Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God's promises are all ready to be fulfilled for all those who are ready to believe it personally, as Jesus Christ has already made it possible for them to be blessed if only they mix the word of God with faith and patiently wait until God fulfills the promises of His in His time and for His glory!" — Abraham Israel

(¯`'•.¸**† ALL OF GOD'S PROMISES ARE YES** (¯`'•
(¯`'•.¸** IN THE NAME OF ** (¯`'•...........
░░░█░█▀▀░█▀▀░█░█░█▀▀░** (¯`'•
░█░█░█▀░░▀▀█░█░█░▀▀█░ AMEN!•.¸*♥*

"No matter which nation honors the law of God it brings them exaltation. No matter which nation breaks the law of God, they end up being a reproach to the whole humanity. When sin is entertained in any society, soon they get disintegrated to become inhuman enough to act like animals. Sin is like a cobra that dances as the government of various nations act like a snake charmer to make their people who are living within their sphere of influence to be entertained. But there comes a time soon, as the cobra starts to end its so called dance, it starts to spit venom upon all those people who are watching it and have been involved in the whole drama to first make them blind towards God and then leading them to death at the end. Sin thrills but also kills at the end. No nation can ever be involved in gross immorality and then can escape the consequence of God's curse upon it and its people. God judgment may delay upon a erring nation but it will surely come in His time for all unrighteousness that has been done through them. May God help us all in whatever nation we live to be a light in the darkness, to shine upon the people who live in the spiritual darkness of sin with a righteous life style of radical light of holiness that comes through the grace of our Lord Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"The theory of evolution is the biggest lie ever told to spiritually and soulishly dumb people who believe its foolishness, they start with monkey and end with humans. They assume that so called half monkey half human cavemen are the in between fillers who had got transformed to become civilized men. The question to be asked is, if such humans apes were the connectors between monkey and man, where are they in our present earth? Have they not reproduced one of their own shape until now. The are not because the Bible says that monkey's were created in its own image and only humans were created in the image of God. Even if there will be a million years of scientific advancement, as long as God exists no monkey can become a human because the seed of the monkey is given the power to reproduce only of its own kind. God has crowned humans with the power to reproduce only of its own kind and fill the earth with their off spring to rule over it, that is what has been happening all these years of human existence from the beginning of creation. No monkeys have ruled over humans till date in history, but humans all through the history have consistently ruled over the animal world. This shows that God and His word have not changed since creation, but only man's mind has got so filled with unbelief and have got so degenerated that man has chosen to believe that he has come from monkey. May sanity return to the minds of people who choose to fear God, believe God and His Word rather than their feelings, opinions and deception which comes and goes based on the information that has been accumulated by limited human experience and demonic instigation of unbelief towards God and His unchanging Word. Trust God even when you don't understand, then you will experience the reality of truth by conviction. A man of conviction is like a man standing on a eternal rock that is unshakable because he is actually standing on God, a man of logic without conviction is like a waterless cloud driven by wind which moves here and there, but without having any definite purpose in its movement. May your eternal conviction guide you in to eternal reality of truth that comes only from God!" — Abraham Israel

"No gain without pain is also equally true in the spiritual world of faith as it is in the physical world of fitness, where the saints tread the paths of suffering to gain that which has been prepared for them from the beginning of the world which is God's kingdom power and reward. We do not work to be saved as it is a free gift of God that has come to us when we believed and received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. But the eternal reward we gain after we are saved is through serving God with patience in all the situations of life which God has prepared for us to walk by faith. When things annoy us, we should remember that annoying things will happen to us before we begin to become a anointed thing, so by standing on the promises of God, the Word of God should be mixed with faith and continued to be held patiently within our hearts until God's appointed time, after which we inherit at the end, things which were promised to us by God. Suffering for God might be just for a season in our lifetime, but the joy of the reward that we inherit through it will stay with us for eternity ahead! O what a privilege that God has given to us who are His children! The reward that God gives on the payday is always greater than the little work of faith we do for a little while in our lives. You cannot invest in God's kingdom anytime for a loss." — Abraham Israel

"Faith that is strong will have its entire focus not on what a person can get from God but what he can give to God and be pleasing to Him through his obedience to Him. The greatest test of faith comes to a person when he knows that God has promised to give him something for sure and yet he sees that what he is believing is not even in sight for their lifetime. Delay of God are not His denials, instead it is a sign of His delightful approval for better things. God delays to give what He has promised not to make us disheartened with discouragement, instead because He wants us to become strong in our faith which will make us a eternally blessed person in favor with God. When through the process of our faith journey, if we are developing our relationship with God rather than narrowly focused on the end result, soon our realization of God's love and our love for Him will cement a intimacy with God that will empower us to make us able to say, "Thank you Lord for drawing me to yourself," because of the blessed satisfaction that comes from the Presence of God. Faith in itself apart from God has no real value, but the God who is pleased by our faith gives it a stamp of eternal honor as we carry it with an intention to please God and not just use it as a means to an end. Strong faith are wrought by strong test where the fuel to finish it comes from the fact you know God intimately through the process who supplies all your need in Himself and not apart from Him. Praise God that He supplies your need and not your greed, because if He lets you have what you want out of greed, you will never ever become a blessed person with eternal favor of God over you life. While in the natural you want to see temporal satisfaction through things, God just wants to draw you out of temporal satisfaction that comes through acquiring things which vanishes in time and satisfy you eternally with Himself which will never end." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Nature speaks the language of God to make us understand more about our Creator God. How many times we have been so filled with worries of our survival that we can never been able to notice the beauty of God surrounding us. The bottom line of life is not about survival, but it is all about knowing God in a deeper way through our God given life on earth. Ever time you hear the squeak of a squirrel, the melodious sound of a bird, the beautiful design of any birds, animals or sea creatures, the leaves of the trees dancing through the cool breeze, the clear blue sky or the stormy cloud and the thunder that takes you by surprise, make sure to remind yourself and be in awe of the Creator who created all these things just for you to know more about Him who created it all for you to enjoy." — Abraham Israel

"If faith is what pleases God and nothing else will do, pursue faith above all else and see what difference God will make in and through your life." — Abraham Israel

"God knows your end even before you begin your life, so you need not tell God what to do and how to fulfill His purpose for your lives, but all you need to do is to co-operate with God by giving your will in to God's hands so that God could fulfill His will through you which He has planned beforehand for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"As trust is the firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person, trust in God does not come in a day or two instantly. But as we pursue our friendship with God day by day intimately deeper and deeper in depth, wider and wider in width and higher and higher in height of understanding His unconditional love, unending mercies, true faithfulness and super-abundant grace, we start to trust God at all times. Even though when things are good, bad or ugly at any moment of time in our lives, still we will be able to trust that the Lord's sovereign plan for our lives when we are intimate with God, as He is working continually by His omnipotent power that is working all things for our good. Because of such deep trust, we will begin to see the past unfailing record of our Lord and will have a heart full of thanks and a lips full of praise for the glory of God. Though it might take some time for us to trust God deeply from our heart, yet when we begin to trust by experience, the fruit of such trust takes us in to the zenith of being peaceful, joyful and righteous as like in heaven on earth. So we must learn to put our trust in the Lord more and more through intimacy with God so that a deeper life of God be experienced by us consistently on earth as like in heaven. Those who want to start intimacy with God say, 'O dear Lord, I put all of my trust in You.'" — Abraham Israel

"All leaders have followers but only great leaders have passionate followers, because they do and show them how before they ever say it with words." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Friends are some one who stand by you even when the whole world leaves you all alone. They are the one who really know who we are really with our weakness hidden within, but yet so gentle to correct us with love. It is like they use knife, yet so gently to remove the infection within us so that our soul can be healed to shine better and not to kill us by stabbing at the back when there arise a vulnerable opportunity. They are open to our correction and get blessed through it too. There can be no better teacher than a friend whom God uses as a blessing and cause you to bless them back in return. Truly friends are a blessing and I thank God for you who read as my friend and follower of my life of faith. Truly I appreciate your friendship from the bottom of my heart. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE MY AMAZING FRIENDS FOR LIFE!" — Abraham Israel

"The pipeline from hell to earth which has been let loose to corrupt, pervert and demonize the mind of all people in our end of end time generation has already been planned by Satanic cohort strategists through pornography. The word 'porne' in Greek means 'to prostitute oneself.' Just a click of the mouse can lead a person in our times in to the very depths of hell in lust, perversion of sex and immoral thinking through the net. God is not just concerned about our outward pious religious actions but about what we think all the time. So if you have been tempted by such a self prostituting habit and have given in to its evil force which contaminates your soul and body perversely against the will of God, repent now and be sincere towards God to open up your secret to Him. If Satan and his demons have pacified you saying that it is ok to see some pornographic pictures once in a while, or that God's grace is there to let you go free of it consequences, you are fooling yourself. God has clearly said that if you sow evil in to your mind, soon you will reap the effects of that evil in your personal, professional and family life too, because God cannot be mocked who gives to each one according to one's sowing work done in the field of their mind. God hates sin and wants His children to be free from its evil effects because it separates Him and His children. So for all those who sincerely want to please God by freeing themselves from all their sin habits, He gives His precious grace to overcome porn, masturbation and all sexually perverse thoughts through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace overcomes sin. If you are fighting against sexual sin, you are doing fine in your christian life. Don't give up, God's grace will soon come even though you might be feeling that you cannot overcome forever from its clutches. God is allowing the force of evil to test you in order to see your sincerity and your dependence on Him, He will make you fight until you give up depending on your own strength, and finally come to the state where you desperately acknowledge that it is by God's strength that you stand. For those of His children who have poorly chosen to self prostitute themselves through pornography are in grave danger of destroying the heavenly soul life that God has given them all to enjoy in this life through building their self and their family life. Porn addiction, as it progresses, commonly does lead to a physical act with a real person as Jesus said that the root of sexual sin starts in lusting after a woman which is spiritual adultery that most of the time ends physically as it progresses. Porn destroys marriage which is the very fabric of joy and peace in life. So beware of Satan's strategy to kill, steal and destroy all the good and God things in your life, fight the real fight of faith to live always in the blessed zone of abundant overcoming life that Jesus gives to all of God's children. If Jesus sets you free from pornography, you will be free indeed! So keep fighting against all sexual lusts until you finally receive supernatural victory over it spiritually. Slay sin before it one day slays you totally." — Abraham Israel

"You are unique! You did not plan yourself in to the world and not even your parents, but it is God who planned you for His own purpose and therefore has a grace in store for you to fulfill that purpose of His in its time. There are more than seven billion people in the world, no one is exact replica of you. Therefore God has a purpose for you or else you would not have come to be unique in the whole wide world in this age and time according to God's design. Because of His preordained purpose, God has already prepared His abundant grace of empowerment prepared for each of your need to fulfill His purpose for your life. All you need to do to tap in to this supernatural heavenly grace for all your day to day needs is to stay close to God who is the God of all grace. The solar panel that is positioned towards the sun, receives enough power to be used for a whole day. Stay close to God from within your heart, you will never run out of grace." — Abraham Israel

"When Satan reminds you about your ugly past, make sure to remind him of his horrible future. When Satan and his demonic accusers want to bring all of your past sins to make you discouraged, say that it is all true but the good news that is for sure a bad news to them all is that the blood of Jesus has forgiven all of my sins and have cleansed me from all unrighteousness. Never argue with Satan and his demons because they are liars, but invoke the blood of Jesus and let the power of it speak to them. God has already justified you and have made you just as if you have never sinned at all in life through the blood of Jesus which was shed for you. Even God cannot see through the blood of Jesus any of your past sins because it is forever forgotten by Him the moment you received Jesus Christ the Son of God as your Lord and Savior. When you look at your sins, you will be depressed which Satan and his demons would love to see. But when you see Jesus at the Cross, you will be refreshed knowing that all your past, present and future sins have all together been forgiven by God through our Lord Jesus two thousand year ago itself. Your sins are not at all any problem with God anymore as long as you would believe Jesus Christ for your every need. God would love to see you look at His Son and not your sin. God wants you not to be depressed anytime, but every time He wants you to be refreshed with the joy of heaven and be cheerful supernaturally through Jesus Christ His Son! Even though sin darkens your soul, yet every time you look to the Son He shines and dispels all darkness within without fail!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest mystery of all that God is, was and ever will be is how our Lord God Jesus the Christ incarnated to become a man is the biggest wonder till date that no one can understand. God will not break His own law, that is why we say that God is righteous and in Him there is no unrighteousness at all. God made a law in the beginning that a man who sins will die, according to His own law of justice all men have sinned through inheritance and lost the glory of God through one man our forefather Adam who sinned and rebelled against God by his own choice in the Garden of Eden. Since all humanity have sinned through one man, without a sinless person becoming a substitute to take the sins of all men, no man would ever get back to God or have friendship with Him anymore. So because of God's love for all humans who lost His sonship because of disobedience of one man, He himself chose to become that sinless man to redeem all humans from sin in to righteousness. Never forget that the Son of God chose to become a man so that we the sons of men could become the sons of God again. If God the blessor of all men could create man in His likeness, why not He could become a man among them? The greater has the ability to make a lesser or become a lesser, but not vice-versa, unless the greater raises the lesser by adding himself among the lesser and worthless. That is what God did, He added Himself to the worthless sinners, so that the worthless sinners could become worthy in the eyes of the just God. Praise the Lord! The world cannot know that we are the sons of God unless we let the light of the Son shine through us, so may we shine forth the beautiful character of our God and Lord Jesus through our lives and bring glory to God who made us all as His children freely when we believed. " — Abraham Israel

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"All Books informs, but only the Bible transforms, so it is good to visit many books but even better it is always the best choice to live in the Bible and see the supernatural transformation from heaven take place in every area of our lives where we lack the wonderful heavenly character of the Lord. The more we become like God in our character, the more effective blessing we will become to others which is the greatest blessing we can receive from God." — Abraham Israel

"God has not called all of us to do the same thing, but He has called us to do things differently and unique. We might not have been called to part the dead sea by our faith like Moses did, but definitely we are called to part away the sea of worries and live in the blessed zone of faith filled miraculous life. God has called us all to stay close to His heart always and be pleasing to Him. So you might have been called to do a job in the kingdom of God that might not look great before men, but are you sad about it or are you happy that God has given you the privilege to serve Him and also stay close to His heart to hear his voice and stay satisfied in it through the process? God has a million workers who do his work for their own thrill and glory, but very few work for the reason they love Him so much. Serve because you love God and do not serve God to earn His love. We cannot earn His love because it is so much invaluable, but we receive it so freely all the time because He loves us unconditionally and deeply from His heart." — Abraham Israel

"There is no saintliness in poverty, persecution and prison life in itself, as God has never encouraged any ascetic life to be a God glorifying one, but being ready to go through any of the above situations that God might allow to fulfill His purpose for our lives and generation is the attitude God expects us to have within our heart always. In fact, any form of asceticism driven by religiosity that promotes it, has been prophetically described as that which will come in the latter times and will make the true believers to depart from the faith, such deception will be orchestrated by deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. When we are absolutely surrendered to fulfill God's purpose at any cost, that is when God will be fully pleased through our faith. When Satan and his demonic cohorts cannot make the saints to become deceived by prosperity, personality and popularity, they will go to the other extreme to make them ascetic and religious to make them distracted and thus stop them from doing God's perfect will for their lives. To find a balance between worldliness and asceticism of religiosity and live in the blessed zone of faith is surely the work of the Spirit that will make us fulfill all of God's purpose for our lives. So if ever you need something important, it is now for you to get the right balance by the Spirit empowered spiritual life. Satanic deception through living ascetic self life without God's strength and also lascivious living without God can both be avoided only by finding the balanced Holy Spirit empowered life." — Abraham Israel

"God sends His comfort to our distressed, worried and depressed souls in ways and through people we least expect. The sorrow of yesterday is soothed and refreshed with the joy of God when we give our sorrows in exchange, which makes our internal batteries to be recharged with the heavenly power that shines like as a bright morning sunshine on our way all day long. The worries about tomorrow are removed and we get filled with the peace of God when we give all our problems for God to solve and enjoy our time with a pet, family and friends that makes our lives meaningful and joyful. The depression of today is denied its place when we meet people who are joyful in spite of the depressive circumstances all around their lives. A contagious joy is received in us when people who live in God's Presence are brought to us by God through His sovereign appointment, which He makes for us each time we are hungry for God's word. God shows up with a smile each day through sunshine, pet, people, nature and even silence, so make a way away from the distractions of the world to notice and hear what God is saying to you and be comforted in the knowledge that God's eyes are always upon you." — Abraham Israel

"God has not called us all to be successful, but He has called us all to be obedient even at the cost of success. Success is a byproduct and not the ultimate thing as the world wrongly believes. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God [i.e peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit] and all these things shall be added unto you is the promise God has given to all believers. If God wanted all believers to be successful He would have said, 'Seek to improve you status in life and be rich to add and extend the kingdom of God,' but He hasn't said that because God wants to make out of us a man and woman of character rather than just success. God's ways are to tune us in to heavenly life style on earth through our earthly circumstances and collects eternal riches in heaven which neither moth eat nor do thieves steal. So we must seek God and success will follow us for eternity! God calls success as all that is of eternal value and not temporary pleasures on earth." — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we work as a team and are united in purpose, we will be overcomers in our pursuit and victorious in the end." — Abraham Israel

"We are only as spiritually strong as the depth and width of love relationship we have developed over a period of time with Jesus Christ, through which we become rooted with Christ our Lord and Savior in the Love of God for spiritual strength to face storms of all kind and be victorious in the end." — Abraham Israel

"The solution to all our problems comes not in scrutinizing it with our so called wise brain to solve it and then keep worrying when it doesn't go well as we think, but it comes when we choose to submit it to God in prayer anywhere and everywhere. The time it takes to find a solution to each of our problems is exactly equal to the time it takes for us to go to God and submit all of it for Him to solve in His own time. God has a solution for every problems we face and has not failed even once for all those who have submitted all of their problems to Him and have waited for Him to fulfill the solutions supernaturally in His time." — Abraham Israel

"The world has not yet fully seen a man who is fully surrendered to the will of Lord and what great things He can do through his life except Jesus whom God has enthroned at His right hand to be the sovereign ruler over the whole world. You never know what a absolute surrender to the will of God can do to your life and through you life until you do it in actuality!" — Abraham Israel

"Smiling is the best way to de-stress someone who is in distress, laughing out loud is the best way to relax your own nerves. Never forget to do both the above and you will always enjoy life." — Abraham Israel

"Those who believe in the healing power of the Lord, will without fail receive the goodness of God manifested physically in their lives because God is always not moved by our cry or desperation for just an answer, but He is seeing whether we have faith in spite of our grim circumstances that makes us fear, worry and talk unbelief. When you boldly speak the word of faith and confess, "By His stripes I am healed," you miracle will soon come to pass because our God who see your faith will move on your behalf and bring healing and health to all areas of your life. You live by faith or you die by fear. You have nothing to lose by faith, but you have nothing to gain by fear. You life will receive healing and health supernaturally from God only when you believe God's provision of Jesus' stripes which has been achieved for you. Only believe!" — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God's will can only be fulfilled perfectly in our lives through two keys used consistently even when our mind cries out saying no to it, one is to trust God at His word and the other is to obey implicitly without any delay. Both these attributes can only be inculcated in us only through a consistent relationship with God." — Abraham Israel

"God has set His own season for you to bloom and prosper before all the world, until then you need to keep your self in the sunshine of faith to reach your effective time of purpose. In God's timetable of heaven, waiting time is never wasted time, rather that is considered as a growing time for every purpose of your life to be effectively fulfilled supernaturally by God's favor and grace. Don't try to open yourself up before God's time for your bloom comes, or else you might not come to fulfill all His purposes for your life." — Abraham Israel

"When you freely appreciate others for the least of something good you see, it shows that you are someone unique who has so much of good in you to do it. A good person sees God's beauty in everything to be appreciated freely, while a self centered person sees only his own faults in others which he hides from by criticizing them. Christ centered person freely appreciate others, self centered people appreciate only when some does what they want. You gain by appreciating others and lose nothing in doing it. Learn to appreciate other's even when you don't feel like doing it!" — Abraham Israel

"Nearness to God can be cultivated not just by reading the Bible and praying everyday systematically, but by realizing the love of God more and more each passing day. We were forgiven because of His love towards us and because He first loved us we are actually saved. If He had not loved us first, we would have never loved God and therefore would have never got saved. Only when we are loved, we could learn to love others. Only when we are shown mercy, we could learn to show mercy. Only to those who love some one will want to be with the one whom they love. The more we love Jesus, the more we will want to be with Him. The more we spend our time with Jesus, the more we will become in to the likeness of God. The more we will become in to likeness of God, the more people will be come to know God and become like Him through us.

God loved us and have shown mercy to us freely in Christ Jesus, so that we who come to Him might know that He is always near to us who have become His children in the likeness of His character. Whom we worship, adore and revere, we become like Him. Because God as a Spiritual Father has revealed Himself in our consciousness through His Presence, the more nearer we are in our mind to Him, the more we become in His likeness. The God whom we worship is the one who will make us to be like Him. As we see God influence us in every actions and decisions we make, others will come to see God through us in every area of our lives for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"When you face the problems of life with the grace of God, you are destined to succeed and solve it. When you run away from problems, the solution will get distanced from you, which will make life unnecessarily more complicated and chaotic. The grace of God will never be given by God less or more than the problems that come against you, instead exactly according to your need grace will be dispersed from the heavenly throne of God. But it is up to you to trust God and face the problems in order to reach for solutions that brings the wisdom of heaven and peace that follows it in to your home, private and public life. Remember God has a solution for all your problems even before it happens, so God is never surprised about the problems that comes against His children as He knows everything even before it comes, but He is surprised to see His children not submit their problems when He has all the solutions to all their problems." — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we have no one but only God, all we can do is quietly wait and look towards God because He becomes our only hope. Waiting for God is the greatest act of faith, looking towards God to act when nothing happens in the natural is when we start to learn to delight in God alone. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, the Lord will fulfill the desires of our heart in His time." — Abraham Israel

"Christianity in itself is a oxymoron where we give in order to receive, we become a servant to others to be a leader over them, we humble ourselves to raise ourselves, we die to ourselves in order to live, we make ourselves to be nothing in order to be something, we become weak to be strong, we lose our lives in order to gain it, we become fools to the world in order to be wise, we count ourselves a sinner in order to become the righteousness of God and we forgive others in order to be forgiven of our faults before God. How can these be possible when we can't even understand with our mind? Every christian is not told to think whether these thing are possible to achieve, the answer is that we can never make it possible with our own strength but it is possible with God supernaturally who makes things happens for those who are humble before him. The world is upside down to God naturally, but God makes the Christian's downside up for His glory to be revealed through helping them live His heavenly kingdom life style. If you really want to grow spiritually and build a big spirit-man house for the Lord to live within you, humility is the key to achieving it. At any stage of your spiritual lives journey no matter how much big you have become spiritually or have grown humbly, if you begin to think that you are a humble person in yourself, know that you have already lost it. Those who are truly humble will never realize that they are so and that is the mystery of it. To the humble God has promised to give his grace without any limit, may we stay humbly before our God and bring Him glory all the days of our lives on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Religionists wants God to be dead so that they could do obeisance in the way they want according to their own whims and fancies. The first message the angelic messengers of God declared to the honest seekers of Jesus after He had risen from the dead was, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" Jesus is risen so that He could be the Lord of both the living and the dead. In other words, God was conveying the honest seekers that He requires them to search for a deeper living relationship with Him while being alive on earth, than to pay obeisance to God as though He is dead and that He cannot answer for Himself. God hates religion because it tries to give God what He never asked for and perverts His image with in a theoretical explanation and strict adherence to it. Because Jesus is risen, He expects you not to play a religion with Him as though He is still dead, but He clearly expects you to be intimate with Him which is a sign of God's life working with you. Seek for a loving and a living relationship with God, you will be transformed in to His image more and more before you can even realize it." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification because He has looked and still looks to us with compassion which brings peace, grace and all blessings in to our lives and changes our lives from inside-out to live abundantly on earth as it is in heaven. The eyes of Jesus is full of compassion and His heart is ever mindful of us who are spiritually always in a lowly state because of the inherent weakness of our sin nature and is always ready to help us as we come to Him just as we are." — Abraham Israel

"The greatest challenge for any Christian is to realize that they have been freed from the power of sin, and that the devil has no power over their lives. Many times in our journey of faith we will be tested whether we will believe that we have been freed by Jesus already, or when we experience the power of evil coming against us to afflict us, will we deny the truth of our freedom and stay in unbelief. When we stay in unbelief, the Devils will have a heyday in our lives even though we are born again believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To speak and live by faith, pleases God and brings all the blessings of God more and more in to our lives. So if Jesus has set you free, know that He has also promised that sin shall not have dominion anymore over your life. You are no more under the Law to be judged by the Law, but you are under a grace that will empower you to destroy all evil works in your life when you believe the word of the Lord Jesus and speak against it in Jesus name. Jesus cursed fruitlessness and made it die by the power of God and He said that the same will happen in your lives when you believe and speak a word of command against evil forces working against you. Even when you do not see immediately a tangible difference in your situation even after you have commanded and cursed fruitlessness in Jesus name, do not allow unbelief and fear to overcome you, instead praise God for His victory that always comes in time even when we do not see it in the time we expected. Before you can realize, all the fruitless things in your life will be made to die and things full of life will fill you in a more abundant way of heaven. Thus freedom will be yours in Christ Jesus, if you are the one who fights for spiritual freedom and not meekly give in to unbelief. Truly if you are a born again believer in Christ Jesus, you are already set free from sin and sickness which leads to death. Believe the already given freedom and live the abundant life more and more. When we are facing a test of faith, we are running for a reward in heaven, so never give up until you achieve it for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God has not falsely promised a bed of roses for all His children, but instead He has spoken the reality of the challenge to be a disciple for whom the journey to experience His abundant life of heaven on earth might be long and hard because of walking within the will of God by carrying their cross of doing God's will and by denying their self will. In the midst of such a tiring ordeal God has challenged the faith walkers who are His disciples to cheer themselves up because He has clearly told that it will all be worth every ounce of energy we worked hard and spent to finish the race of faith we have run. Never give up in your faith journey by being discouraged by the onslaught of demonic works, presence of negative discouraging people and tough circumstances, instead never give up because when your fear of falling goes away each time, you will end up realizing that all through the time, the long arms of our Lord and Savior was that which was holding you and not your hard works of any kind. Each time you feel the grace of God at the end of your journey each day, you will be more excited to face the next day because of the taste of heavenly grace that is awaiting you. Remember, you will never be tempted beyond your ability to face it by the grace of God that is available." — Abraham Israel

"We may always try to put our best face forward before others, but God knows all about us and the reality of who we are on the inside. He sees the heart of ours and rewards all of us according to the motives of it. So may we always keep our heart clean before God so that who we are on the inside is who we really will be on the outside too. It is good to maintain our facebook for others, but God wants us to maintain our heartbook for ourselves first. Heart scores above our face with God! Maintain your heart on the inside and then naturally your outside also will be aglow with the supernatural light of heaven because of God's favor over your life." — Abraham Israel

"When you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you initiate peace with God. When you give all your burdens to God, you will receive the peace of God. When you have the peace of God, then you will be the kind of person who can always live at peace with others. Hurt people will hurt others, but those find peace within themselves will be peaceful with others too." — Abraham Israel

"When we waste our young lives on our self, we have nothing to give to God when we are old. There is a excitement when we are young, and if we use that to pursue God and passionately follow Him, the more we get old the more we will be satisfied in our relationship with God that cannot be taken away from us. All the things of this world and the fleshly earthly relationship will all pass away bit by bit as we grow older and older. And at that time we might not feel pleasant in our soul anymore because of the wasted life that cannot be gained forever. A life spent on God is the best gift we can give ourselves in our old age and for eternity. We will not have a single regret for having spent our life on God because we will be able to know deep within ourselves at that time that the eternal reward of God is waiting for us and a glorious future awaits us. A life spent on God is life well spent!" — Abraham Israel

"The easiest things to lose in life are material things and then people, who are alive today and are no more tomorrow. But God wants us to find happiness only in Him whose kingdom cannot be shaken, nor is there any shadow of turning. May our Happiness and joy be dependable on anything but God and God alone whose Spirit might bring His heaven in to our hearts and satisfy us eternally with Himself alone." — Abraham Israel

"If you were the only person who would be saved because of the death of Jesus, He would have still died as He had done. But if you were the only person to serve Him, will you do it alone even if nobody stays with you? It is not whether you read the Bible regularly and pray for an hour that brings joy to the heart of God even though those things are important by products of a good relationship with God, but when you love Jesus and keep His commandments with all your heart, that is when God's heart will be gladdened by what you have done. When we love the Lord Jesus who has been sent to save us from all sins, we are also automatically loving the Father God who has sent Him. All that Jesus had done is for you so that all you do can be for Him and Him alone. You were on the mind of Jesus when He actually died vicariously two thousand years ago, every drop of His blood was shed for you, every step, every humiliation, every strike, every whip, every mocking and every piercing nail He reminded Himself that it is all worth every second because God has promised Him that He will free you from sin and death which is its redemption price. Love of Jesus triumphed on the cross over sin and death, because of Him there is a glorious future awaiting for you in the world to come. He is still thinking about you, will you allow Him to be the dominant thinking in your mind when you consider doing anything in life? Will you consult Him for every step so that it might please Him who died for you. Will you wait for Him even when you hear no answer to your prayers and no solution to your problems? May you live for the Glory of Jesus and nothing else might ever attract you more than the love of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

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