Monday, October 1, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"It will seem as though it is impossible, until someone dares to step in by faith and it is done for the Glory of God. Move by faith and you will always succeed in life!" — Abraham Israel

‎"All our possibilities which we see today has been a impossibility to someone who never gave up until they have made it to be possible. It takes time and determination to succeed, but to hold on to our dream which sustains our faith till we finish it is like a baton we carry, if we drop it down we will fail. So only impossible is nothing, even the word 'impossible' will say 'I'm possible' when we see it through with the spectacle of faith. Today how do you see your impossibility? With God all things are possible!" — Abraham Israel

"It doesn't matter how much hardships you have gone through in life that matters, it is how much you have learnt with what you have gone through that matters at the end of it all. Learn from you past, let go of it. Live in the present, apply the solutions and enjoy every moment of it. Look in to the future, be confident about it and make sure to avoid the mistakes that you have made. How you apply with what you have learnt in life is the key to success in your life. God accepts the mistake that you make, but also He expects you to learn from it and succeed in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"Sex is a good and sacred thing within the covenant of one man and one woman relationship within marriage. Any sex outside this is a perversion of the true intention and purpose of the Creator God's desire for our lives. God blesses only that which He initiates and the act of sex within marriage is God's institution and that is why a good family life will have a great blessing of the Lord within it. A husband should stay faithful to his wife and vice versa because faithful relationship is like placing a brick of thoughts, one over the other, with which we build our soul life with God's Spirit as the mortar between each of it. God bonds the thought material that are within the boundary of married life, all other thoughts and relationship experience that are outside married life begins to stay aloof within the soul because God will not use it to bless the family life. In other words, every man or woman who gives in to temporal pleasure outside of marriage is ripping apart his own soul life which cannot be repaired without God's help and mercy, even if it is repaired it will be like stitching the old soul life together back by God's grace. It will never have the sheen and the texture of the original blessed soul life of joy and happiness of thought. So stay faithful to God and have fidelity towards your spouse or else soon the broken soul will begin to affect your body and every area of your life. Why waste a blessed life of marriage for a worthless temporal thrill of adultery and fornication that kills every part of your soul and also makes every part of your life to become cursed by its poison. The thrill of a hiss is interesting to a snake charmer until one day it kisses him with poison and kills him instantly. Have a blessed, faithful and a prosperous married life with God's blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"Confessing our sins to God daily and consistently without wavering is something very important to our spiritual life, no matter how many times we fall and fail because of our sins. Failure to confess our sins will bring the good conscience of our heart to get corrupted, and will make us lose our blessedness of having fellowship with God, without which we will become as a dead and dry bone in our spiritual lives. Only a good conscience will make us bold enough to forget our dead works to serve the living God! The foundation of repentance from dead works and faith towards God are the elementary principles of Christ, but remember that only when the foundation is good and strong, a superstructure can be built upon it. Without good conscience and faith we will make a ship wreck of our saved life." — Abraham Israel

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