Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Blessed is the man who knows that he is on a pilgrimage on earth and is looking forward to live in the light of the glory of God for eternity, he shall live on earth in joy and satisfaction as it is in heaven. Jesus has promised a palace dwellings for all of God's children, on earth He has not promised a bed of roses all the way but trials and tribulations to make us inherit great imperishable treasures in our future life in heaven. God's ways are mysterious to understand with our human mind. But those of us who believe His word and start to live believing it, will be so blessed to live a supernatural life on earth and will become as light hearted without worries or fear as a bird on the air travelling towards a destination that it knows within its heart where it will enjoy the seasons of refreshing. The happiest people on earth are not those who have everything and still do not have any joy to look forward to enjoy their life beyond the earth which they might leave anytime, but those who knows their exhilarating future beyond the earth and cherish and live for it now by obeying God who has promised it to them!" — Abraham Israel

"When you look to the past, it never brings you profit. When you look to the future, it will only make you worried. When you live in the present, you will enjoy life abundantly because you will come to realize that it has been the gift of God all the way!" — Abraham Israel

"Being thankful towards God is not an obligation that the Lord requires, but it is an attitude of gratitude that the Lord expects for what He has done. We need to command our soul to comply to the word of God and inculcate it to be thankful for all that God has done for us in our past. Many times as we fail to be thankful towards God, we lose our balance and become stagnated in our spiritual growth. Being thankful is a way of life that leads to joyful abundant life. All our lack in our soul is due to being unthankful towards God for what he has already done. If we can't be thankful for what miracles God has already done, what rights we have to expect God to act for what He has promised? The next time you feel something lacking in your life, just start to give thanks to the Lord and proclaim loudly His greatness. Once your soul gets filled with the goodness of God, the whole wide world will come to know what He has done for us automatically as the joy we carry will contagiously spread and cause great thanksgiving wherever we come into contact with people. When God is joyful seeing our thankful attitude for what He has done, immediately He will move Himself to do much more than we expect and will fulfill our hearts desire! Thankfulness opens the floodgates of heaven and will cause the earth to understand God's greatness." — Abraham Israel

"Most Christians just have this wrong idea that they are saved for heaven and that they should wait until death to experience heaven, but little do they realise that the very call from Jesus to deny themselves and carry their own cross was not a call for suffering but a call to experience heaven on earth by living the abundant life of heaven that is full of peace, joy and righteousness. By putting our flesh to death, actually we experience the very supernatural quality of the life of God on earth as He lives and enjoys in heaven. Keep reminding yourself that if ever you live a quality of life less than the call of God for every Christian, you are missing the crux of the package that God has given to enjoy. So live the abundant life of God on earth and supernaturally enjoy it as God enjoys in heaven irrespective of the circumstances you face and go through on earth. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Your friends will define your life and will drive you to your God-given destiny or drag you away from it. So in all your getting, get understanding to choose godly friends who will fuel your passion to be devoted towards God and his holiness without which no one will see the ways of God." — Abraham Israel

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