Saturday, July 11, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jesus does not just want us to have faith in those men and women of God who have faith to bring miracles for us, but actually He wants us to personally have faith for big things so that He could work big miracles continually through us in this life for the Glory of God. Read the word of God and voraciously consume it to develop hearing God, once you start hearing God in your spirit-man, faith will come flowing in to your life. Then put the wheels of faith to the axle of prayer and move your spiritual life continually towards heaven to pray the prayer of faith which will boil out of you and will do much miracle through you. This is what the God of all miracles loves to see, i.e. the traits of Him working powerfully and vigorously in His children like us who believe Jesus. I know many people excuse themselves saying, I am not a giant of faith, can you tell me if a father has a little kid who needs help and a giant son or a daughter who glorifies him, who will he respond to first when they call him for anything they need? How much more our Heavenly Father will answer our little mustard seed size of faith in any situation to encourage us and fill us with His joy to make us rise up in more faith because of His Love? May our faith arise, miracles are not for occasions but are supposed by God for our day to day life existence as the children of God." — Abraham Israel

"Everyone of God's child has been forgiven equally the unforgivable by God in us, but only those who choose to remember how much hopeless, sinful and wasteful they were in regard to eternal life until God through Jesus had reached them with His Love to save them for eternity and forever make them His child, can only become humble enough to realize God's unlimited mercy and grace shown towards them because of His unconditional Love, and they will learn to love God in return to find the depths of God in their relationship with Him. You can never reach in depth with God unless you hit the bottom of lives meaninglessness with yourself in frustration first! When you hit the bottom with God, you can then bounce to the top in God. Where self-striving ends, God's rest of heaven will always begin." — Abraham Israel

"God is looking for honest people who acknowledge their mistakes, weaknesses and all kinds of turmoils they go through to Him and will expect God to give them the hope of His light constantly to enlighten their lives, these are those whom God has chosen to fill the heaven with and show them His marvelous light to make them walk in the light as He is in the light. Such honest people will always be open enough to acknowledge their failing inner life of the purity of their heart even though their external life of walking according to the law i.e. [ avoiding manifestation of sin] is foolproof hundred percentage by striving for purity and perfection. Only such people will see victory over the root of sin that defeats them in their inner lives of thoughts and feelings that God considers as the prime test for attaining true spirituality and holiness. God seeks for truth in the inner most being of all humans and not just truthful actions! So may we all seek for inner purity which God gives in our thoughts and feelings that influences us to do His will rather than just get confirmed to the law and become a self-deceiver and pretender towards others in the sight of God." — Abraham Israel

"In Jesus the most beautiful things that we have inherited through Him is that we have both become the lamb and the lion just like Him. I mean the lamb now and the lion once we come back to this earth along with Him to rule this earth for a thousand glorious years." — Abraham Israel

"Our Great King Jesus who became as a meek, gentle and a humble human lamb to save us all from sin have now become the superhuman lion of God to save us all from God's wrath that is coming upon the whole world to end it and then forever judge the world for its sin." — Abraham Israel

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