Saturday, April 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"When faith has opened the heaven's door, hope welcomed you into the world of God saying you are destined for this place after you die, but when love saw that you longed for the reality of heaven that is to come and yet are desperately hopeless to understand its reality, love stooped down into your world on earth and died for you to bring that heaven right in to your heart. So love is the greatest of all that lasts forever because even though faith and hope did something in you, but only love did something for you to bring the reality of heaven's transformation into your world." — Abraham Israel

"Every trial you face in life has a miracle at the last moment waiting to happen because the God who is in control of your life is glorified the most when a resurrection of life which is God's ability happens to trigger the miracle you desperately wanted when you least expected it in your inability. All your inability are an opportunity for God to prove His ability, so always stay positive in faith looking for the miracle of the last moment in which God always proves Himself to bring glory to His name." — Abraham Israel

"The antidote to expel fear is to simply trust the omnipotence of God which works for us over all the changing situations of life that comes against us." — Abraham Israel

"We cannot change our past, but we have a choice to choose our present time to be joyful and our future to be prosperous if we take things positively. God works all things for our good when we positively love Him knowing that we are called for excellence in the midst of negative mediocrity!!!" — Abraham Israel

"Thank God that we are made by God to choose to think only one thought at a time, when we choose to let the mind of Christ rule our hearts and minds, the thoughts of self, sin and flesh have no place to influence us and make us ineffective or purposeless in this life without God. To have God's thought is to have God with us as our refuge from storm, water in the desert, friend indeed for a friend in need, strength in our weakness, power for victory when threatened to defeat and possibilities in the midst of all impossibilities of life. Choose to think God's thought and His Word, you will never be in want of joy in your existence and peace for the chaos that surrounds to engulf you." — Abraham Israel

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