Monday, September 19, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You become a prey by fear or when you pray you become a lion hunter by faith." — Abraham Israel

"God talks to us through each and every simple things of life everyday, the question that we need to ask ourselves constantly is, are we hearing what God is saying to us each day? A parachute that is open can only work to the best of its ability, the same way only if we keep our mind open to God all the time, only then we can hear the voice of God and work to the best of our ability to learn from Him constantly." — Abraham Israel

"God humbles Himself to listen to us, we need to humble ourselves to pray to Him, as the very life we have exists because God has gifted it to us to seek Him. We pray because we have faith that God listens, God listens because He loves us. Though God hears all the prayers we do by faith, because God loves us so much He is careful enough to give us only what we need in His will and in His time so that we may increase in faith and glorify God as long as we live. God is the great loving Father in heaven who knows that the things we don't need will malign our spiritual life instead of increasing it. So rejoice until God's time comes, and continue to rejoice after you receive what you have asked for from God so that your joy may be full! A thankful heart is always a satisfied heart." — Abraham Israel

"God destroys evil and insults not by retaliating with more insults and evil, but rather pays it back with a blessing through his sons and daughters because that is the way He can really attain His glory rightfully on earth where His character can be revealed through His familial prodigies who have come through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. The greatest power in this world that can destroy evil is not retaliation, but rather it is the power of blessing which brings God on the scene to shine His light on earth with His glorious judgment in His time and place. When God judges, it is the perfect judgment because He gives even the instigators of evil a lot of time to repent, but when it is rejected by them continually, they will end up receiving His wrath on them. God takes His vengeance only on foolish people who think that they are smarter than God, and that they can tackle God with their so called earthly wisdom. But those who humble themselves before Him, he forgives and embraces them as though nothing bad has ever happened through them. O what a good God we have! Remember, an eye for an eye will only make the whole world go blind, but a blessing for any evil done against us will not only open blind eyes of the heart to see supernaturally, but also will make sure that the perfect justice of God gets done which will bring great glory to God." — Abraham Israel

"Doubt your doubts, but never the Word of God because they are living, active and powerful if you believe. When God speaks through His Word to you, always take the literal sense of the word unless it doesn't really make sense, because God revealed His Word not to conceal it to you but for you to read and understand about Him and His truthfulness. At the end when God judges all human beings, even if all men have not believed in His revealed word to be found liars before Him, God will be found true at that time and all the humans who have believed His Word will be found true with Him. It is not worthwhile to be a unbeliever and risk eternity by our doubt, rather it is well worth to stake our life on the Word of God and let God speak out on our behalf at the end!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"I believe that the greatest gift that God has given to us humans next only to the Gift of His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ is the gift of choice. With the right choice taken, our destiny can be heaven. Or living lethargically without taking a firm choice is equated by God as a negative choice taken by cowardly unbelief of the unbeliever. Hell is the only place where you cannot find God in its existence because of God withdrawing Himself voluntarily because of people's choice to reject Him all their lives on earth which has decided their fate for eternity. Each day on earth is a demonstration of God's goodness and His invitation towards you to accept yourself as a sinner who need His salvation through the Savior. God and his goodness remains to be one on earth, that is why even a unbeliever enjoys sun light and rain without any problem even though they do not really believe in the goodness of the God who gives it all because of His love towards them. But instead they believe time, place and luck has provided them with goodness on earth, and that by their own work, ability and creativity, the whole earth exist according to them. And also they believe that they will be able to control it. O what a deception to hell fire, the truth is God only controls the whole world. Today think and take the greatest choice to accept the Lord Jesus today as your personal Lord and Savior and come under the direct control of God as His dear son. That will seal heaven in your heart and will close the door of your life towards hell forever and ever. O what choice! Congrats..." — Abraham Israel

"The bridge of faith connects eternity to our present locality, and then gives us the assurance that what we feel by faith as already done is the one that will come as the soon coming reality because God has decreed it to come to pass. God is a rewarder of what we believe, the reward for our faith is to see what we have believed!" — Abraham Israel

"To be under the wings of the Most High God is the safest place in the entire universe where none can touch us without His permission. How can we stay perpetually under the protection of God's wings? By entering in to the prayer of committing all of our spirit, soul and body along with all our cares in the world constantly to the Lord Jesus. There is no high secure zone like our most high to keep us safe in this unsafe world!" — Abraham Israel

"God has made the temporal fleeting time of life on earth of the human beings beautiful in its time, but has given it to them as a foretaste of a timeless eternity of happiness and bliss with God which He has set within their heart to see it by faith, and then take a quality choice to forget the temporal and reach out for a eternal life. All the best things that happen to us in this life are there to enjoy and forget as much as the bad things of this life, because it is not for us to settle with but only a foretaste and a bonus of the reality of the eternal wages from God that we are seeking after through faith!" — Abraham Israel

"Unless we understand that our sin nature within us is the most deceitful and the greatest enemy of us, we cannot really overcome the devil and please God with our life. In other words, without proper healthy self-judgment, we become the greatest enemy of our soul. Satan always will feed our self first until we get deceived ourselves by the lure of sin. When we say no to our self, we are following the footsteps of Jesus to live a victorious God pleasing life for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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