Friday, July 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"There is nothing religious about Jesus, except a personal friendship and relationship that we experience deeply with Him." — Abraham Israel

"The difference between relationship with God and religion for God is life and death. God gives His new life of heaven to make us live, but religion only gives death [i.e. separation from God] to those who follow it passionately to the end. Religion gives a substitute of law to follow and get satisfied temporarily, than to encourage and make people follow God through a living relationship with Him. Religion projects and complicates a simple relationship with God and makes Him in to a complicated, fun-hating, angry and sadistic person. The great God in personal love relationship becomes the late God in religious public following. Religion is a product of people, while a living relationship is the making of God. Religion separates people from God, while relationship unites people with God. God hates religion because it separates people from Him and God loves personal relationship with people because it unites them with Him!" — Abraham Israel

"When our prayer to God becomes like this, 'O dear Lord, help me to bother for what bothers you, and never bother for what never bothers you,' it will keep things in perspective of the new changes in our value system to be right which is ruled by our Love towards God. This is a new covenant life-style that every Christian should consider to walk in!" — Abraham Israel

"True unconditional and sacrificial Love of Jesus takes the fear of punishment of hell and the desire for gaining of the comfort, security and beauty of heaven away, and makes us run with red hot unconditional and sacrificial Love of Jesus in return to please Him in this life and in the life to come. Life driven by the Love of Jesus is the most satisfying Love life that we can ever live on this planet earth to Glorify God because in it Jesus reveals Himself to us personally and consistently!" — Abraham Israel

"One of the biggest mistake Christians make because of religious indoctrination is that they think that the will of God is automatic if they just believe the promises of God, but in reality believing and denying ourselves to daily carry our own cross that God has ordained individually for us go hand in hand. Unless we sincerely desire to do the will of God and show it to Him by believing and sacrificing our time, talent and treasure at the feet of God for Him to use, we cannot fulfill God's perfect will for our lives. Give your all and yourself in sacrificial submission to God, you will find yourself in the center of the will of God for your life!" — Abraham Israel

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