Sunday, December 31, 2017

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"When you have eaten and settle in life with all the comforts of God's blessings, praise the Lord your God every living moment for all the blessings he has given you." (Deut 8:10, Abi's Translation).

One of the greatest reason for downfall of all God's children lies in the fact that they never learn to thank the Lord for all things through the trials they face in God's school of spirituality. Do you know that we are the greatest enemy of our own soul, even Satan along with all the evil angels stands only next to ourselves. You see, because we have the innate nature of sin which we all inherited from our forefather Adam, we have this natural tendency to lose thankfulness for all of God's goodness and stop praising for what He is going to do in our lives. This is why the Lord in His grace and mercy takes us through trials and tribulation to make us understand how precious are His grace and mercy which He has already provided to us in our lives.

When we learn to thank the Lord and praise Him in midst of all trials and be thankful for whatever we have, only then we pass in God's school of spirituality to pass on to higher grades and blessings that He has for us in our lives. You know when we say we have got a doctoral degree in a particular subject and then totally neglect it for some years or a decade we totally lose grip of what we have already learned totally, and then start to live in ignorance which creep in again. We humans easily forget, that which we do not practice daily to sharpen the skill and retain it. In the same way, when God has given all the blessings and promoted us in to a zone of comfort, we should learn to praise God and be thankful for all the things that He has ever done for us, so that we might not lose the blessings of God that we have gained through tough and grinding trials and tribulations we have gone through.

Never waste the tough endeavors that you gone through for years in God's learning school, instead learn to consistently retain the rendezvous of God's continual blessing of His Presence and comfort of all physical blessings He has given you until the end of your lives. It is all in the mind and in the thankful heart. So learn to rejoice in the Lord always and be thankful for all things, and never stop to praise God for all the things He is going to do for you in your life. If thankfulness for the past and rejoicing for the present dries up, there is a sure writing on the wall that the praise that glorifies God to make Him perform His blessings for you in the future will also cease to dry up in your lives. So saints, keep doing the spiritual doctoral education from God's school of hard knocks, and above all practice what you have learnt until the end of your life on earth.

Much Blessings...

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