Monday, May 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Unless we start to trust that God is good even though life may not be fair for everyone in the same way, we cannot believe in the good things that God has promised to do for us. To trust the unchanging good character of God in the midst of changing circumstances in our lives will only give us all a good foundation to practice great faith that moves all mountains." — Abraham Israel

"The changing circumstances of our lives are a fact of life that usually makes people uncomfortable and fret, but those who are blessed in life will enjoy both the better and the worse days they go through because to them God remains the same and stands as near to them in their worse days as their better days. Those people who are blessed by God's Presence may not have everything they want, but they will have all they need as Jesus their Shepherd provides everything at the point of their need. Those blessed by God might some times have aches and pains, but those will be the times of Divine opportunity that they will use to give God the sacrifice of praise to remind themselves that they still have life to rejoice and are not dead who cannot praise God. Those blessed by God may not be perfect, but they will experience life in the perfection of God which is a gift from Him. God is waiting to shower you with the blessedness of being blessed, receive Jesus more and more in every area of your life, then easily life in its abundance of blessedness will be yours for the taking!" — Abraham Israel

"Though the righteous walk in darkness, the Lord will be a light to him. Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is what makes you righteous before God, God is fully concerned about your belief first because if that falls in the right place He knows that your action will sooner or later will line up with what is right in His eyes, as His seed of truth starts to sprout out of your heart and starts to shine within it which naturally at other times in all humans is filled only with the darkness of this world. Right belief produces right actions and gladdens God's heart!" — Abraham Israel

"Have faith in God in the midst of all your battles of life, let go of yourself and let God prune you until you are proved that you are genuine, and then you will experience the result of God's goodness for the rest of your eternity for proving to be genuine through the trial of your faith. Faith tries you but then at God's appointed time it turns you in to a triumphant God's master piece of great price and glory at the end!" — Abraham Israel

"Love never competes with any gifts, but it does completes it with the authenticity that it is truly from God who satisfies completely." — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Humility is not something we strive to get, rather it is a conscious decision to think ourselves less to stay below others around us even when in reality we might be much above all of them. Every time you acknowledge that others are as much as unique like you are and deny yourself to compare them with you in any form, you are on the path way to humility and are destined for great things spiritually!" — Abraham Israel

"If God has called you for something in it, His anointing will work in you until that something is done through it. His work done in His timing will bring His ability to be at work for you. Wait until God moves, then He will wait until you move!" — Abraham Israel

"When you commit what ever you have and do to God by saying to Him, 'Direct me in your will, take away anyone or anything that makes me move away from your perfect will even when I do not like it that way,' you can rest, assured that no matter what, God will take you in the right path of His perfect will even though you may not be able to realize where you are really going towards in you life's journey at that point of time. God delights in every details of your life, because He wants to direct your step. Let go of your self and let God take the reins! You will always succeed and can never fail when God controls the reins of your life." — Abraham Israel

"In our generation of instant gratification, God has not changed the way He acts to satisfy those who believe Him. To believe means you hear the promise of God that reassures you that everything will happen in the timing of God and then patiently wait till what you feel on the inside of you to be true, becomes true in reality on the outside. When you are stressed and feel that either things should happen immediately or else it will never happen, just remember that promises of God and receive the spiritual strength that comes out of it to patiently endure till the timing of God comes and rich fulfillment happens. When you are too stressed, de-stress yourself by reading and meditating the word of God. When you are distressed thinking that nothing has worked the way you expected, receive the reassurance from with in by saying, 'All things will work together for my good because God is making everything work together for bringing the expected good end that He has promised to me!' When ever you feel that nothing is working for you, remember you feel like that because you are no more working but God is working for you. Hold on to God's promises because God is holding you until you reach the place where you will stay blessed for ever in Jesus name." — Abraham Israel

"God's promises will shine and bring good spiritual health on all those who walk in its light by believing. Believing is one thing, the next thing and everything you will ever need to do before God shows up to do what He has promised in His time." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"My faith in God's ability makes Him work on behalf of me, His faith in my ability makes me work for Him. We cannot work without Him, He will not work without us! That is why Jesus emphasized that all things are possible for those who work in partnership with God." — Abraham Israel

"God is always pleased to do good things to all those who are always positive in faith. Faith looks up before it looks in to see positively. Faith looks out with expectation till it sees the positive things that it believes within get fulfilled!" — Abraham Israel

"When we live not by our limited natural and fleshly strength, but by the strength that God gives us through His grace, then we will have the eyes that sees the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst in people, a beautiful mind that remembers only the good and forgets the bad done towards us, and above all our soul will cherish the faith that makes this grace that is accessed possible to experience and enjoy on earth as it is in heaven. After all, the equation for perfect transaction from heaven to earth is, grace through faith plus nothing takes us to all the blessings of heaven to be experienced on earth." — Abraham Israel

"God calls every human being to become a friend with Him, and all who believe Him and His promises by taking it seriously are justified by Him to become as righteous as God Himself, so that at a level ground those who have been declared righteous start to freely converse and cultivate with Him an intimate relationship for the rest of their eternity ahead! O what a privilege! Are you one among them?" — Abraham Israel

"God only waits for those who wait for Him, then He gently leads all those who follow Him." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Our God is a God of all varieties. He is the one who created us all of us different and divided us by segregating the nations, but has recreated us to be a new creation in Jesus Christ by uniting us by His One Spirit. God divided us all nationally as nations and locally as tribes so that we might seek Him for solutions of unity and could be united spiritually in Him. Divided by many nationalities, united by One Faith! The flag that flies over the Church representing this unity of mind and spirit is Love that is expressed by our One Lord Jesus Christ. Now to us all, He is the king of not just the good times we have but all times for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"As long as we live in this world system of governance, we will have trouble because it works diametrically opposite to what we as Christians believe as the truth. So when trouble comes against us spiritually, we should not let ourselves be troubled by it, instead should praise God that Jesus has overcome the world system of governance by the Presence of God and therefore He has also assured us that if we patiently carry on by faith in His Word of promise, we too by the Presence of God working within us will overcome all the evils of this world through the peace that gets settled in our mind from heaven, which will in fact bypass all our limited understanding of our natural mind to make us spiritually succeed with God." — Abraham Israel

"There is the way of peace and prosperity prepared by God for all those who walk in the way of righteousness, which may seem hard and impossible to those who foolishly take the wrong choice to reject and walk in wickedness. Are you tempted to bribe someone to fulfill your wants or needs, take a step back and say, 'Righteousness is worth the walk and therefore I will walk in it.' Are you tempted to break the law and take a shortcut to success, take a step back and say, 'Righteousness will satisfy me and therefore I will walk in it." Are you tempted to say something bad against someone that might cause someone to lose their reputation, take a step back and say, 'As a righteous man, I would rather only speak what is edifying to others and will forgive what others have said towards me maliciously because God has forgiven all my sins unconditionally.' The peace of God that He enjoys in heaven will be given to your heart by God when he sees that you are walking by His righteousness, and therefore He will make the crooked way before you to become straight before you to make you succeed spiritually and become a truly prosperous person." — Abraham Israel

"Those who try to judge others are asking God to judge themselves by their own righteousness, those who see others mercifully and show mercy to others are explicitly asking God to judge them by Christ's righteousness which is stored in their spiritual account in heaven. Our righteousness which is like a worthless rags before God can only bring curse according to God's righteous judgment, while Christ's perfect righteousness on our account when considered by God continually before Him as ours through our self-judgment, will bring eternal blessing to us over and over again endlessly! Judge other and die spiritually, be non-judgmental to live abundantly! God loves others through us when we hate to feed our self, instead judge it righteously according to the Word of God. Loving others will satisfy you immensely while judging others will empty you of any good that the love of God retains with in you." — Abraham Israel

"Our God is a positive thinker and therefore He expects us to be positive too all the time. Positive thinking is the only type of thinking entertained in heaven, if you want to experience heaven in your heart on earth where you live, you also ought to entertain only positive thinking within you. Be a positive thinker and change the world around you, instead of letting the depressive world get in to you and change who you are supposed to be!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Those who come to realize that each moment of our lives is given by God for us to rejoice in Him, each day becomes a victorious day. To rejoice is to feel or show great joy or delight by faith in hope through love depending on God's unchanging promises that has never failed to get fulfilled for those who have believed without giving in to unbelief! God wants you in the faith hall of fame book in heaven, His message to you is, do not give up believing, your reward is on the way. Say, "I Believe, I Believe, I Believe...." no matter what your situation in your life is!" — Abraham Israel

"Praise in your lips releases the power of heaven and store it within you to give you the confidence that God will fight your battle and bring you the victory for His glory. Praise activates the host of heavens with unlimited power of God to intervene in your situation and brings glory to God. Praise connects heaven to earth and takes back the glory of all victories on earth achieved back to God in heaven who only deserves all our praise! Praise glorifies God in heaven because it brings us the victory we need on earth in all the hopeless situations of our lives and gives us the opportunity to boast of our God and His mighty power which works for us because of the High Praises of God in our mouth. Praise, praise, praise....until you see heaven move on your behalf!" — Abraham Israel

"A human who loves God will also love all His creatures too, because its life is in the hands of God who has given it all in their hands to be a good steward over it." — Abraham Israel

"In Him we, breathe, live and have our beings, that is why God is able to see all our motives and attitudes behind our actions when people can't. God can see through all our lives and we are naked spiritually before Him. So it is better to be always open with Him regarding our secret lives, than to deceptively think that no one knows it and receive the reward of it later to regret for a lifetime. When we agree our sinful failings as soon as possible with God, he agrees to forget it and help us overcome it as soon as we willingly share it all with Him. Make it known to God before God makes it known before all revealing your deception!" — Abraham Israel

"To say that you are strong in the Lord will bring the strength of heaven in to your body to sustain you in all your weakness. But the secret of making it work for you is not in how you say it, but with what faith you are saying it. Faith comes from the word of God, if your confession is based on your belief in the Word, the power of God will follow the words that you confess! God answers you faith and works out when you allow His Word to work within you." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is no better way to please the Lord than be drunk with the Holy Spirit. The more we experience the person, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit, the more we will be drawn towards Him who has bought us with His very own blood, Jesus the Christ, because the Holy Spirit will speak only of Jesus and from Jesus. The more we are filled with the Holy Spirit, the more we will be controlled by Jesus which will bring glory to God. The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual sanity when we grow closer and closer to the reality of Jesus, which gets revealed to us progressively! Just like dissipation happens with wine, likewise it also happens with the filling of the Holy Spirit. As we are sin marred human vessels we leak, so we need to make moment by moment decision to drink from the stream of the Holy Spirit from heaven, then we will never be thirsty for anything more after that. Praise the Lord! Drink, drink, drink....more of the Holy Glory of His Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"First when we experience Jesus as our Lord in our lives first, then we are ready to preach to others about Jesus Christ as Lord. Once we serve Jesus and submit to Him in our lives, it is easy to serve others through becoming a servant to them for Jesus' sake. Before you preach, experience the Jesus you want to preach. Before you tell others to do, you do what you are going to tell others to do. It is not what we say that will stay with people at the end, but what we do like Christ that will stay in their mind to make a impact for eternity ahead. A action demonstrated is better than ten thousand words to explain it!" — Abraham Israel

"We come as a pilgrim to this earth to make a journey because God has planned it for us. The day a baby is born we rejoice, but the pain that is undertaken to bring that baby only a mother can understand it as she undertakes it willingly. God undertakes as a loving Creator and as a Mother of all of us, the pain to not only plan and bring us to this earth, but to carry us in life till the day our journey on earth gets over. And forever joyously after that we choose to settle over in the loving arms of our God in His eternal home, of whom the character of loving mother who never forgets her children though they grow up to be big and independent is a part of the reflection of God through her to us. When we remember our mothers, let us all thank and praise God for that part of God that has been shown to us through our mothers." — Abraham Israel

"If we work up to say that we are righteous by our own strength through keeping the law, then we make God as debtor to us, in fact He is no debtor to anyone from whom He never receives unless it is what is given by Him. In fact, all humans are infinite slave debtors towards God due to the indwelling sin nature that makes all of us sin. We must praise God that we need not work up our righteousness in the New Testament, rather we receive through faith the perfect righteousness of Jesus to live rightly in God's own way and make us fulfill His will on earth as it is in heaven. God not only puts His hundred percent righteousness that Jesus fulfilled for us in our heavenly account to see us as righteous as Jesus is, but by our faith He also gives and imparts His righteousness day by day and moment by moment to us and makes us walk just like the way Jesus walked when He was on earth. Praise the Lord! Say "AMEN" if Jesus has put His righteousness in your heavenly account and have made you walk in His righteousness by imparting it to you." — Abraham Israel

"What we have learned from the world need to be unlearned through kingdom thinking from the word of God. Jesus challenged everyone to become like a child to experience the kingdom of God in its fullness. We need to unlearn in life to think like a child and stay positive. A child never thinks too far and finds everything it sees as a opportunity to be happy to explore it no matter how ordinary it is. A child learns from experience and finds that it is too boring to waste time with what it has failed, instead it learns from the failure and avoids it the next time it sees the same situation. The art of moving on with our failures comes only when we know that all things that happen to us, happen only for us to learn and be happy all the time we experience life in its newness and fullness. Being thankful to God and praising God makes us stay positive and makes our heart become soft like a child more and more. Unlearn the world, till you learn the kingdom way of living!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When people call someone names, it is to mock and destroy the identity they have already before others, but when God calls a person's name, He only calls him or her to trust Him so that He could restore the broken name of theirs that has no reputation before anybody. God lifts us up when we are at the bottom so that we can realize that without His help we are helpless and useless. God chooses broken vessels and makes beautiful vessels of honor out of it for His glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Because it is the love of God that saved us from sin and death, it is our love for God expressed day after day through our attitude and actions towards God and others that can make us a useful vessel to fulfill God's purpose for our lives. Love started with God towards us freely in Christ Jesus, the same love ends in perfection in us only when we respond positively toward God by obeying the command of the Holy Spirit that actually is relayed from Jesus Christ on our day to day lives. If you love God freely, without fail you will achieve in God greatly!" — Abraham Israel

"Memories are one of the greatest eternal gift God has given to each one of us individually. We know that all we will have within us to cherish at the end of our lives are not how much we have acquired materially, but how much people we have loved unconditionally with the love of God, how much mercy we have shown to someone who have not deserved it, how much hope we have given to the hopeless, how much joy we have given to those who were depressed, how much truth we have spoken with the salt of grace sprayed over it each time, how much of grace filled actions we have worked out without our self effort, how many people we have forgiven their debts of hurts against us even as God has forgiven us, how much peace we have in the midst of crisis that gave other's with us strength to trust God and how deep we love those who cross our path through prayers towards them for their soul's well-being. Think about it, if memories are the only things that you take from this side of the universe to the other side of it where God resides, then what are you trying to gather in this life to take with you? Memories will be memorable only when we collect it all God's way, with Him working in and we working it out gloriously with eternal joy! Spend your life God's way, you will never have any regret for the way you walked on earth at the end of it which will continue like that for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"No other creation of God that He had created has the ability to lift up its eyes unto heaven except humans, because we are made for heaven's eternal life with God but pre-trained on earth for the placement of hierarchy in the heavenlies, for the ultimate glory of God to be revealed through each one of us individually. When we lift up our eyes unto the hills of heaven where God resides, we are actually positioning ourselves for the mighty help of all of heaven with all its hosts to work for us. The maker of both the heaven and earth is the connector between it and the purpose of creating both apart is for us to call Him and connect it both through Him so that we could reveal His glory on earth as it is in heaven! When we see God as the connector between heaven and earth, we will look in to heavens and praise God for it, and heaven will look on us who are on earth to praise God, which will both meet in God who will love to dwell in the praises of His people and reveal Himself in a deeper way to both the sides. If God in Christ Jesus doesn't connect heaven and earth as the maker of it, no one could ever imagine to experience the other side of it!" — Abraham Israel

"When we trust the Lord irrespective of our circumstances, we declare in our life experience that the God whom we trust is a good God and that we honor Him for who He is and what He is to us as a loving Father in heaven, who never allows anything in our lives without a reason except for our eternal good which is at the prime priority of His will towards us. When we do not respond in this attitude of trust towards our Father in heaven, we tend to stay in our doubt, fear, unbelief and shame that saps our spiritual energy which could have been instead used for further growth in our spiritual life. To trust is better than to stay in the land of unbelief because trusting in the Lord brings us to the rich satisfied land of Canaan which is nothing but the place where the Presence of the Lord dwells and stays with us. To experience the tangible Presence of God is to experience heaven on earth! What more we need, than to trust our Lord God at all circumstances!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If someone have not understood Jesus as God, he has not understood Jesus at all. Jesus could not become our Savior if He has not been our Creator par excellence. Before God only the sinless lamb of God could become the Savior of all humankind because He is the Creator of all or else any tom, dick and harry could boast of becoming a savior whether it be humans or angels. If Jesus is not the Lord of all areas of your life, He is not your Lord at all. That is why we call Jesus as our 'LORD' first and then our 'SAVIOR' next. Knowing Jesus must go deep enough to get you saved from sin and death, that is to know Him as God your Savior personally. To say that Jesus is the Son of God is an acknowledgement that He is God the Son to the whole humanity!" — Abraham Israel

"Every time fear knocks at the door of our heart to threaten us in our natural state, everyone of those times we have a hidden opportunity to seek the face of God and be supernaturally victorious over it. We cannot keep ourselves from facing our fear, but we can keep God near ourselves to make Him deal the fear and make it flee away by His Presence!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are experiencing the glory of God's anointing in our lives, we know all that we receive from God is because of His unconditional favor towards us, and every prayer that God answers to us is because He considers us as His legal temple where He resides. O what a privilege to experience the goodness and mercies all the days of our lives and to hold the confidence that we will dwell in the favor of His Presence forever and ever!" — Abraham Israel

"Because we have become a citizen of heaven, our heart beats like that of a soldier in war in a distant land looking forward to return to their home land victoriously. No matter in which nation we all live around the world, the dual citizenship we hold is a mysterious one that the world cannot really understand. May we day by day receive more and more revelation about our homeland in heaven so that our heart will be excited enough to be lit by the Son-shine from above. The somber life of earth can only become an interesting one only when our heart beats for our homeland in heaven. When the life of heaven becomes a reality on earth, joy replaces sadness, life replaces death, hope replaces dullness, truth replaces doubts, faith replaces fear and excitement replaces familiarity. Fight the good fight of faith in all the spiritual warfare on earth, knowing that the next step takes you to the land where there is no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither pain nor suffering. You are on your way to greatness and celestial eternal gladness, so keep yourself as a good soldier of Jesus Christ looking forward to His return!" — Abraham Israel

"For humans who have learnt to walk by faith trusting in the goodness of God's mercy and grace, every moment they live will become a deja vu moment of ecstasy where they live what they have already dreamed of. Deja vu is French for 'already seen'. God dreams of you succeeding according to His will in your life. God has dreams for you that are good, peaceful and are better than the best you could ever imagine. That is why God dreams and then plants His dreams within you, as you keep walking in close relationship with Him, bit by bit all of those things that He has dreamed for you will become a reality by faith first and experience next. Thankfulness towards God increases and comes to us more and more when we see things happen like what we have already seen when God showed to us. Deja vu moments always increases our faith in God and makes us realize that our life is in the hands of God. Realize your God given dreams within and experience the power of heaven without!" — Abraham Israel

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