Thursday, October 18, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Law never made a single human being perfect, instead it only reveals to us how weak and sinful we are to miss God's perfection that He requires from us, so that knowing our inadequacy and insufficiency in ourselves, we could reach for God's sufficiency for us in His mercy and grace that He provides freely to overcome it all supernaturally by faith. Grace is God's empowerment for living a victorious life of love towards God and fellow humans, so that we can be as perfect as God our Father in heaven is perfect in all His ways. Law demands obedience, love satisfies law's demand, so those who love God and fellow humans through grace actually keep the law perfectly without ever realizing what a great achievement they have done supernaturally in the sight of God who demands perfection of the highest level as He is the God of justice who demands hundred percentage righteousness and perfection as that is His nature without which we cannot see Him work in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Every storm that God takes you through will bring you a deep calm, and will bless you mightily to make you a eternal excellency of blessing to many many in need." — Abraham Israel

"Every sunset of our laborious lives on earth can be turned around in to a glorious sunrise of eternity by faith." — Abraham Israel

"Storms of life have the power to break us for good and make us to be good towards God and fellow humans. So a storm is good as long as we know by faith, that the God who is in control of all the storms of our life is turning it in to something good for us, as He only has the power to turn it all in to a blessing to make us a eternal excellency of the majestic Kingdom of God forever, which is a joy of transition from this age to the new age of new heaven and new earth. In other words, use the storm for your benefit before you lose the storm." — Abraham Israel

"What we do for God is not as important as with what attitude we do it for God, because all the works we do without the right attitude of faith and humility becomes a dead work which neither pleases God, nor will we receive the reward for it from God now and for eternity." — Abraham Israel

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