Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Purity in sexual thoughts and actions are not a option, but rather a essential ingredient to holiness in our spiritual life that God expects us to attain through a partnership with Him to overcome sin in our lives. Confession of our sins to God keeps us in the highway of holiness, leads us to experience the heavenly life of His without fail and not get lost in our earthly pilgrimage. God has promised us that sin cannot have a upper hand in our lives when we fight sin using our one hand, and allow God to hold our other hand so that we could stand against evil in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not allow sin to enter your life, by allowing yourself to sin against those who sin against you. Forgive and forget, if it again comes to your mind, again forgive and forget, do it as many times until you forget what you have forgiven. In other words, every relationship that has hurt you, do not retaliate their deeds. Instead give God the time to make them repent in His time or take vengeance to show His power and control over their lives in defense and judgment on behalf of you. Until then you pray for them that God might change them just like He has changed you through the crisis. So that at the end of it all, God might be pleased to use you to fulfill His plans and purpose for your life through it all for the Glory of God with or without them!" — Abraham Israel

"Though darkness may surround us, when the Promises of God in His word which is the Bible is switched on by faith within our heart, our light within our heart is able to keep us joyful and hopeful of seeing the goodness of God without ever seeing or feeling it now. Your now is not forever, soon things will change when the timing of God come to fulfill His promises for you, you family and your nation. God's promises are the blue print for your future, so focus on it until it becomes a reality more and more in your life and living now and forevermore." — Abraham Israel

"God does not need love, but we do. God is already perfect in sharing His love among the three person who are one in essence of their nature, but as a child of God we have the privilege now to share and become a partaker of His nature and experience the same love in our lives among us to become perfect in Him to enjoy abundant life that He provides! I know I try to be perfect when I am not and cannot, but faith gives me a perfection that transforms my imperfection in Christ's perfection. Even though I am not where I ought to be, I thank God that I am not what I used to be. Glory be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are young we have time and health but no money to do what we want, when we grow up we have health and money but no time to do what we want, and finally when we become old we have wealth and time but no health to do what we want before we come to a dead state where we cannot do what we want anymore but can only wait for God to judge our life and give us what we deserve if we have lived by unbelief or gift us with what we do not serve if we have lived by faith, what does this teach us regarding this earthly life? In this earthly life God does not give all men all things at all times with all good health to do what they want because He wants us to realize that we are being prepared for a life greater than this one where all things at all times with all health will be given to us as a gift to Glorify Him for eternity if we use this short span of life for the Glory of God and His eternal Kingdom. The next time you want to prioritize, let go of your time, treasure and healthy talents in to the hands of God to do His will now, so that you can be assured that you will be given all the time, treasure and talents to do what will give you joy for the rest of the eternity working for the Glory of God! So simply do not do what you want, but rather choose what God wants you to do with your money, time and health for His Glory now!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus bore fruit for thirty years and used his gift to bless people for just three and half years. During the baptism of Jesus, God the Father testified about Jesus and further revealed to all how he has pleased Him perfectly in all things for nearly thirty years, before he did even one miracle. So the importance of fruit versus gift to every Christian thus is, ten is to one. Without bearing and growing in the fruit of His character, we cannot be pleasing to God after we are saved. We can prophecy, speak in the gift of tongues, work miracles, drive demons and yet can be on the way to hell fire without being saved by Jesus Christ. Salvation is a event, while sanctification is a process. But without salvation there can be no opportunity to get sanctified. So get saved to have faith and assurance of salvation, before it is too late because of becoming late." — Abraham Israel

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