Friday, April 26, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Nature speaks the language of God to make us understand more about our Creator God. How many times we have been so filled with worries of our survival that we can never been able to notice the beauty of God surrounding us. The bottom line of life is not about survival, but it is all about knowing God in a deeper way through our God given life on earth. Ever time you hear the squeak of a squirrel, the melodious sound of a bird, the beautiful design of any birds, animals or sea creatures, the leaves of the trees dancing through the cool breeze, the clear blue sky or the stormy cloud and the thunder that takes you by surprise, make sure to remind yourself and be in awe of the Creator who created all these things just for you to know more about Him who created it all for you to enjoy." — Abraham Israel

"If faith is what pleases God and nothing else will do, pursue faith above all else and see what difference God will make in and through your life." — Abraham Israel

"God knows your end even before you begin your life, so you need not tell God what to do and how to fulfill His purpose for your lives, but all you need to do is to co-operate with God by giving your will in to God's hands so that God could fulfill His will through you which He has planned beforehand for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"As trust is the firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person, trust in God does not come in a day or two instantly. But as we pursue our friendship with God day by day intimately deeper and deeper in depth, wider and wider in width and higher and higher in height of understanding His unconditional love, unending mercies, true faithfulness and super-abundant grace, we start to trust God at all times. Even though when things are good, bad or ugly at any moment of time in our lives, still we will be able to trust that the Lord's sovereign plan for our lives when we are intimate with God, as He is working continually by His omnipotent power that is working all things for our good. Because of such deep trust, we will begin to see the past unfailing record of our Lord and will have a heart full of thanks and a lips full of praise for the glory of God. Though it might take some time for us to trust God deeply from our heart, yet when we begin to trust by experience, the fruit of such trust takes us in to the zenith of being peaceful, joyful and righteous as like in heaven on earth. So we must learn to put our trust in the Lord more and more through intimacy with God so that a deeper life of God be experienced by us consistently on earth as like in heaven. Those who want to start intimacy with God say, 'O dear Lord, I put all of my trust in You.'" — Abraham Israel

"All leaders have followers but only great leaders have passionate followers, because they do and show them how before they ever say it with words." — Abraham Israel

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