Saturday, August 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"From the day we are born until the day we die, God holds us with His arms as we breathe and grow to be His Sons and Daughters. The day we realize this amazing truth, every time we are troubled, we will learn to rest in God and know that He is our God no matter what comes against us. With God as our refuge, none of us can ever be lost without strength to face our challenges that come to us everyday, unless and until we start to worry about those things that are temporal, and therefore fail to return to the eternal refuge of God through receiving the rest of peace in our soul, that only comes to us when we give our problems for God to solve through prayer! Return to God your refuge and find rest until all your problems passes by to remain victorious in faith. God has promised in His Word that He will carry us even in our old age because that is when we come to a clearer revelation of the above truth in all our physical weakness, when even our loved ones start to neglect us because of our inabilities. When we fail to carry ourselves by our own strength then God starts to reveal how His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. Remember, the realization that God carries us will come to our mind only when we fail, so when you do actually fail, do not worry, definitely God will show that He has already been carrying you throughout your lifetime and will carry you without fail to your end as you return to rest in Him." — Abraham Israel

"If only we could rightly understand who we are, how frail and fragile we are and the short span of life we have now compared to the glorious eternity that is planned by God ahead for us beyond this present life, we must come to a conclusion that we are definitely like a grass that comes fresh and green one morning and gets totally dried of to be seen no more after some time. Knowing our weaknesses increases our dependance on God which actually fills us with His strength to use our time wisely for God. We can only collect eternal treasures by what we cannot do with what we are, but by faith will do with that which we cannot!" — Abraham Israel

"The point we stop trusting people to help us prosper and start to trust God through His promises that never fails, at that very moment we have moved from a realm of curse to a realm of blessing which in the times to come will keep us under the umbrella of God's heavenly blessing for us and for our household forevermore. The man who trusts in man will also return to the dust one day where the other man will leave, but those who trust in the Lord will be carried on by God prosperously from one generation to the next generation in order that His Glorious name might be know among all the earth!" — Abraham Israel

"If God has done it in the past, He is able to do it again. He will do it if we keep believing His ability and look not unto our own natural inability or disability. God is looking for a partnership with us to express Himself to us, and to all who are in need He is ever ready to reveal His glory through us. Let go of yourself and let God take the driver seat of your life, and your life will never ever take the wrong turn to reach the wrong place because the one who drives you knows how to turn to the right end even when a wrong turn has already been taken, thus keep you in the right direction even before your life takes each turn. Keep believing and you will never ever be late, but instead you will arrive at your destiny on time because the God who has done miracles in the past will once again do it in your life to make you a champion testimony of His living power." — Abraham Israel

"The only person who loses his reward with God is the one who gives up his faith taking his eyes away from God's promises in His Word and concentrates on the struggles and pains that he goes through temporally. The person who carries on in faith knowing that all the struggles he goes through is for a purpose, all the pain that he bears has a happy ending, all the tribulation that comes his way is for a cleansing of his own heart and that at the end of it all, God has allowed all of it to reward him for his faithfulness in holding the faith will never miss the thrill of a rewarding life that satisfies at the end. So that through it all God expects that he will realize that He has loved him to bless him at the end. Every hardship in life will have a happy ending when it is God who is the focus of it all! Keep your eyes upon Jesus, look full in to His wonderful face, and the thoughts of doubt, self and strife, will be lost in His rapturous love!" — Abraham Israel

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