Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jesus came the first time to Jerusalem riding on a donkey which is a beast of peace and people rejected Him, this time Jesus will be riding back to Jerusalem riding on a white horse which is a beast of war to make war with those who oppose the will of God and make them submit to God's rulership. First time it was love that made Jesus to be meek like a lamb, this time it be God's justice that will make Jesus roar like a lion. So may God help us to rise up in the power and Spirit of Elijah to turn the heart of the fathers towards the children and children towards their fathers, so that the Lord Jesus might not find people without faith and smite them with a curse instead of a blessing. Get ready, you can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah!" — Abraham Israel

"To sing the loudest when it is the darkest before the dawn breaks forth into a glorious morning, is a sure sign that faith is seeing through it from within like a bird that senses the breaking of dawn." — Abraham Israel

"When God is pleased with your life, there will be an open heavens set over your life. You need not run after the blessings of God when you have an open heavens set over you, you will be cool enough to experience supernatural heaven on earth naturally that others might find it all supernatural without fail. The God of blessings is in the business of setting open heavens all over the earth, why not you be the candidate for it?" — Abraham Israel

"God's mercies are something priceless to know and understand for our own spiritual growth, and thus become thankful for it each moment of our earthly life. Without His mercies each day, life will cease to exist on earth. The God of heaven makes the earth exist for His own purpose, so without His mercies nothing can find meaning for its existence. Be thankful for His mercies, find purpose of life and satisfaction!" — Abraham Israel

"There is one true good news that will last for eternity, it is the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Why? Because the death that He died is on behalf of us for our sins so that we can enter in to a relationship with God being forgiven of all our sins, He rose up from the death for the first time since sin entered in to this earth because of being justified before God for the sinless life He lived, so that we could live forever for the glory of God and serve Him as His friends without ever bothering about the sins of our past, present or future as it has all been forgiven and forgotten by God forever." — Abraham Israel

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