Saturday, November 30, 2019

Manna for the Day

Manna for the Day:

"You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." (2 Tim.2:3).

A soldier is the one who knows all the dangers that are present in the battle field, yet because of his passion for defending his country from outsiders and enemies who wants to kill them, he joins the army, trains himself, disciplines his mind and goes in to the battle valiantly to face the enemy and come out alive and victorious for his country. There will be days when in the morning cold and freezing winds will blow to chill the bones and rattle it, yet out of great hardship they rise up against all odds and face the trials to come out victorious day by day.

These prolonged days of hardships are actually not the battle itself, but rather the training period only. It prepares them not to fear the enemy and fight valiantly for the future generations as well as their own family. We do not see a soldier who is preparing for the battle to live a undisciplined life without a purpose. Rather they are disciplined by the very atmosphere where they live, which we call as a boot camp. In the same way, every child of God who is born in to the Kingdom of God by God's will, will be put in to boot camp situations of their life where they have to fight day in and day out to keep the faith that God has started within them.

The enemy of our soul will always be there to sow seeds of doubt to cause unbelief within us. But we by our own choice should endure hardship, because wide is the way to the destruction of hell fire and narrow is the way to life eternal. Wide ways are to travel in the direction of our own choice without faith in God's ways or purpose, narrow way is the highway of holiness and faith because God leads us and trains us to something bigger than this life, which is to plan us for the life to come. If we have seen continual struggles of hardship in this world and have fought by faith in God and His Word through the Spirit, we have been walking as a good soldier of Jesus Christ to be promoted soon for greater assignments of glory for now and for eternity ahead! Rulership is that which has been planned and purposed by God for all the overcomers by faith. A new world to come is waiting for you to arise and shine for the Glory of God. Don't disappoint yourself by becoming tainted with the world and its sinfulness. Even when sin tries to drown you, be a lotus who in the midst of gutter it blooms and blossoms with glory by keeping itself up from the gutter all around it.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you for making me a child of God and putting me in to the discipline of the Kingdom of God to stay in faith as a spiritual warrior against the doubts and unbelief of the evil one. Help me endure hardship as a faithful and a good soldier of Jesus Christ my Lord. Thank you for finding me faithful to enroll me in to this heavenly army on earth that is being prepared by you for eternal reign in the new heaven and new earth. I bless you with all my heart in Jesus mighty name! Amen.

Much Blessings,

Apostle Abraham Israel

"Fighters are not just born, but they are disciplined through hardship to bring a conqueror out of them. Spiritually God trains His children for faith, then rewards them for endurance through hardship through which they become overcomers who are more than conquerors." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Trinity is not just a theory to explain and defend, rather it is a demonstration of the living and a loving reality of God who transcends the limitations of human mind to touch the limitless reality of the heart which can only be able to understand eternity in its entirety more and more as we become conformed to the likeness of His nature. Adamic nature cannot comprehend God because it is independent and not interdependent by choice, God chooses to reveal Himself to His children because they have the capacity to understand Him as they were recreated by Him in His will in His likeness being conformed to it more and more each passing day. The paradox of triune being begins with the basis of the uncreated, self-sustaining and eternally existent one who is without need trying to explain himself to those created, dependent and those who are in constant need of His help. Trinity cannot be fully explained to our mind, but it can be experienced more and more with our heart as our spiritual capacity to understand the infinite increases! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Religion insists you to do to get saved, God insists that because you have been saved, you do what He says to serve and worship Him all the days of your life forever." — Abraham Israel

"Religion is man made, relationship with God through Jesus Christ is heaven sent. Religion demands, while relationship with God is provided. Religion says do, God says done. Religion says when you do, you get saved at the end after your death, God says because I have saved you, you follow me and serve me and worship me as I am worthy of your devotion and reverence and respect. Religion says works done for God saves you, God says you can only work for me legally when you get saved. Religion demands a price to be paid for great saintly spirituality, God releases a desire to sacrifice within a saved saint and helps Him fulfill it. Religion demands blind submission through law and promises reward for obedience, God liberates a man from law and promises grace to walk in the law and rewards belief with both temporal and eternal reward. Religion demands self-effort to please God, relationship with God through Jesus Christ expects only faith to please God. Religion makes a good slave of the law, God makes willing sons to inherit his eternal life through belief and help them keep the law through His grace and inherit the eternal reward that He has in store for them all. Do you believe or do you work your way to God? When you work, the wages of sin of failing God is death. When you only believe, salvation is given as a free gift from God and rewards for working out your salvation will end up in works that fetches for you both temporal and eternal reward. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"It is better to speak the truth on time, than to speak it ineffectively out of time." — Abraham Israel

"We may only see four pillars at every corner supporting any room of our house to keep it standing intact, but there is a fifth pillar that we might have overlooked standing in the midst of our home, and it is the one and only God who could make a house to become the sweet home we enjoy day by day." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Trials and temptations of all sorts are a temporal tests that are allowed by our loving Father God for promotion and not to harm us with difficulties but to warm our heart with eternal treasures that cannot be taken away from us eternally. Satan is bothered not about the unsaved because they are all already under his delusion of unbelief without any real power against him, but he is really bothered by the enlightened believer who has the potential to live a life of spiritual power and glory abundantly on earth with which they have the opportunity to be fully pleasing to God, glorify Him on earth as it is in heaven and as a result of it inherit from Him a eternal glory and joy which is the currency of the heavenly Kingdom. Satan may be a test conductor in your life under the sovereign hand of God, but the one who is going to evaluate you and give marks to reward you is your Father in Heaven through our loving dear Lord God Jesus Christ. So thank and praise the Lord always when you face trials and hardships of this life with His all sufficient mighty grace, knowing that joy of the life to come which we experience after each endeavor is just a foretaste of what is to come! What is in store is not just restoration of the old earth through us and a resettled new earth for us to dwell, but rather royalty of heaven to experience forever and ever. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Altitude in life does not depend on our ability to perform, but rather on the attitude set for excellence."— Abraham Israel

"Attitudes that are set in the right frequency based on the Word of God, can reach very far and wide in to the hearts of people that will stay with them for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"In searching for happiness there is no end, but in searching for God and more of Him we find joy and become happy too to find our purpose. Happiness is man's search to find purpose in life, joy is when God finds a man who fits himself in to His purpose by finding Him. Happiness is an earthly temporal pursuit, while joy is the antidote to cure the heart of its purposelessness through heavenly eternal limitless pursuit of the life to come which exists in God now and supplied supernaturally to us in our heart to all who fear and seek Him. Every human born on earth has a higher purpose of God to live, but only those who choose to search for that the higher purpose day in and day out will come to find it meaningful and satisfying, and live in God and serve Him through His limitless grace. Law was made for the lawless mind, grace is given for the seeking heart. When you read about Jesus in the New Testament Gospels, again and again you can find Him telling people around Him that it is the Father who works in Him and does the work inside out. In other words, Jesus was so lost in the purpose of God that He never felt the works that he did to be a work at all but rather he felt joyful a hundred percentage to find it all as the grace of God to be thankful and praising God for it all the time. This is the true grace of God. The end of all things is not just to serve God, but to learn to serve on earth with grace and therefore become graced with glory to serve God in the new heaven and new earth eternally! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"The spirit and the flesh are in constant battle, whoever we feed the most will win the battle on that particular day even though the war has been fought and won by the Captain of our soul (i.e.) Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior by His very life, death and resurrection. The believer is pulled apart within, in the opposite direction simultaneously by a constant desire to be holy as well as a instantaneous desire to be happy. But who wins the most does matter to us in the end because this war against the flesh carries eternal significance of how much glory we will inherit in the life to come. This life we live is just a training ground for the life to come in God's purpose and design for us on earth. While the flesh conforms us to the worldly way of thinking which brings in death to fellowship with God and lack of abundant purposeful life, the spirit life leads to intimacy with God and a life of purpose lived abundantly on earth as it is in heaven. The flesh profits a man temporally, but the spirit profits a man eternally! Doing what we like profits us nothing eternally, rather by doing what the Spirit of God desires through our spirit-man, we become loaded with riches for eternity. The flesh man decays as we become old, the spirit man stays fresh, energetic and more stronger than ever before as we become diligently old in to adulthood spiritually through faith and more faith. Feed your spirit through the Spirit until it starts to rule and reign over your flesh and thus be transformed in to His likeness to inherit His Glory eternally!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Manna for the Day

Manna for the Day:

"Those who seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing." (Ps.34:10).

The very consciousness that without God we would have been nowhere on earth is in itself a revelation that comes to us only as we come to experience Jesus as our loving and living Savior. Man was made for God, God cannot be made by man and God was never made but was existent before He created all things for His own Glory. This is a true statement of truth. Unless we understand that we are made for God, life will not make sense. Those who live without sense will become nonsense to themselves and also to others. What a pitiful life when somebody becomes a nonsense to themselves and the society they live in!

We need God in every area of our lives, whether we realize it or not doesn't make on difference to God as He is always the same constant epitome of goodness and grace all the time, but to us as humans who are in need, we need God desperately in this life and also in the life to come. God has not made humans as robots, in fact he could have made us to be like that and the world in its complexity and evil would have been non-existent. But God's greatest gift to humans is the likeness of God in which He has created them. Within the gift of His likeness lay the power of choice to choose. Humans lost their power to choose when sin was chosen by our forefather Adam.

Now that we have been redeemed by God through our Lord Jesus Christ from sin, we have the freedom to seek God in our lives wholeheartedly and love Him with all our heart, strength, soul and mind. God has promised to release the treasures of heaven, if we choose to sincerely seek Him all the days of our life on earth. Enoch walked with God, that he ended up with God. God saw that for him to be on earth it was too far for him to reach out to Him and therefore settled him with Himself in heaven permanently for His Glory! This is the type of relationship that God is looking for in our lives too. Are we ready? You are asking me for what? To walk with God in our generation and turn it upside down to make them all become God seekers who will not lack anything good in this life or in the life to come as God has promised it to them who seek him and live by faith diligently.

Much Blessings,

Apostle Abraham Israel

"Seek God in such a way, until you come to realize that it was God who was seeking you all the way." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Whatsoever Ye Desire!

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over:

"The will of the Lord be done." (Acts 21:14).

Every human has a desire for something. Some times those desires may be good for us and others, at other times it may be bad for us and others. Any desire that comes to us outside of the will of God, should be subjected to the rulership and authority of God and Christ through filtering it through the Word of God because those things have the potential to lead us away from God and His will for our lives. Many a times Satan wants us to believe that all desires are good as long as we feel good about it.

You must understand that the greatest murderers, the biggest liars, the most deceitful adulterer, the greatly skillful thieves of all times and the likes have always felt good and had a rush of blood to do those things they did. But just because they felt good does not make what they did to become right. Such things are evil before God and before right minded humans too who have good conscience before God and men. So our desires must me sanctified by God's Holy Spirit so that those desires of ours can become holy and pleasing to Him. Only such desires will be a blessing to us, our families and all those who come in to contact with us.

What do we desire in life? Do we break the Ten Commandments consciously and act without regret, and then expect God to help us when we are in need thinking that what we do is not a serious sin? Beware, the Glory of God will depart from our life if we continue to linger in conscious sin without regret for it from our heart. If we confess our sins to God, then automatically we are in the path way of life leading to fulfill the will of God for our lives. When hardship comes just because we stand for God in His will, we should be ready to face troubles and trials to fulfill the perfect will of God for our lives. Only such people can experience heaven on earth with all of heaven standing behind them to encourage them on their venturous journey to heaven. Dare to be a Daniel of this generation to stand for God alone, dare to have a purpose firm till He makes it known.

LET US PRAY DEAR SAINTS: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you and praise for who you have become to me, a loving Father in Heaven. Your ways are always right and your desire for me is always sinless and holy for my eternal benefit. Help me understand your will and walk pleasing to you through the power of heaven that is supplied by you. Align me in such a way that all your desires for me and my family and friends to become my desires, so that I can rejoice in your ways all the days of my life on earth. Help me live for your GLORY until the end of my life. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder

Today's Bible Verses To Ponder Over:

"Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book." (Rev 22:7).

In times past, many great prophets and men of God wanted to know the final status and the purpose for which the whole project of heavens and the earth was created along with all the angels of God and humans as the zenith of it. They moved on in to deep things of God and many in fact they themselves began to prophecy about the end which they asked God to reveal about. But the fact of the matter is, they themselves were not able to understand the end of all things who prophesied it by the Spirit of God. When they continued to ask God about it, God gave them the understanding to understand some of it, but further God told to them that it will be revealed at the end time for the final generation who will understand it.

With great expectation of what they understood from God, they left this earth and passed on what God had told them to the succeeding generation to expect the great ending that God had for them. The day God the Son as Jesus came to earth in human avatar, he introduced a new Kingdom of heaven on earth from heaven. He lived a sinless life of holiness and power for all its citizens who would accept the King [i.e. Himself] and His sacrifice for them to receive His Kingdom of Heaven. O GLORY!

We who have now become the children of God and citizens of the Kingdom of heaven on earth, were recruited in to it by our faith in Christ Jesus the King of the Kingdom of Heaven. The apostles and prophets who were the foundation of the new system of the principles and laws of the Kingdom of God, revealed the Last Word of God from Jesus Christ to the entire humanity. The final Word of God is the New Testament which starts with the Book of Matthew and ends with the apocalyptic Book of Revelation which revealed the final purpose and the happenings through which this old earth and old heavens will vanish for the new earth and the new heaven to arise and come to place for the Glory of God. GLORY!

Let Us Pray Dear Saints of God: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you with a thankful heart and praise you with a praising lips for revealing the final end of all things created for your Glory. In Jesus was the beginning and In Him will be the glorious end. Thank you for giving Jesus our Messiah to us. Thank you for the inspired 27 New Testament Books which came through the 39 inspired Old Testament Books. Help us not only to hear the prophecy of this Book and be blessed, but also keep the words of the prophecy of this Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, so that we will be infinitely and greatly blessed for eternity ahead! In Jesus mighty name. Amen!

"Do not seek a in-between book when you have the final revelation of God in Jesus the Christ, who is the Messiah of the whole world so clearly portrayed before you in the Book of the Revelation of the New Testament Bible as God in the human flesh. If you think that with a puny brain, you can put a comma when God has already put a full stop, then you are trying enough to become a fool in fool's paradise of deceit and lies that leads you to death. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, when you are supposed to use the one that is already provided by God to travel to heaven." — Abraham Israel


Much Blessings,

Apostle Abraham Israel

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is never surprised with our performance because He could see it all before we could ever perform it all by His grace, but He always marvels at both our faith and unbelief. Because faith could partner with God to fulfill His purposes for our life and unbelief could partner with the Devil to keep us away from fulfilling His purposes for our life. The difference between faith and unbelief is whether we say yes to God in our heart through faith or yes to the Devil in our heart through unbelief. God is pleased with our faith because devil gets defeated the moment we say yes to the voice of God that comes in to us through the Word of God. A weak heart with God becomes the strongest one that conquers the world of sin, self and Satan. A strong heart without God stays as the weakest one that can be easily broken in to by the insidious forces of the dark world. God's perfect plan are fulfilled by imperfect people who believe a perfect God who can never ever fail them no matter what! It is better to believe and die with faith, rather than to die in unbelief because even after we die physically, only faith follows us to reward us in our after life without fail." — Abraham Israel

"Choose faith over fear every time you are tested, you will not only please God but you will be rewarded for your every choice that you have ever made each time to bring glory to God eternally! Every heart that is tuned on to the Word of God can be trained and educated to stand in faith and drive out fear by the power of God day by day in a higher realm of standing before God, which will be visible to us within and without to others around us. Faith is not easy but worthwhile eternally to pay dividend. Stand with faith to see God stand by you!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to post our praises of God on Facebook, it is more important to post our praises from the Heart-book of heaven within us, which is the new spirit which we inherited from God through Christ Jesus when we were born from above supernaturally, which has also made us to become the children of the Most High God and eternal citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Keep posting your praises to God, until heaven hosts His Presence all around your life! By the way, keep posting on Facebook too!" — Abraham Israel

"When we have trained ourselves to remain joyful in the Lord outside of our circumstances even when we are young while we face all the troubles and sorrows of this world each day, we will become more and more joyful perpetually as we grow old. This is true blessedness of heaven appointed for every child of God!" — Abraham Israel

"To wait to go to heaven after we die is what religion teaches, to make heaven come to earth while we live is what a relationship with God through Jesus Christ brings. Religion can satisfy the curiosity of our mind, but only a relationship with the living and loving God can satisfy our heart as it is made for Him and Him alone ultimately!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more." (John 5:14).

I know many people point to this verse and say that, after we become saved we should become sinless, holy and perfect in the sight of God and fellow humans. But the fact of the matter is, the moment a individual chooses to see himself as sinner and Jesus as his Savior, at that moment of belief a eternal miracle happens. They become saved from sin and have forever become the child of God for eternity ahead. This is the calling from Jesus that He gives us after salvation as a choice to choose, a will to exercise and an individual mind led by the Spirit to live in the center of the will of God. The wholeness of spirit, soul and body that Jesus has chosen to save us and give us for eternity ahead is something that can only be retained through our willing surrender of our day to day life to our Savior.

When Jesus said, "Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more", he did not command a sinner to live a sinless life of perfection as it is a impossibility to all humans except Jesus who was born without sin and lived without sin, and who remains the epitome of perfection is the one and only person who is able to keep us perfect before God and fellow humans. When Jesus tells us to live perfectly without sin after we are saved, it does mean that Jesus is able to keep us perfect in spite of our imperfections that comes up now and then because of our sin nature.

So what is your notion of perfection in your spiritual life? Is it a sinless perfection or a perfection that is attained by the covering of the blood of Jesus over your spirit, soul and body which restores and retains our perfection before God and humans now and for eternity ahead. If we are expecting a sinless perfection in our spiritual life, we will be in for a surprise as our righteousness will be like filthy rags which cannot cover our sin, shame and shallow spiritual life in perfection and therefore our works for God will become a debt to pay to God rather than be a gift to enjoy from God and also be rewarded for it later in our after life. Only when the faith in the blood of Jesus gets active in our life through our confession of sins and resistance of sin by the same faith, we will come to know that not only we were made whole when we were saved for the first time but also kept whole by God for the rest of our eternity after we are saved. Glory to God!

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise you for saving me in Christ Jesus once and for all time from sin, self and death due to its wages. The most precious gift I have in this life and in the life to come is THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST who is OUR LORD & SAVIOR who daily cleanses me from sin and keeps me whole again in my spirit, soul and body. Today I pray for my family, friends and all those who will come to know about you through all of us, keep us all whole for your glory in JESUS wonderful and mighty name! AMEN!

Much Blessings,

Apostle Abraham Israel

Friday, November 8, 2019

Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives His life for the sheep." (John 10:11).

When a dangerous situation arises for the sheep that the shepherd is looking after, immediately the first response of him will be based on whether he is the owner or a hireling who just takes care of it for a meager earning. If someone is a real owner of the sheep, he will be ready to lose even his own life for the sheep's life that is at stake. If someone who takes care of the sheep is a hireling, they will not risk their own life just for the sake of the sheep, because to them their own life is more important than the lives of the sheep.

We know that the world has been managed by good and evil angels since the beginning of the world under the sovereignty of God. The evil angels started to micromanage the lives of people and receive the worship of humans that belong to God and God alone towards themselves. When people started to sin against God and incurred the wrath of God for their sinful behavior due to their wrong belief, these angels ran away from these people and even sadistically began to create more fear in order to demoralize them from believing a good God and instead projected a cruel death mongering God who is out there to kill people because of His cruelty.

When Jesus as the only begotten Son of God came to reveal the true good God to humans, he chose to sacrifice his own life on the Cross for their sins and took the wrath of God upon Himself. When God was appeased satisfactorily of his demand for justice by the death of the sinless Son of God, God made a covenant with Jesus and through Him that all humans can be forgiven based on whether they are able to believe Him and accept Him as their own substitute. Thus Jesus from that time became our Shepherd to guide us back to the true God who created us for His own purpose. Now Jesus wants us to believe rightly about a good God who has created us all for Himself and His Glory so that we can live rightly and stay blessed for the rest of the eternity before us. Are you ready? You are asking me for what? To live a heaven sized abundant life on earth itself for the Glory of God. Praise the Lord. Amen!

LET US PRAY: Dear Heavenly Father, You are good and you do always good to us even when we have been misled by gods that led us to our own destruction. Help us live abundantly for your own glory, a life of heaven on earth. In Jesus name I Pray. AMEN!

Much Blessings....

Apostle Abraham Israel

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The most deadly and cancerous disease of the soul is lust, though we as the children of God fight against it through our faith in the blood of Jesus, yet it can be kept at bay only when we choose to die daily to the intense craving we have within the flesh. If we live by the craving of the Spirit of God, the craving of the flesh loses its control over us. Feed your flesh now and then, you will keep fighting against it. Starve the flesh, you will be free from the deadly lust that destroys our soul and its spiritual power to rule over every area of our lives. We died to the flesh when we received Christ in to our lives and have become alive to God forever in our position towards Him. But when we die daily to the lust of the flesh, eyes and pride of life, we keep the flesh at death without giving it any power to control us. God is not just pleased by our mental assent we give to what we hear from the Word of God that creates faith, but rather the completion of the faith which He has started that gets accomplished when we work in partnership with Him to finish that which He has started for us. Faith is just a seed that God gives, but the finished product is not just the tree but the fruit that comes out of it. What God gives us are seeds in the Word of God, it is up to us to produce the fruits and give it all as a gift back to God and receive rewards that stays with us for eternity as we cooperate with Him. May our only desire in this life is to live a life fully pleasing to God in all things!" — Abraham Israel

"The heaven sized void within humans kept by Him in order to know Him and be in relationship with Him cannot be filled with earth sized dirt. Those who know the eternal God through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, will never be satisfied with the earthly and temporal life because they have a foretaste of it on earth itself of what is in store for them in the times to come! Only those hearts which are filled with righteousness, joy and peace which are the heavenly byproducts of living a kingdom life will look up with eternal expectation of the life to come, others can only look down to find the emptiness within remain in their lives despite trying to keep it filled with temporal earth dirt and its deception. Only the God who kept the eternal void in the heart of humans, to fill it with Himself when humans choose Him over self can be able to satisfy humans and keep them filled and overflowing with satisfaction always as they choose to keep themselves in Him who satisfies eternally." — Abraham Israel

"When you love God and are still struggling in your day to day life and find it impossible to fit in to this world, you are right in your your spiritual perception, you do not fit in to this world because you were never made by God for this world but for the glorious world to come. For you to get successful in the life to come through being rewarded and glorified eternally, you are trained now by God in this present world through both the good things and bad things that happen in your life. So be a good boxer against your flesh, be a hard working farmer with the seed of the word of God to sow constantly in your heart to make it consistently grow in the soil of your heart of faith and reap still more fruits and gifts to harvest the crop. Also be a good soldier in disciplining yourself to pray consistently and finally be a good athlete to train yourself to hear the voice of God and obey it more and more to achieve great spiritual muscle growth and agility to be the champion God wants you to be for the Glory of God. Above all be a bee to look for the positive nectar within whatever flowers you see in the midst of waste piles, instead of being a fly to look for a rotting garbage to sit on it and carry the sickening spiritual viruses and bacteria of worry, sin, back-biting, gossip, lust, bring death to other people who come in to contact with you, instead of spreading the beautiful abundant life of Jesus Kingdom which is peace, joy and righteousness to others constantly." — Abraham Israel

"The only place in the entire universe where you can choose to be still is in God, no matter how big the storm is. When you give your pieces to God, He gives you His very peace that passes all your finite understanding! God is peaceful at all times, no matter what kind of temporal storm that rages, History is HIS-STORY where He is the beginning and the end. That same eternal peace is what He gives us personally and keeps us safe for eternity ahead. We fear none, when we know that the God who controls the storms of our life from going beyond our capacity to bear it, is also in control of every part of our lives existence by empowering us to overcome by faith and succeed eternally to make us live as His dear children on earth for His Glory. GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith and fear do not go together. Where one is present, the other hates to stay for long. Faith overcomes fear when the word of God becomes the weapon on which we depend upon. Fear overcomes faith when our self-will and the ideas of the world remains the weapon we use to try to overcome it. Fear of failure is the side effect, but the main cause is fear itself which was allowed by us because of the wrong weapons of belief we use to drive it out of sight. As much as faith is a spiritual force, fear is also a spirit of fear. When we confess and agree with the word of God saying within us, that God has given us not the spirit of fear but the spirit of love, power and of a sound mind, we will remain fearless. To remain fearless, keep using the word of God as your weapon for victory and celebration of faith over fear. May your faith prevail and all fear cease to exist for the Glory of God in your life!" — Abraham Israel

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