Friday, October 19, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Every child of God is called and anointed to fulfill something unique in the kingdom of God that others can never replicate in their lives. So never be satisfied in receiving the bonus of someone else anointing which blesses you, seek your own anointing from above which will be limitless and perpetual to satisfy you spiritually and make you a blessing to many around you. All the born again believer's have a within-anointing when they are born again, upon anointing when they sincerely seek the Lord Jesus and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues which is the fullness of the Spirit. Finally there is a calling anointing which comes upon all believers as they find the plans and purpose of God for their lives and begin to fulfill it through their lives. You can have one without the other, or else be desperate enough to receive all of it and be satisfied spiritually forever in the likeness of God through his supernatural power working through you." — Abraham Israel

"When we are asleep God watches over us. When we are awake God wants us to watch what He is saying to us spiritually and pray to Him back. When we are careless to miss something that he wants to reveal when we are awake, then God gives revelation to His beloved even in their sleep. God cares and wants us to enjoy Him as much as He enjoys us." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to move by faith against all odds to fulfill His purpose for our lives, the reason He wants us to move is because only when we keep moving that God Himself will be able to face our enemies through us because of His promised partnership with us to never leave us nor forsake us. We need to be courageous to face the spiritual war that God allows so that consistently God will win through us and will glorify Himself in us. Each time we courageously face the spiritual enemies that comes against us, each of those time we are giving God a opportunity to prove that the One who lives in partnership within us is greater than the Satan and his demonic minions who is in the world. With God in partnership with you in your everyday life, there is only one way out for the enemy, to retract and run away sooner or later! Never be afraid or terrified of any thing that the enemy brings to dishearten you, always remember that the Lord is always with you as a mighty warrior who indisputably wins always at the end!" — Abraham Israel

"A happy Christian is the one who does not live by his own limited resources and ability, but is the one who chooses to avail the riches of heaven which he has inherited in Christ after becoming a child of God. The moment the supernatural rightful resource of heaven is availed by a child of God, all the limitation of his becomes a thing of the past and a limitless empowerment comes upon his life to act as a ambassadorial representer of the kingdom of God. A sudden empowerment from the above will transform the mind to think the thoughts of Christ, will make the ear to hear the voice of God, will transform the eyes to see with the understanding and compassion of God, will make the mouth to speak positively by faith, will make the heart to become purified by the blood of Jesus automatically as it starts to operates in fellowship with God, will move the hands to work for God, will bend the knees before God to put petitions and receive answers and finally will move the feet to carry him exactly to the God appointed places where there is always a need for the gospel to be heard. Walk in the Spirit that empowers you to walk your spiritual life successfully and enjoy living the Christian life happily!" — Abraham Israel

"A man who judges himself before others, will actually have a special Divine favor over his life in which God knowing that this child of His is growing up in to the capacity of His sonship, will actually bypass his judgment and choose to smile over him regarding his spiritual life. A man who does not know to judge himself first in everything is so blind spiritually that he is disqualified to judge others. The worldly man judges everyone and has his own opinion about others first, and the only thing he will not have is a self judgment. But a spiritual man will judge himself always in such a way that when he is asked for a opinion about some fault of others, all he will have is a eye of compassion to cover their faults rather than expose it. A righteous man will always try to justify others, but when it comes to defend themselves, they will choose not to and will allow the Lord to defend them. When we do not grow in this attitude of ours, all of our so called spirituality is good for nothing but trash. So let us open our eyes and judge ourselves now first so that we will have no time to judge others of their faults and let God smile over us. Only when the Holy Spirit illumines us of all our secret hidden faults, only then we will be empowered to judge ourselves. So let us ask the help of the Lord to constantly reveal about ourselves and grow spiritually more and more in to the image of Jesus Christ for HIS GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

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