Monday, May 25, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"The Father God in heaven ignites the fire of the Holy Spirit in us through various means and methods to keep us burning for Him, so before you start to quench the fire of heaven think twice because when the Holy Spirit who is the chief executive agent who fulfills all the will of our Father God gets grieved, then we have very little to look forward in excitement for our spiritual lives except if we repent for our mistake completely. So confess to the world, self and sin that you are a burning one of your Father in Heaven and then keep reflecting His nature all around you to influence it positively for the Glory of our Father God in heaven. Light when allowed starts to increase more and more in intensity until all will come to realize the awesome power of it to transform a person completely in this world of darkness around us. We are constantly transformed by God day by day in to the likeness of Jesus because we have been privileged to be born as the child of God and are in continual transition of becoming responsible God glorifying sons and daughters of God! In the spiritual world, what you confess, you become that one. So confess your way as a burning one of the Father to become a ignited and a burning one!" — Abraham Israel

"God's mercies are given newly every morning for the world to exist and continue in God's goodness in spite of its deep depravity to selfishly utilize for itself all that God gives, and then blame God only when bad things happen. But God wants His children to recognize His new mercies every morning and thank Him for it. When we come to know the mercies of God deeply, there is no way we can live a unthankful life without praising God and glorifying Him for who He is and how good He is to us. The moment your feelings begins to point you towards all the negative things of this life, immediately choose to remember that 'God's mercies endures forever' no matter whether you feel good or bad or positive or negative which are all temporary. All our satisfactions in our lives are based on whether we are thankful for whatever God has already given to us to experience. If we are thankful for the least, we will be thankful for much. When we have learnt to be thankful for least or much, God's gets glorified through every part of our lives and will choose to fill us with all His goodness and blessings more and more." — Abraham Israel

"God works perfectly His purpose for us through every twists and turns that we see as a hindrance for our earthly success, but as we learn to love the Lord in all the ups and downs of our earthly life, soon we will come to realize that while we as a fleshly human have thought about our temporal success story on earth, God had in His mind a eternal success story for us to write through our ups and downs. We can never make a true eternal history unless we realize that God is writing our story of success and let Him write our His-story to be etched in the memorial streets of gold in heaven that never perishes for eternity, and that which gives us a standing to look forward in to eternity with confidence to reign with Christ. God is never too early or too late but keeps working according to His exact time schedule in fulfilling His purpose for our lives, so that by believing His Word and having within us the assurance of His Spirit we might come to know that God works all things in our lives for our eternal good. And that by believing we could learn to love God and continue to love Him, though our understanding about eternal things only opens up by and by as we become older and get ready to be closer than ever for eternity ahead in the blessed bliss of God's treasure collected for us by Him through our belief, so that we could cherish and rejoice in God's working more and more on behalf of us even for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"God know that we are just dust and clay, but He has made us by His own conscious choice to be containers of His great glory which heavens and earth could not contain. When light shone on this earth and God started to remake this earth, it was like God saying, 'I am starting to shine my light to create a earth and heavens out of which will come the living jars of clay which will shine forth my glory as myself in my own image.' But sadly when Adam our forefather disobeyed God's only commandment in the beginning of time, the jars of clay lost the glory which it was designed to carry. It was not at all a good scenario for humans who have lost themselves in the darkness of sin and the world. Thank God for His goodness, He did not give up humans as useless dust and clay to be thrown out and be trampled as good for nothing purposelessly, instead He declared that light now will soon shine forth through His own work of recreating the old creation to become a new creation from within to carry the same glory for which it was made, and finally make those new creation to one day again heal the earth which lost its blessing by calling them as His own Sons of glory through His Son who will all together redeem the earth again to subdue it to Himself. Now for a thousand years to heal the present earth is not enough, because at the end of it for the new creation God has prepared for them a great surprise to inherit a new heaven and a new earth which will have God and His glory as the center of it. What a privilege! The glory carriers of dust of the old creation will then have all become eternal glorious glory carriers of the new creation to enjoy God's glory forever. Our future secure and our present firmly filled with God's glory within, our past and the suffering that comes through self and sin, the world and Satan will soon be past forever as we prepare to fight the fight of faith and keep fighting till our pilgrim's journey ends on earth, until then exhibiting His Glory to ward of all evil now as long as we are alive on earth and then exhibit His Glory for His Glory in heaven as we continue in our purpose for which we have been created. Now as we are broken by trials and suffering, through it God draws close to us to keep us intact by His glory and through it we become bigger and better, bigger and better...glory-carriers for His Glory! Now on earth we are becoming more and more of His Glory carriers to carry that eternal weight of glory we will be carrying in heaven forever." — Abraham Israel

"God will keep His promises no matter how many He has given, if we but only keep the heaven's cheque of faith to en-cash for each promises intact within our heart at the time when God's time actually comes to reward us on earth now and in heaven later. Your faith is the most precious thing ever needed to be kept secure within you without losing heart because it will reward you in the right time God set for you. Your time is coming, be encouraged today or encourage yourself often from today, because you are one more day nearer to your reward than you were yesterday! God's dream or vision will never fail or has never ever failed for anyone till date in the past, but make sure you do not fail Him by losing heart." — Abraham Israel

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