Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we are stretched to our limits, that is when we grow beyond the limits for the Glory of God. Do not go with the flow, but against it for the spiritual muscles and reflex to grow and become a champion of faith!" — Abraham Israel

"God want to bless us more than we ask, more than we can ever imagine. God is more eager to prosper us, than we are eager to ask. But we need to align ourselves in the right truth and park ourselves there to be really blessed. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We cannot qualify ourselves to receive even the least of God's blessings through our behavior, because believe me even the best of the saints fail to attain the expected perfection which God expects. The good news to us all is, God now justifies the ungodly and blesses all those who are unworthy in themselves but have been made worthy by Christ Jesus who became their perfect substitute. Because these people were perfected by their faith in Jesus Christ and rejected the temptation to stand by the qualification of their own behavior, they became perfected through their action of faith which was Jesus Christ Himself working through them, God saw through them to find the perfect perfection of their Savior who qualified Himself beyond God's expectation as His beloved Son in whom He was well pleased and became a perfect substitute for them all. Believe to let go of yourself and let God, to become more blessed than all the people of the earth!" — Abraham Israel

"God never approves sin because it is against His holy nature. Because we have become God's children by partaking in His holy nature through accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we now grow in grace and strength as we seek to avoid and overcome the power of sin through the new nature within us. We grow from grace to grace, faith to faith and glory to glory. Each step we take to hate and resist sin, the new man finds himself in a convenient position to overcome sin and make it powerless in our day to day lives. Even when we fall by sin, as a child of God we need to arise by the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sins, what grace do we get by falling and getting up? Never forget that the grace of humility comes not, except through our failures and learning the lesson to stay at the feet of Jesus Christ and lift up our cross where our will and God's will cross each other, and we choose to carry the cross by dying to our will to fulfill God's will. No believer will plan to sin, but when he falls, God lifts him up by his graceful hand and makes him stand because he is His child. Jesus his advocate justifies and empowers him. In other words, we do not grow spiritually by failing as there are no virtue in it, but rather even when we fail and fall in to sin, when we again learn to trust God's faithfulness and graces and come to the realization that without His grace we will fail and can do nothing eternally profitable, we fail forward! O what a God we serve, whose thoughts and plans to bless our lives are innumerable to count. God has the power to use both the good and the bad and turn it to become only good at the end of it all, if we continue to love God by living out his purpose for which He has called us. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"We can never please God with what we do for Him, but only please Him for how we have believed Him and have learned to trust His word for what it says. God works only for those who cannot help themselves, but believe His promises and become certain that He will work for them and hope for it even when they do not see. God is the greatest worker in the universe, because all exists and continue to run intact because of His mighty power of His hand. God's hands have not shortened, nor His power weakened, but check yourself often whether your faith is strong enough to let God work Himself for you to the expected end, if not, recharge yourself with faith from His Word to sustain yourself to make your path towards your destiny a sure victory. Make sure to let God work Himself for you until the end, which will make you to see with your eyes what was believed until then. Faith is to believe what we do not see, the reward of faith is to see what we have believed. Without faith none can please God, so have faith and see the reward!" — Abraham Israel

"When you are able to lose yourself and see Jesus working through you, Father God sees Jesus and blesses you immensely more than all people around you." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If you can only believe what you can see, then most of the things you do not see in the world but can only be felt by the heart needs to be explained away as nothing, such unbelief will cause you to become blind to spiritual realities of life as what exists came out of nothing in the beginning of time. So something cannot come out of nothing, unless nothing can come out of something. If God exists as somebody behind that something in the beginning, he has promised to bring nothing out of that something by His power in the end of time. When you will see the world destroyed by fire at the end by God, what you consider as something will become nothing but a gas which you cannot see. If we believe, faith sees the invisible something now. If not, unbelief sees nothing behind the invisible something now and will also no more see the invisible something then!" — Abraham Israel

"The beauty of life is seen and felt only by those who forget what others think of them, and instead learn to appreciate the Creators beauty in His intricate handiwork." — Abraham Israel

"Our inner turmoil in our spiritual life caused due to our old man will end only when we die and go on to be with the Lord, but do not trust in him now everyday you live or believe that he will become better because he is still a rebel who hates God and wants to only please himself. Instead feed on the new man who is made in the image of God, so loving and obedient to the voice of God. Both of them never go together, and will act contrary to each other. Keeping feeding the new man with the Word of God, Spirit of God, Prayer, Songs, Joy of doing Good Works, etc...soon you will see a powerful activity of the new man bringing the power and presence of the world to come in to this mundane present world to demonstrate and give a continual foretaste of our Heavenly Kingdom to which we belong for the Glory of God! Believe you will, and you will win." — Abraham Israel

"Stop being angry at yourself for your failures, because God's hidden purpose has been hidden in it all. It was God who allowed failures, so that when you fall perfectly down on the mat, you come to understand how frail and weak you are to carry on without God's help and come to lose your confidence in your self. But gain the confidence that God holds you even when you fall and fail and fail and fail. Thus it was God's idea to keep pride away so that you are protected to fulfill the good destiny of God which only He can fulfill when you humbly follow Him. Failure in itself becomes a stepping stone of success, for all those who realize that God is the one who designed it so that we could lean always on Him to stand by His power as beloved children of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Hell has one big Broadway entry ruled by the deceptive trinity called as self, sin and Satan, and majority of the people in the world walk in this way which has no exit forever and ever. Heaven has one Narrow way entry ruled by the true Trinity who rules it (i.e.) Father the Source and provider, Son the Salvation manager and the Spirit the sustainer executive, and few who choose to lose themselves by repenting, turning from sin and who take up the cross of Jesus Christ to desire to become like Him will never miss this blessed bliss and tranquility which also has no exit but one entry to remain there forever and ever. Those who end up in hell, end up there by their conscious choice of walking in whatever way they want and cared enough to please only themselves while on earth. Those who end up in heaven also end up there by knowingly choosing to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him in spite of losing their will to be ruled by Him. Remember, God desires all of us to repent and be in heaven with Him and that is why He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be born on earth, live a sinless life and die for us to rise up at the end to justify us and takes us to heaven with a eternal guarantee of salvation. Be saved and live forever eternally!" — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"Hear us, our God, for we are despised. Turn their insults back on their own heads." — (Nehemiah 4:4).

When criticism comes, never defend yourself but rather ask God to defend you, and you keep pursuing the vision that God has given you. When the time comes, your life and work will defend all the critics more loudly than you can ever defend for yourself. Remember, critics become crushed under the stone which they roll on others. But those who trust in the Lord, happy are they always.

Much Blessings...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is faithful even when we are faithless, because God is not pleased with us based on our behavior, but rather with how we have believed in Jesus Christ and His promises! Our faith is victory, we become what we believe, not how we behave. The key to staying strong in faith is to look to the Word of God and pray it, think it, eat it, drink it, walk it, sleep it, bathe it, enjoy it until we believe it in our heart. Because God has called us as His own, all His promises He will fulfill in His time because we are His own." — Abraham Israel

"The only thing that excites God about us is how we believe His promises day by day, not how we have learned to behave. Because behavior in itself can be learned by self-discipline up to a certain extent without God's help, but you cannot believe unless you trust Him like a little child and He gets pleased like a Father with a heart full of love for his children. God know that our best works and behavior gets us only conformed to the world system's of governance led by self and Satan, but transformation of mind, body and soul comes without our own effort when we believe. Because when we believe, the power of the world to come fills us to aid us in our weaknesses to overcome all obstacles and oppositions to make us be victorious for the Glory of God. Only Believe and all things are possible in partnership with God, the things which are impossible with men are only possible with God! Say yes and amen to all the promises of God, soon one by one will start to unfold its power in your life because God is in the business of rewarding all His children for now and for eternity if you are a believer. Are you one of the believers, God is excited about you for sure!" — Abraham Israel

"Do not let the technology use you, instead use the technology to be used for the Glory of God in your life and living!" — Abraham Israel

"Feminism kills all the uniqueness of woman, but true faith that Christ gives transcends gender inequality which has come as a result of the curse for the sin of our first parents, and becomes the true antidote for restoring the true beauty of a woman. Submission to man doesn't make a woman a slave, rather it exhibits the true inner beauty within her which God greatly delights and honors. True courageous woman of faith submits to all godly authority because she safely rests in the fact that God is her rewarder, but the one who is fearful, insecure and coward to be conformed to the flow of system of the world which calls it feminism will become rebellious and non-profitable to themselves both in their family and spiritual lives." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is not a dead end road, because each time when you find yourself at the end of the road, a new avenue opens up to make you travel supernaturally to your destination. Have faith in God and also in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the supernatural which we cannot see becomes a natural event of reality, and the natural event that is a mundane becomes a supernatural event by the revelation of the Glory of God. Every supernatural thing that we look forward to like the real material heaven will be more real than the present earth, a real eternal glorious metaphysical body that is more super dynamic than the present one, a God whom we can see and talk face to face, a comfort from God which wipes away all our tears and sorrows which will soothe our heart, etc.. it all becomes supernaturally natural now when we look forward to heaven and the new life which we are going to live in the brand new world of supernatural reality. If you want to know your future of how you will be, just look on to our resurrected Jesus with real flesh and bones. When He comes, you will be just like as Jesus, but in the varying capacity of glory according to the works you have done in Jesus Christ, in the brand new world!" — Abraham Israel

"In all our circumstances, like the highs and the lows, the joyful and the depressive, the beautiful and the ugly, in the storms and the calms, etc...God always asks us one important question to test us so that we can be trusted for honor and promotion, 'What ye think of all my promises?'. The answer of yes and amen keeps all the power of heaven to be active upon our lives to bring God's favor in unusual circumstances because the promises of God has life in it that causes these blessings to come upon us in a supernatural way. The answer of no brings unusual troubles in your life which prove that you have rather trusted your feelings and logic to bring the curses of the natural labor, sweat and the finite to work upon your mind and to weigh you in your limitations, to make you fear and worry about your inability rather than focus on His ability to transform your lives. Make sure you believe the promises of God all the time, because God is looking for His beloved children who believe all His promises, because all are active and will bring the faithfulness of God in to visibility before the angels and the world at large bringing Him glory! Never give up believing the promises of God, no matter what circumstances you face in your life. God is in the great business of rewarding all those who believe in His promises. So don't miss out God's heavenly bonanza in our times!" — Abraham Israel

"I am convinced that every dreaded trials and tests we go through in life, refine us, define us and makes us finally superfine glory holding material of eternal worth which makes us reach the destiny that God has predestined for us, and from that place of elevation of high altitude spiritually we become ready to receive the great glory God has for us in this world and in the world to come for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Any American dream or to say a worldwide dream of prosperity and safety that does not include God, His righteousness and living a life that is pleasing to Him as the main course and main focus of the life lived on earth, for sure it will end up to be a horrible dream in the end. It is not worth pursing a material dream that will get all burned up to be as a thin air in the end, but remember we as eternal souls do not get vaporized as nothing when we die, but live forever and ever after that. If we live forever, where we will live for eternity matters the most? God has promised a bliss of eternity with Him, self hides the grim future of hell without God but only shows us all the temporal promises of fleeting pleasures which we see now. Which does appeal to you now? The eternal life of heaven or temporal pleasures of earth. Your answer will lead your heart in the direction which you have chosen. Choose life and not death! That is God calling you to reconsider your direction for eternal excellence and fulfillment in the time to come. When we die, we leave everything material and can carry out of it only things that pleased God which are all immaterial and eternal. Many of us can end up empty without a dream run on earth, but never without the promise of a future dream life in heaven which is the actual life God has promised to fulfill for all those who love Him now. Live for God, your dreams will come true, if not in this world then in the world to come for sure!" — Abraham Israel

"God is faithful even when we are faithless, He loved us when we were His enemies living in sin, He speaks to us even when we have denied Him and as a result have become lonely and depressed about ourselves and our inability as a lost sheep, He gives us beauty for ashes, He takes our pain and give His healing, He anoints us afresh with oil of gladness for a spirit of depression that has made us mad and hopeless, He takes all our problems and takes care of our present needs, He gives His perfect and beautiful heavenly suit of righteousness for all the unclean robe of sin we give to Him, He gives His peace for our chaos, He sanctifies us from our uncleaness which makes us loathe about our own self, etc...To the God who gives and gives and gives, what better thing we can give than our self as a living sacrifice all the days of our lives on earth. He is the one whom we need all the time in this hopeless world because even when we are faithless He is faithful as our dear Heavenly Daddy and Father and King of the whole Universe to hold unlimited resources for all our needs. We can never outgive God, because in reality we can only give to God that which He has given us first, yes that which He has given we have maligned by our selfishness and made it to become the broken pieces which He receives and exchanges it for His wholeness because of His love for us as His beloved children. Give to God what you cannot give to any other, He will give you what others cannot give to you in exchange!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Any stage is acceptable as long as we declare the gospel, because in it is the power of God that leads to salvation to everyone who believes. If one sinner repents and comes to Jesus forsaking his old ways of self and sin, the whole of heaven rejoices along with all the angels who are workers to help the inheritors of salvation. Glory be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"Pastors and all the five-fold ministers of God trust the provision of God to dispense the spiritual things that God has ordained to dispense by trusting in Him. When it is dispensed freely and they become worthy of receiving whatever material support from those who are blessed, then the irony happens. Having been satisfied, when the people of God leave the servants of God high and dry saying that God will take care of them, that is when they do not realize that God is testing them. When they are not ready to release the least of the money that belong to God on behalf of God to his servants, God will not release the great spiritual blessings that belongs to them in their lives too. At the end of the day God can make a raven to supply the exact nutritional bread and meat to his man or woman servants, and give enough water in the pond which is supernaturally supplied from His hand, but what about the test of God which you might have failed by then? You can never gain the spiritual and eternal blessings ever after you leave this short span of life on earth which is given by God to exchange the material things for inheriting the eternal things which will stay with you for eternity ahead. Open your eyes to understand, before it is too late! Saints we all need to learn that unless a person learns to trust God for the supernatural themselves, they cannot be able to provide the same to other whom they lead. So watch out for the true servants of God, and follow their faith to excel in all areas of your spiritual life. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The Gospel is the good news that because Jesus took our sins on the Cross to die for us as sinless lamb which was accepted by God, God raised Jesus Christ three days later to shows that we are no more in our sins but are ready to rise up in the resurrection power just like Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we ask which is more important, the Cross or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we should look to each as a wire that brings the power of God being intertwined as one, the Cross was the place where our sins was forgiven and the resurrection was God's assurance to us that because our sins were forgiven already, we will arise in a new glorious body just like Jesus did and will live on in heaven with Himself forever and ever as His heir inheriting all his wealth to enjoy for eternity along with Jesus Christ His first-born. You cannot make a lamp burn with one wire, but when the phase and neutral come together, the circuit gets completed and the light of the power shines bright even in the darkness of night. So our faith should be in both the Cross and also the Resurrection of Jesus, without which we can never become fully positioned to experience God's free gift of salvation in its full power of heaven. So which is more important the Cross or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Both are equally important for our faith to shine forth with God's light! One cannot work without the other." — Abraham Israel

"Unless the Lord opens our eyes to see the spiritual reality of heaven and its messages of truth in the Word of God, we are just like six blind men who labored much to decide the shape of the elephant according to their own understanding, and found out six different shapes to define how it looked like. May our prayers always be, open our eyes to understand the truth of your Word, before we start to read it always." — Abraham Israel

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