Friday, November 21, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"You cannot hear God's voice clearly and regularly apart from the Word of God which we call as the Bible [i.e The Book and not a book which means like any other], and God will not speak clearly and regularly apart from the Word of God because He has chosen to honor His Word even above His great and mighty name. Bible is not given by God for us just to read it like a story book or a novel but it is given so that we might meditate and ponder over it again and again in our mind from which comes the words of life alive to our soul from deep within. If we are faithful to put the word of God within our mind, God is faithful to write it without fail in our heart from where the Word will be used by God to speak to us face to face regarding every need in our life. Our God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living and that is why He speaks to us through His Word anytime and anyplace!" — Abraham Israel

"Every talent in our lives are given by God to us with a purpose, but the great secret in finding our maximum potential in our lives is to unwrap the cords of Divine friendship in our day to day life which will then further start to unravel to us the purpose behind each potential that works together to fulfill God's foreordained plan. In finding deep friendship with God, we find our purpose that will drive us to our destiny! God's main purpose for our lives is to actually make us find the God of purpose who works out our talents for His purpose through empowering it by staying as it center thread from the starting to the end. When God is in the center of our lives, all our talents will be best used by God to fulfill His purpose for our life in His perfect will and time. Be closely connected with the God of purpose to fulfill the purpose of God in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not what we profess that matters in our Christian life, it is how much we believe what we profess is what makes the difference between whether we will stand as much in public as in private to walk the talk and talk the walk. To confess Christ before men is very important than to keep what we know in private because Jesus Christ confesses our name before the Father and all the Holy Angels when we dare to confess Christ in public through our lives. Heaven gets thrilled to see in awe when someone stands for their faith in public than just in their private lives. It is never too late until we become late." — Abraham Israel

"When you speak the truth you stand for it, when you stay silent you stand against it and there are no middle ground in between. It is better to speak the truth to be hated by all, than to live a lie and be a shame to the Lord! To be a fool to the world is a privilege when you know that has made you to be wise toward God and His Truth." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus set us free from the law of sin which leads to separation from God and has led us to the law of liberty through Himself [i.e. His sacrificial substitution on our behalf before God which has made us pleasing in God's sight already] which makes us believe in being rather than in doing to please God, which actually gives us the power to act slavishly obedient to please God in all things. Jesus did not set us free to make us again God's slaves under another set of rules to keep, but He has declared us already to have become a slave who is pleasing to God in believing so that we can choose to act in love as a slave of God to please Him in all things. There is no greater addiction to walk in righteousness of God than when we are intoxicated by the Love of God!" — Abraham Israel

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