Friday, January 3, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we learn to love Jesus on the good days and bad days, the beautiful days and the ugly days, the strengthless days and ever joyful days of strength, day after day, year after year, decade after decade constantly, and if we have ...chosen wisely more and more to serve Him because of our love for Him...then years and decades of hard toiling labour of our service for Him on earth done in our lifetime of ministry may seem only a few days at the end of our lives, not because it has been easy but because of the Glory of God we have inherited upon our lives through our intimate love for the Lord imparted in to us from the heart of Jesus Christ during every trials, toils and tribulations through which our mind begins to see the eternal blessings of Glory which are awaiting to be showered upon us to make us a glorious one in the army of the Lord Jesus in heaven forever and ever and be near to Him always to enjoy His Presence. Only that glory will shine forth in eternity to make us unique stars, honored and significant in heaven and will not pass away for eternity ahead! Love shortens the memory of the sorrows we have gone through for the one we have loved, and lets us enjoy what is ahead with the one we have loved the most. May Jesus the Christ be the love of your life forever and ever, none can pay back like He does for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"No human is so rich and prosperous enough to lend to the Lord, except those who pity on the poor." — Abraham Israel

"To be strong and be of good courage, God expects us to meditate upon His Word daily and all the time, so that He could fulfill His exact blue print for us and all our generation to extend His Kingdom in all the world." — Abraham Israel

"Get rich quick through God may be the biggest money spinner message in the Church of our generation. But which god are they really speaking about when they are promoting themselves and their own agenda as against the message of the Cross and death to self which is the one and only message of the real God of the Bible who demands a Holy life of faith to please him? Is it probably Satan the god of this world who uses money and riches to trap the believer to become fruitless for God whom they are serving, or the god of their own heart like lust for power and fleshly desires which they have made to become a idol to please themselves through which they are deluded by Satan? When a suger coated truth is supplied by the Church to guide them to become rich in this world, it means mostly the aspect of repentance which is the primary message and the antidote against the poison of sin is already denied and rejected by the present religious leaders consciously to keep the church under diabetes medicine to make money through a noble profession of sacrifice, instead of telling them to change their lifestyle habits through repentance for a permanent cure to the worldliness and sin and Satan who are here to deceive the soul of people to become damned without Christ and his mercies. God who has warned his end time people through his word about a mass falling away from true faith, may just now be happening before our own eyes through the Gospel of prosperity which is the enemy of the Cross as it is concerned about just the now and not the eternity that God has planned for all His children. Take the Cross out of Christianity and spirituality, you have nothing but a empty religious bones without skin and life within, that which the humanity promotes for its own ends instead of trying to please God by faith. Awake and arise O Church of God, the end has come, do not delay to repent of your sins or it will be too late and impossible to ever again regain eternity in your soul to continue with eternal life with God! The message of prosperity either kills the Gospel of repentance or the message of repentance unto life kills the message of prosperity unto damnation! It can be mammon of filty lucre or God, but it cannot be both as people seem to believe unto unbelief! Remember the message of the Gospel is not how to get rich with God now, but rather get right with God quick before it become too late to get rich with God for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Unless we get regularly soaked in the Presence of God, we will never come to realize the need for it." — Abraham Israel

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