Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Human nature is so fallen and lost without hope in sin that we do not always get what we give others especially when what is done by us is fully good in motive by God's grace. But because of what Jesus has given us and gives us, we can choose to give goodness out of us irrespective of whether people give back good or bad towards us, and that is spiritual maturity! Jesus only did good and reflected God in man, but the same people whom he did good at the end killed Him mercilessly. That is human nature. But we can choose to live in God's nature like Jesus who at the point of His death forgave the very human nature that killed Him. Thus by doing good till death, as a human, Jesus overcame evil of the earthly human nature with the goodness and forgiveness of God's heavenly nature. Seeing His example, we ought to follow Him as He is our master and if we are His true follower. When you are hurt deeply because you have forgiven and forgotten that harm people have done and that now it seems like people make a joker out of you thinking your meekness is a weakness that they can exploit, just look at yourself and consider how much sins the Lord your Master Jesus have forgiven you in the last 24 hours of your existence in spite of doing it repeatedly. If He does it, we ought to do the same if we are His true followers. We cannot become greater than our Master Jesus, but at the maximum we can exactly be like Him. So keep giving out the love of God by forgiving others infinitely until it hurts, but when you think you can go no more, you will then understand that it is not your strength that helped you forgive until then, but it is God's strength working in you that made it possible. So by choosing to forgive one more time again, you are choosing to receive God's grace to forgive. As you keep forgiving reflecting the nature of Jesus infinitely, there will be free flow and a glow to cheer you up and others around you with a Divine smile of God, and a wonderful giggling and a hearty laugh of God to overcome the evil around you with the goodness of God acting through you! By forgiving others, we become like the God we follow. Truly to err is human as we are, but to forgive is Divine as God is!" — Abraham Israel

"When the Divine order of God's hierarchy of Christ, then the Husband under Him and Wife under him which is the God given model for the family life is not followed within the nuclear family or the larger family of the Church of God with God's appointed man as the head over each individual house under Christ, Satan can easily have foothold to shake the foundation of the family life and will soon become the president of it after becoming its resident initially. Where ever this order of God gets reversed due to either the inability of the God appointed man to lead or the external interference of people, Satan not only take a foothold within the family, but the protection of the family is under severe threat as the danger of deception brings sin as the ruler of it rather than Christ at its center of its existence. Satan sneaks in to steal, kill and destroy when Divine order for the family is not found within the family Structure, but he runs away when God's Divine order is restored and kept under Christ. Do not allow the new world order of feminism change God's Divine order for the family which has severe Divine consequence for those who try to break God's order within the family which has been in existence since creation of all humans under God. Never disobey God's Divine order for the family and then expect His protection to continue, as marriage is the very institution that God has set in the Garden of Eden when the First man and woman was created to be united for God's glory! Any place where marriage is made dishonorable by rebellion to God's Divine order, and the bed becoming defiled through fornicators and adulterers who are in rebellion to God's will and ways, God will judge them directly by letting them in to the hands of Satan to bring His Divine judgment to correct them and bring them back in repentance." — Abraham Israel

"The lifting up of the Cross of Jesus Christ in genuine humility and repentance is the victory we can all achieve over Jezebel spirit and its offspring that are at loose around the world against true children of God who love God and the prophetic authority of God who are behind them who lead them in to true spiritual rest, this is the main weapon of heaven to drain her of her control over us and bring glory to God in the highest." — Abraham Israel

"True worship towards God is like a breath, when it stops you should realize that you are already dead soulishly without God's abundant life." — Abraham Israel

"The turmoil and chaos that is increasing day by day in our times clearly points to the fact that only Jesus who has risen up from the dead as the only promised Mediator between God and man and to be God's prince of peace and messiah for the whole world to bring an atmosphere of permanent peace to the whole world is the only answer for all mankind." — Abraham Israel

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