Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Worry actually robs human of all the opportunity they have to connect to God. Prayer towards God destroys the robbing worry of the evil one and instead fills your mind with the peace of God that makes you stand above your circumstances. Worry is something that does not add height to your body, but without fail it adds weight to your body in order to dampen your health and depress your spirit. When you keep thanking God for what all He has done, God will keep giving you for what all you need. So, to live without worry for anything, practice prayer for everything. To live peacefully, pray calmly! To receive rightly, thank recursively!" — Abraham Israel

"The soul which longs to pray to God all the time, stays holy through out those times, because God is in the specialized business of hearing heart prayers without words than those prayers said with words without the heart." — Abraham Israel

"Now the Church stands at the threshold of seeing the Messiah and Savior of our soul who showed mercy unconditionally to all of us, come with the wrath of God against the world of ungodliness. So before you see Him and partake with Him in the mission of God against the world system of governance, decide beforehand which side you will end up. A believer who has come out of the world, but still lets his heart to be filled with the world, will face the wrath of God that is coming upon the whole wide world. Though a believer's soul will be saved because of what Jesus has done for them, yet if they have given themselves in to spiritual lethargy and procrastination in these end times by playing with the world, through the fire of God's judgment only they will be able to enter the Presence of God because of open disobedience to the clear end time warnings already given against deception and the falling away. Because God is a God of justice, as much as He judges the world, He will also judge with the world His children who have loved the world of evil and have it in their heart. If you judge the world within you, you will become a judge over the world when Jesus comes as He Himself has already got judged for your sins. If you have loved the world and its deceitfulness, you will be left behind with the world to face the wrath of God just like the unbelievers will be. Beware the Lamb of God is returning as the Lion of God, hear and obey Him before it is too late!" — Abraham Israel

"Death for a humans is an appointment from God to say goodbye to this earthly life and continue with the heavenly life that He has prepared for them. So the day a human dies, he must have already searched for the Creator and must have set his relationship right with Him through Jesus Christ, so that judgment for him or her will be that of a reward with God and not the one of condemnation without Him. So a person who has found the goodness of God will embrace death as a joyful appointment that will directly make him meet the unseen God who had cared him so much all the days of his earthly life. Find God before death finds you unaware to meet the Creator! When we have God with us in our heart, death is not a curse but a blessing to see the long time friend with whom we have shared our life, heard His voice and have seen His awesome doings on behalf of us but have never once seen Him face to face whose name is God." — Abraham Israel

"Supernatural spiritual faith that saves us from sin, sickness and death cannot be produced by natural means and efforts, but it easily comes in to us when we hear, read and understand Scripture and its intricate nuances though the help of the Holy Spirit who makes it possible. We understand Scriptures only when Christ is revealed in everything you see and you lose yourself to reflect Him in everything you do. Turn to Scriptures and learn to quieten your soul in the peace, presence and promises of it." — Abraham Israel

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