Friday, May 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is no better way to please the Lord than be drunk with the Holy Spirit. The more we experience the person, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit, the more we will be drawn towards Him who has bought us with His very own blood, Jesus the Christ, because the Holy Spirit will speak only of Jesus and from Jesus. The more we are filled with the Holy Spirit, the more we will be controlled by Jesus which will bring glory to God. The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual sanity when we grow closer and closer to the reality of Jesus, which gets revealed to us progressively! Just like dissipation happens with wine, likewise it also happens with the filling of the Holy Spirit. As we are sin marred human vessels we leak, so we need to make moment by moment decision to drink from the stream of the Holy Spirit from heaven, then we will never be thirsty for anything more after that. Praise the Lord! Drink, drink, drink....more of the Holy Glory of His Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"First when we experience Jesus as our Lord in our lives first, then we are ready to preach to others about Jesus Christ as Lord. Once we serve Jesus and submit to Him in our lives, it is easy to serve others through becoming a servant to them for Jesus' sake. Before you preach, experience the Jesus you want to preach. Before you tell others to do, you do what you are going to tell others to do. It is not what we say that will stay with people at the end, but what we do like Christ that will stay in their mind to make a impact for eternity ahead. A action demonstrated is better than ten thousand words to explain it!" — Abraham Israel

"We come as a pilgrim to this earth to make a journey because God has planned it for us. The day a baby is born we rejoice, but the pain that is undertaken to bring that baby only a mother can understand it as she undertakes it willingly. God undertakes as a loving Creator and as a Mother of all of us, the pain to not only plan and bring us to this earth, but to carry us in life till the day our journey on earth gets over. And forever joyously after that we choose to settle over in the loving arms of our God in His eternal home, of whom the character of loving mother who never forgets her children though they grow up to be big and independent is a part of the reflection of God through her to us. When we remember our mothers, let us all thank and praise God for that part of God that has been shown to us through our mothers." — Abraham Israel

"If we work up to say that we are righteous by our own strength through keeping the law, then we make God as debtor to us, in fact He is no debtor to anyone from whom He never receives unless it is what is given by Him. In fact, all humans are infinite slave debtors towards God due to the indwelling sin nature that makes all of us sin. We must praise God that we need not work up our righteousness in the New Testament, rather we receive through faith the perfect righteousness of Jesus to live rightly in God's own way and make us fulfill His will on earth as it is in heaven. God not only puts His hundred percent righteousness that Jesus fulfilled for us in our heavenly account to see us as righteous as Jesus is, but by our faith He also gives and imparts His righteousness day by day and moment by moment to us and makes us walk just like the way Jesus walked when He was on earth. Praise the Lord! Say "AMEN" if Jesus has put His righteousness in your heavenly account and have made you walk in His righteousness by imparting it to you." — Abraham Israel

"What we have learned from the world need to be unlearned through kingdom thinking from the word of God. Jesus challenged everyone to become like a child to experience the kingdom of God in its fullness. We need to unlearn in life to think like a child and stay positive. A child never thinks too far and finds everything it sees as a opportunity to be happy to explore it no matter how ordinary it is. A child learns from experience and finds that it is too boring to waste time with what it has failed, instead it learns from the failure and avoids it the next time it sees the same situation. The art of moving on with our failures comes only when we know that all things that happen to us, happen only for us to learn and be happy all the time we experience life in its newness and fullness. Being thankful to God and praising God makes us stay positive and makes our heart become soft like a child more and more. Unlearn the world, till you learn the kingdom way of living!" — Abraham Israel

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