Sunday, August 23, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When it is time to flap your wings and fly by faith from glory to glory, do not retract for retreat and get caught in the outdated cocoon of your soulish life of comfort that confines you to saturation of your spiritual life, which will only bring death and rottenness to all your glorious experiences on earth for eternal reward that God has for you." — Abraham Israel

"If the voice of law is loud in judgment, to a true follower of Jesus who stands on the New Testament privilege, the voice of grace is louder in forgiveness towards others and oneself." — Abraham Israel

"The one word of praise that goes beyond all language barriers to make the whole world praise God with one voice in unison is 'Hallelujah!,' may we train our soul and command it to praise the Lord often in this universal earthly language that transcends time and space to reach heaven and reverberate in heaven to bring glory, honor and praise to our God and joy towards us from Him in response." — Abraham Israel

"Those who just carry a cross in their ornament externally without carrying the custom made spiritual Cross of denying their will to do the Heavenly Abba Father's will internally, will fail to experience the heartfelt blessed rest of joy, peace and righteousness of heavenly Canaan in their earthly life. Those who carry the burden of the spiritual Cross that God gives them personally, will become more and more lighter in their heart like as a bird to fly in higher and higher altitude spiritually and more and more glorious in their spiritual beauty of their soul life, and thus collect their heavenly treasures in exchange for their earthly and material crosses of gold and other metals that just beautify people externally. God is not concerned with how many crosses of gold, platinum and other costly metals hangs around our neck and body, but He is really concerned whether we are willingly taking the one personal Cross that He has given for us to carry spiritually in our life for His Glory. A human cannot lose that which he cannot keep but can invest to collect it at the hands of God as a reward for using it all for His Glory in this earthly life for a heavenly exchange. Use your all for God, because God has given His all for you!" — Abraham Israel

"No matter how much Satan can try to keep the truth that you hold within the grave, he cannot succeed for long because soon God will bring it out in to open by the power of God, as God is the one who makes truth prevail all over the world. So, stand on the truth of Jesus and live by it, because soon you will find yourself with your understanding on the winning side, or even if it is late, surely at the end you will realize that you have always been right when you are with God, as God establishes His truth to stand and makes the devil's lies die all around the world that surrounds you. You are always on the winning side when you are with God by standing on the truth of His Word that never dies!" — Abraham Israel

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