Friday, June 28, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Sugar coated preaching is widely accepted by all because it will have neither rebuke nor exhortation, but the dangerous deception that is hidden in it is that instead of turning your soul towards God and grounding you in the truth, it will turn you away from truth and will make you to sit in the shaky ground of sandy lies and fables which may crumble any moment when a storm of life comes your way. The deviation of little proportion is what it takes to mislead you away from your destiny totally. Ground your life by building it not on things that you like, but the thing that will hurt you bluntly with the truth, because at the end of all things, nothing will bless you and make you a blessing for a lifetime and eternity ahead more than the blunt truth of knowing about your sinfully depraved and deceitful self, and the way you truly look like in any particular time in the eyes of God. Face the truth in such a way that it will shape you, because if you do not face the truth to be shaped willingly now, you will have to be chopped by it unwillingly someday then. Always choose to kill sin before it kills you. It is better now than later!" — Abraham Israel

"Finding God's will for your lives is not a mysterious endeavour if you seek God's will regarding whatever you do in your life, as you continually seek for God's mind to be revealed in your focus and attitude, God will show clearly which path you must take as you wait upon Him. God shows himself up to reveal His will only for those who sincerely seek from their heart. God will may be mainly divided into good, acceptable and perfect will of God, the more you wait the better status you get with God. God may delay His answer many times just to see how serious you are to do His will even if it means great sacrifice, once you have waited to find God's perfect will in His perfect timing, He will shower His favour upon you for a lifetime and eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"There are no prayer that are done in God's will that God fails to respond to it, it is up to us to understand whether God is increasing our faith by answering it or He is delaying to increase our patience and build our character or He has something better for us as He has answered not our prayer at all. No matter what, when we pray in the will of God, God wants the best thing for us to receive so that we could continue to grow spiritually and be blessed to become a great blessing continually. So trust God and pray continually!" — Abraham Israel

"When we keep God and His never leaving Presence in our lives as our treasured possession on earth and invest in to His kingdom causes as something to be treasured and invested for eternal dividend, soon we will come in to a content state of mind where we will be free of the love of money and covetousness for the temporal things that we see as a passing pleasures in this world. The antidote for the love of money is to love the Presence of God and be content enough to reject all the covetous attitude that comes in to us consciously through the word of authority in Jesus name. The only treasure that will remain with us to be taken out of this world when we die are all those things which we have committed into God's hands for His disposal!" — Abraham Israel

"The friend who gave His life for us will only stay with us as our friend for life, and that friend is our one and only Jesus without any doubt. Everything else will fade away but Jesus will become brighter and brighter as we live our lives for Him." — Abraham Israel

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