Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we realize that life in itself is a gift from God given day by day freely, the best thing to do with what we have is to give it back to God who gave it to us and be used for His will and pleasure. When we give to God, we lose nothing because everything becomes a investment in to eternity of friendship with God who gives back to us pressed down, shaken together and overflowing for the rest of our life that will continue in our afterlife. When we are rich towards God, there are a thousand reasons to be satisfied even without riches in this world! When the gift of life ends, the mercy and grace freely given by God ends for those who have not realized it or valued it to get saved from sin, but it continues forever and ever for all those who have been grateful and thankful enough to become a humble child of God to do His will for their lives. Jesus Christ is our example and forerunner, if we follow Him in emptying ourselves now of our self will, we will live abundantly full now, living an empowered life of greatness before men and God, and when we leave this world we will never die empty because of the treasures collected by us for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Don't burn yourself too much for others, until you know that they too will stay with you through the course for your mutual progress." — Abraham Israel

"Never become discouraged when no one cares for the things that God has put in your heart, pray until God brings people who care for His vision as much as you care for it to be fulfilled so that all can be blessed mutually. The power of the seed may lie inside the ground buried for dead until one day God's miraculous power makes it sprout out a new resurrected life out of the deathly state in which it was present with no one to take care of it. God has put the power of the seed within the vision itself, if we persevere enough to wait for the resurrection time in which God Himself sends all the resources to fulfill His will for us all to blessed. God not only sees you now to help you, but foresees you through the vision you hold within your heart to see you through it for the Glory of God. If you wait for God, then you will find at the end of the journey that God has been waiting for you to fulfill without fail that which has been promised to you. Make sure that you through your prayer, pull only those who will mutually benefit you and not derail you from the vision that God has given to you in your life! It is better to stand alone with God, than to stand among the top of a crowd outside of the will of God. Because as fast as people lift you up, they can discard you. When God lifts you up, none on earth or in the heavens will be able to discard you for eternity! Those who surround you can only truly bless you and be blessed themselves, if they have been hand picked by God to fulfill the purpose for your life in which their destinies are involved too. Make sure you stay with those who willingly and joyfully stay with you through your ups and downs of life, if they only stay with you when you are up, it means they will drain you to pull you down when you are down to derail you out of your vision. Have no regrets for those who have left you, because it is not your plan but God's plan that they have not stayed with you to pull you down and out of your vision." — Abraham Israel

"Doing nothing makes us to be conformed to the world system of thinking, but renewing our mind with the Word of God helps us remain in the zone of faith always which pleases God constantly. We fight not against unbelief, until we come to understand that standing in faith by believing God's promises in our heart is our victory! We move towards God when we move in faith, we move away from God and His protection when we move not in faith. Faith makes the impossible to become possible because the God of all possibilities stays within the heart that is filled with faith and makes the enemies of our soul flee in all direction by His overwhelming Presence and His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Your faith cannot become higher than the Promises of the Word of God that you believe in your heart." — Abraham Israel

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