Saturday, November 9, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is a supernatural life style of righteousness that if we desire by faith shall make us hunger and thirst after God, when God fill our lives with Himself we shall not only live life supernaturally in God's righteousness that He gives to us freely but also we will be satisfied in Him who is the source of all satisfaction." — Abraham Israel

"Most of our desires in our lives are for material things, but the deep satisfying things of life are not physical and material, but the spiritual things of God that comes from heaven. This is the reason God gives our needs and make us to desire for satisfaction in His love, joy and laughter in this life after which we become satisfied with all the desires of His heart which are the best desires that satisfies us in this life and in the life to come immensely and timelessly for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"True faith cannot exist without working itself out to be in the likeness of the image of God for which it is given within. Any so called faith that does not change you within is a dead faith and has no value of a salvation security and adoption in to God's family irrespective of one's work. Get the faith of God before it is too late, which will make it unavailable in one's after life. Demons know God in their head but do not know Him in their heart, because one decision to do their own will and way set their eternity away from God forever. In the same way, one positive decision of your life now to do God's will in the ordained way of God in Christ Jesus will set your heart in place with God in faith for eternity of a continuing relationship of friendship with God within your heart. Faith works for eternity, dead faith works nothing. A spiritually dead man with dead faith needs to realize that he is dead before God can really give a living faith to save Him from sin and hell fire that awaits the dead in spirit. To be born again in one's spirit is a supernatural act of God from above that is given freely apart from one's work of righteousness to all those who choose to believe in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not wrong to proactively do anything and everything, but it is wrong to do even something before revealing such plans to the Lord and committing it for His Glory. The most important question that we should ask ourselves before taking any decision to do anything or while doing it each day is, 'Have I consulted the Lord before I have started to work? Have I prayed for God to bless my endeavor and guide through it? Have I told Him to stop if it is not in His will and even cause confusion to derail it so that the perfect will of God could be done? Am I ready to rejoice even in what seems to me like a defeat and disaster? Am I doing whatever I do for the Glory of God or for myself?' The best life that could be lived right now in this life without even a slightest trace of any regret for anything that happens to us can only be lived when we come to understand and believe that all things whether good or bad that happens in our life is constantly and perfectly worked out by our loving God who is arranging the puzzles of our life in place for a good and glorious end that He has planned to fulfill through us. Entrust your efforts to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." — Abraham Israel

"If you believe that God is the one who has created us through the Word of His mouth, then we ought to fear God and obey Him more than any other authority that exists on this planet earth. If any one disputes over God's indispensable authority over their lives, it is better for them to fear the Lord and revere Him now than to one day find themselves in a place where they will have no choice but to kneel before the sovereign throne of God where each human who has ever lived on this planet earth should give an account of their own works done in their lives, where as only those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior now will be the only people who will stand before the Throne of God on that day because now in their heart they have knelt before God and have received His authority to rule over their lives. Are you living a life fearing God and are revering Him in your lifestyle through hating sin and loving righteousness? It is better to kneel down in liberty before God now, than to be forced to kneel before Him indefinitely in the future without hope." — Abraham Israel

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