Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"Because Jesus rose in a glorious new eternal body, we will also rise up very soon like Him in a glorious way. Because Jesus reigns over world and its sinfulness, we will also master it all to reign over one day fully as we are day by day perfected by the Spirit from within. Because Jesus lives at the right hand of the Father to intercede for us, we will also intercede now for ourselves and the saints to see victorious life and success for the Glory of God. Because He lives, we will live the abundant life on earth as He lives in heaven. Because He lives, we can face our tomorrow without fear. Already a group of Old Testament saints and prophets believed God of what He has said about them, and today it is a reality in their lives. Two thousand years ago when Jesus rose up from the grace, they rose up because they believed that God will come and one day raise them up in a sin free glorious body. Where are you today?, just believe and your will live to see all the goodness of God in the land of the Living! Believe today and tomorrow it will be a reality." — Abraham Israel

"Fear always knocks at the door of our heart to drive away the love of God that has settled in our heart by the power of the Holy Spirit who has poured it abundantly in to it. But once we allow God to convince us of His unconditional love which has been shows to us freely through Jesus Christ outside of our work we do for God, then the fear that knocks our hearts get driven away instantly by the love of God which operates within our heart by the power of the Holy Spirit, through a sound and a settled mind that has come to us out of a sound doctrine from His Word, which will convince us of His eternal love that nothing in earth, under the earth or above the earth and in the entire universe can separate us from the unconditional Love of God. Those who want to be mature in their walk with God should love God and work for Him outside of fear, love stays within us when we develop a thankful heart that praises God for already giving us a spirit of love, power and of a sound mind in Christ Jesus. When we get rooted deep in the love of God, the superstructure we build on it spiritually lasts for eternity ahead! Learning without love puffs up our mind with vain glory, but love builds our spiritual life and satisfies us deeply." — Abraham Israel

"Hiding sin leaves us naked before the perfect judgment of God, but exposing it to God through our confession of it, leaves us cleansed with the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ who was actually sacrificed two thousand years ago by God to cover our sins, and therefore as a result of it we become privileged to get actually clothed and become the embodiment of the perfect righteousness of God in Him. God doesn't just leave us just cleansed, but more than that He clothes us with royal and priestly robe of salvation which makes us live in the spiritual liberty and power of heaven!!" — Abraham Israel

"God does not give us dreams and visions of our future not because we are good, it is because He is good he gives us revelation of His great mind just to make us understand that we are nearer to our great and prosperous future if we keep believing God's revelation and pursue it. When you give up your faith, you are actually giving up on God who have never failed all those who patiently worked along with Him to pursue and fulfill His plans for their lives. No matter what you feel, don't give up your faith in the dreams and visions God has given in your life because God is with you working towards your future success, and without you He will not do it and without Him you cannot do it in your life. With God in partnership all things are possible, so keep working along with God as you never know how close you are to your life's greatest breakthrough!" — Abraham Israel

"The key to receiving all supernatural favor of God and the blessings that follow it is in our ability to perceive the voice of God in every situations of our life and walk in the wisdom and understanding of heaven, that will make us not to run after the blessing, but rather the blessor who makes all blessings to come on us, and then overtake us for His Glory. God delights in the prosperity of all His servants who hear His voice and act according to it! We must constantly desire to hear the Word of God and do them because the voice of God is actually the quickened Word of God that the Spirit of God speaks within us personally to our heart to know whether we will hearken unto Him." — Abraham Israel

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