Thursday, November 7, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every time our heart breaks knowing our inability to love God and others unconditionally like the way Jesus loved us, He replaces the broken heart with His very own Love to heal and bind up our wounds. Life is all about learning to love God and others unconditionally, just like the way Jesus loved our Father in heaven and all of us! Every time our heart breaks, a new heart is given as a replacement by God. Life is not lived to fulfillment just by living, but by living the way Jesus did by loving. Every opportunity that arises for our ego to be destroyed by our failure to love, it is a renewed opportunity to solve it by acknowledging to God and others honestly our failure, and then appropriate His love to soothe our hearts and build ourselves in His image." — Abraham Israel

"Until something is proven over time, it cannot be guaranteed as genuine especially anything related to spirituality. God always tests before He trusts anyone." — Abraham Israel

"You did not have the power to choose the family in which you were born, yet God chose it and smiled at you when you were born on this earth. The same God again jumped with joy unspeakable when you believed and was born-again in to His own family as His child, by His very own choice which He made in Christ Jesus before time began. So you were not born accidentally as a child of God, but you were born loaded with God's purpose to fulfill as He chose you before you were born-again, so know all you have and all you are is a gift of God, and use it to fully glorify God and fulfill His purpose for your life!" — Abraham Israel

"Every ministering saints of God should enjoy their ministry in such a way that they should get addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints." — Abraham Israel

"We must be proud that we are a warrior in God's army and are called as more than conquerors. We are called like this because only conquerors fight to win, those who are more than conquerors stand upright in the fact that they have already been declared as those who have won the fight against all the devils and demons in Christ Jesus, who defeated them all and have stripped them openly before the whole world on the Cross before two thousand years itself. By standing firm in this truth of the won battle before someone even comes to fight, the believers act as those who are more than conquerors and act as kings under the King of Kings in great authority and power against all the spirits in all the realm of this world! The spirits are subject to you because they know who you are in Christ Jesus, but do you act as the one who is more than a conqueror? Know who you belong to and you will be proud enough to act the way you are called to walk!" — Abraham Israel

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