Sunday, August 9, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"The God of heaven who rules the earth and the whole universe is a God who sees the heart of ours and takes pleasure in it, so live by your heart and see life through it to see what God is doing through you to realize His awesome ways in your life. God becomes the strength of your heart when you choose to look life through your heart rather than your head. Head knowledge is temporal, heart knowledge is eternal! Only your heart understands things eternal which your mind cannot fathom because your heart sees things the way God sees your life and senses something as good or bad in eternal value, as the eternal God who resides in you is the one who sustains and drives it completely." — Abraham Israel

"Only those who have experienced freedom on the inside in their walk with God can only be able to see true freedom of heaven on the outside on earth around them in their walk with others. It is like a chicken that finds enough strength to be free inside the shell that will actually break open the shell to find the freedom of life outside the shell once it is broken open by them. If you continue to thirst for true inner freedom over sin nature in your Christian life, you will come to a place where you soul will start to delight in the path of God's will set for you because your heart will become as light as a bird's heart flying in the air because of the freedom of heaven that God fills you with because of your thirst after God and his righteousness. Thirst, thirst, thirst....until you are filled from above!" — Abraham Israel

"Every Christian must be a missionary at heart even if they are a believer working in secular fields, because only missionaries at heart will have the ability to become a living testimony to those around them for the Glory of God. Jesus Himself was a missionary from heaven and also at heart who had come to this earth to bring salvation to us individually and corporately bring Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"The best way to handle crisis is to leave the whole crisis in to God's hand through prayer, who will handle everything to make the crisis of ours in to a cross of ours to crucify our self and bring out the power of His resurrection life in to us for His Glory, so that we will reign with God now on earth and not just in heaven in the future." — Abraham Israel

"True worship doesn't suddenly come one day and stay forever, but it comes out of regular sacrifice that we do in response to the truth we have learned from Jesus and His Word, along with the broken spirit which we maintain by our daily personal cross carrying progressive and willing experience. Nothing excites God more than those who worship Him in spirit and in truth, our heavenly Father God earnestly desires such true worship!" — Abraham Israel

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