Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God's grace is not a licence to sin but it is a lethal spiritual weapon given to us by God to kill sin in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"The sign of Christ Coming has been continually displaying itself more than ever in the past couple of decade like never before accurately according to what Jesus Christ had prophesied two thousand year ago itself. Violence has been increasing day by day because of lovelessness among humans, the great world wars finished and the final world war is approaching soon as each nation is looking towards a global solution and a one world government, famines all over the world are happening in different pockets of nations perpetually which is causing much deaths, earth quakes has become so common that even people don't find the news as something to be taken in to notice, disasters are happening in mammoth proportions due to human covetousness and profit making desire at the cost of nature and its wild inhabitants that are affecting even the eco-system and deteriorating it drastically, pollution is at an all time high due to developing economies that are trying to drive wealth in to their nations, increase in knowledge has happened to such an extent that all information are at the finger tip of a normal citizen of nearly all nations around the world, nuclear-threat is looming over the head of all nations which are very concerned and suspicious over the motive of other nations around them and above all the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached through television, internet, radio and every other mediums throughout all the world. Because all the signs that Jesus said are coming to pass, what does it teach us? The coming of the Lord is very near and that He is in fact standing at the door of heaven to open it anytime to come and take the Church out of the Great Tribulation that is coming over all the world to cleanse it of sin and open a new world of Jesus the Messiah's kingdom over the whole world from Jerusalem. What are we ought to do in such a time? Pray at all times and watch for the coming of the Lord anytime to take you off the planet to the Father's place in which He has prepared a place for you to stay until we inhabit the new earth and new heavens after the Millennium rule with Jesus Christ. Let your feet be on earth and head be in heaven, so that you will be worthy to escape the judgment that is coming upon the whole world in which God has promised to shake it completely and get rid of sin and sinners upon it." — Abraham Israel

"The first person you must thank after you wake up must be the Lord God who has given you one more day to see and have sustained your breath to continue to fulfill His purpose for your life. So talk to God the moment you wake up in the morning before you ever start you day, and the rest of the day will have purpose and meaning in your life." — Abraham Israel

"Waiting for God to open doors for us in His time is a sign of spiritual maturity. God only opens the doors which He has pre-planned in His blue print for our life. When we walk in the perfect will of God, the doors that are open before us cannot be shut at all by any human agencies because God's hand is stronger than all of human strength present and put together in the whole world. All the waiting time spent before God in the wilderness alone with God are never waste in any way, as God considers the time spent with Him in prayer and meditation upon His Holy Word as the currency we have supplied to Him to build our destiny in His will and way. God can never move ahead without us paying what is required by Him to unfold our destiny or else there will only be partiality and chaos about spirituality. In God's way, what could take a lifetime of strength and consistent effort could be achieved by God in the least amount of time because time runs for God's purpose to be fulfilled and therefore God will use time as He wishes. Time is not a factor with God, because He is present outside of it. Never try to help God fulfill His plan for your life, for He doesn't need your puny help. Once God finds that we are not ready to wait, God's door will remain shut until we let go of our urge to open the doors ourselves. Once we walk by faith and get trained to wait until God's command comes for us to proceed towards His open door, an earnest expectation of what God is going to do in and through our lives will come bubbling up from on the inside. Once the joy becomes full even before we have seen the open door, this will make us realize that we have passed God's test and have been made fit enough to walk through the open doors that God in His perfect plan has planned before us in His time. Expect to enjoy God's open doors if you know that you have been made ready to experience it supernaturally for the glory of God! Rejoice if you have waited and know it is God's time for you, your sorrow will be turned in a moment in to joy everlasting." — Abraham Israel

"Either a human will walk by faith or by unbelief in their lives journey. To walk in unbelief one has to do nothing, and because all our human hearts are deceptive above all else, it will deceive the person who does nothing to make them become hardened towards God's voice within. Faith takes the effort of our will to become inline with the will of God through saying yes to the word of God which we hear. Every thought within us can build our faith or break it. When ever a thought of unbelief enters our mind, there is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God that will be available within us to nullify it. We need to destroy the unbelief by saying amen to the Word of God that comes to our heart from within our spirit-man. Spirit of God will always operate a scanner in our mind that will help us find the deceptive subtle thoughts of unbelief, once we want to overcome it with His strength willingly, we can immediately come to find the suitable "it is written" Word of the Lord for it. The moment we believe the living Word of God that we hear in our inner ear and see in our inner eyes, we will instantly feel a overcoming power that is greater than all the evil of the unbelief that gets generated within. Once these thoughts of unbelief are dislodged, then will the blessedness of God's hand of favor and rest will be felt within and without tangibly to make us continue to grow in our spiritual walk of faith for the glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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