that God is good in spite of one's circumstances being bad or hard, is to learn to love God patiently to finally see and experience His goodness in the land of the living in His time at the end of all ordeal. After each storm a calm of God's character will get settled within you for now and for eternity ahead to make you enjoy God's true hand of favor for your good. Do not ask your self what can I get from God, instead ask yourself, what can I give the Lord who has given His everything for me in Christ Jesus already! What can I render to the Lord for all His innumerable benefits! Pray with me Saints: "Dear Abba in Heaven, Thank you for making us your children. Sorry for the days we sought your hand instead of your face. Help us seek your face and grow within us to be tuned spiritually to become like you in our character, which is the only thing that makes you smile heartily over us. Thank you for transforming us from one level of your glory to another level of your glory, more and more each day. In Jesus name, Amen!"

"God has given us eternal life." (1 John 5:11, NKJV).

Most of us when we think about the word "eternal life", the first thing we believe it to be is, a life without end that continues forever and ever. But we tend to miss the main point while thinking like this. The main point about eternal life is, it is the God quality of life that God lives in heaven, undisturbed, peaceful, calm and not worried about what happens momentarily on earth, being confident that History will always be His-Story. This life of God is what eternal life is, a God-kind of life. This eternal life gets transferred to us more and more as we come to know the Father and the Son personally through our intimate day to day fellowship with Him. So the bottom line is, we do not experience eternal life after we die and go on to be with the Lord forever and ever. But eternal life starts now in our day to day life of reflecting God's way of life that which He lives in heaven. If we are a Christian, there is no point in telling people I have eternal life and I am going to heaven. When they see the calmness and serenity with which we live the life on earth in heaven's righteousness, joy and peace, automatically they should be able to tell, 'Man, this person is having something that I do not possess in this life, even though externally I think I have everything that I need to have.' There is a automatic difference that can be seen in a person who is living a natural mortal Adamic life and immortal God's eternal life. God's life is always vibrant to behold, it will be so practical and down to earth, yet full of heaven's excitement and vibrancy. God is never worried, always joyful, always full of faith, never fails, never in want, never in a impasse, God is always at ease even when evil and wicked rise in rebellion against Him because He knows their end from the beginning, etc...O what a blessed life it is compared to the boredom of the earth we experience without God! If we are able to relate to God through all of the above or at least some of these Characteristic attributes which we have seen above, we can confidently say that we have eternal life because of the heavenly evidence we experience in this earthly life through a close relationship with God. God wants us to enjoy our eternal life now and want us to be unearthly confident that it is going to continue forever and ever. Praise the Lord! Pray with me Saints: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving us eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Help me to partake of your heavenly life more and more now on earth through a deep communion with you day after day. May I become a blessings to those who come in to contact with me by releasing that vibrancy of the eternal life of you in to their lives too. In Jesus name. Amen!"

Much Blessings....

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God breaks us to make us whole again. Never resist broken life when God is involved in it, because we must come to understand that we are in for a better promotion to greater blessings from God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Those greater blessings we could never ever receive without brokenness through which God draws near to us to heal our broken heart by remaking it with Himself working as the glue to hold it intact and make it anew every where we are broken. God's presence actually increases as a eternal deposit in our lives through our brokenness! The more we have of God in our lives, the better we will experience a life of wholeness now as God enjoys it in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"That which God starts, He will finish it in your life. Your duty is to stand still in faith again and again and not try to help God to finish what He has started in your life. God doesn't need your help because He wants you to understand that He is faithful. When we are at rest, God works His best for us. Do not be anxious about anything in life, because God cares for your everything. Change comes when you believe God is working behind the scene even when you don't feel it or see it happen tangibly, and that faith will make you choose to stay focused on God so that He can freely work His miracles which you need desperately, and that which He will be pleased to do for you because it pleases Him immensely when you are at rest through your test! God never fails to those who trust Him always at all times, if you feel heavy you can pour out your heart to God and unload yourself of your burden. Then be at rest and see that the Lord is good!" — Abraham Israel

"Whenever ever you feel you do not understand your own life, you are right, because it is too complicated for you to understand that God has taken over all the puzzles of your life and solving it bit by bit. Give God the time He needs to work out, and you will not need any time to work out your own but instead can just learn to take it all one day at a time by faith and enjoy every bits and pieces of your life to the full abundantly! When you give God the time to work His work, your work becomes His work, and you can rest assured and enjoy to relax patiently till your work is done by God to finish it in His exact time. Only people of faith enjoy life the most and God smiles over them because He loves to work for them!" — Abraham Israel

"God faith in us is more than we have in ourselves, that is why God allows hardest battle in our lives to make us battle it through and through victoriously by His strength and bring Glory to His name! Unless God seems us fit to handle a trial, temptation or a ordeal successfully, he will never allow us to face such a thing. So once we are in to any sort of trials and temptations, we should rejoice and look to the Lord to receive His grace which He has already prepared for us to overcome all of it because God knows we can and believes that we can by His grace successfully! When you believe what God believes, you will live in the greatness of victory just as He believes." — Abraham Israel

"God is the only person in the entire universe who can boast that He has never ever failed, you can ask me how can you say that, because to God every moment is something that He has already seen and invests only in partnership with people who are willing to let God succeed without failing by using His own way and His own strength in His own time, so that they as God's children can fulfill His purpose for their lives. What seems like a imminent failure without God becomes a runaway success when we become His children and are in partnership with God. Things which are impossible with man are possible with God because He never fails in His omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence and no one can alter God's purpose and restrain it from happening! So the real question is, do you want to be a part of winning combination or a losing one by choosing your own way? Get in to God's train and you will become a winner as none can stop this train from reaching God's destination for your life." — Abraham Israel

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