Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God loves all of His bird creation so much that He never fails to provide food for them to survive and enjoy their life on earth which is God's garden. When God says to all of His children to look to the birds and learn how much more He love them all and guarantees to provide all their needs, He is actually saying that because God loves His children whom He considers the highest of all His creation, for whom all the others things that He loves were created to teach them about Himself and His Love towards them which is hidden in it. What more you need than the heavenly Daddy's Love displayed day after day? When you know how much you are worth in God's sight and understand that you are the apex of His creation on whom He wants to shower His love, keep you as the object of His attention and affection, you will need no false love of the world that tries to pull you, deceive and leave you empty at the end, because it is operated by Satan and his demons who neither love God or His children. Hate the world to understand the love of your heavenly Father more and more!" — Abraham Israel

"Every time you are crushed and broken in all the circumstances of your life, willingly accept it without resisting it because you may miss the greatest chance to be close to God if you never realize that it is God who has allowed such situations in your life to draw you close to his heart, for Himself to draw closer to your heart, also draw your heart close to Him and be near you more than ever before in your life. When God is near you, you need no more comfort, feel no more pain, will never feel sorry or sad for what has happened to you, instead you will begin to thank and praise God for the privilege of being broken to become complete in God!" — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to become more and more like a child and not childish, because the more we show who we are on the inside to our family, friends, acquaintances and all those who come in to contact with us without hiding anything within, the more an atmosphere of heaven can descend upon all and bring a strong supernatural bond in which they all will have liberty to be free and show who they are on the inside without any hypocrisy. In a world that becomes more and more a masked community of hell, you can make a difference when you grow more and more like a child and inherit all the kingdom benefits of heaven that comes along with it. When you are you whom God created you to be, you want to be like no other person in the world if given a choice." — Abraham Israel

"In the real life story described in Matt 15:21-28, Jesus spoke to a Gentile woman in the local demeaning language of the culture He was in, but He did not really want to intentionally humiliate her who was broken deep inside her heart by the Satanic oppression in the life of her daughter. But He did this to test her faith, anybody has the right to reject some one who say of themselves as children of God and the other one who was listening to them as belonging to the level of dogs. Here in her faith in Jesus' goodness, she was not shaken because she believed Jesus as her Master and felt that the master has right to call her like that and she too has the right to eat of the waste that falls from his hand that will be more than enough to satisfy her and her family needs, because Jesus always gives more than what is needed always in love even when on the outside He might seem otherwise. Even if the woman had a iota of pride in her, immediately it would have caused her to reject Jesus as a partial and a racial person who is not really good as He is told by others. A great spiritual principle to learn, never depend on what the circumstances suggest when you are living by faith, reject you feelings and trust God's goodness even when He uses a rude language or a channel of blessing that might seem to be rough on the outside, behind the scene deep within His heart, God desires and wants to give you what you are in need of and also wants to appreciate you for passing the test of faith. God's best always comes in poor packages and wrappings that will never look attractive, but those who know God will finally be blessed by what is inside it and will learn to neglect the poor wrappings with a thanks to God and a praise to His name for helping them make a good choice by faith and not be deceived by the poor looks. Learn to keep you face in the dust, until God appreciates and exalts your faith. Humility helps us to walk in great faith easily!" — Abraham Israel

"Double for all the trouble we go through is a spiritual principle that gets proven again and again in the lives of all those who dare to face the trouble with faith that never fails to reward them with the double for trouble! You will never have trouble if not for double, so why wait and waste it, go for it and you will receive double at the end of your trouble." — Abraham Israel

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