Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is faithful even when we are faithless, because God is not pleased with us based on our behavior, but rather with how we have believed in Jesus Christ and His promises! Our faith is victory, we become what we believe, not how we behave. The key to staying strong in faith is to look to the Word of God and pray it, think it, eat it, drink it, walk it, sleep it, bathe it, enjoy it until we believe it in our heart. Because God has called us as His own, all His promises He will fulfill in His time because we are His own." — Abraham Israel

"The only thing that excites God about us is how we believe His promises day by day, not how we have learned to behave. Because behavior in itself can be learned by self-discipline up to a certain extent without God's help, but you cannot believe unless you trust Him like a little child and He gets pleased like a Father with a heart full of love for his children. God know that our best works and behavior gets us only conformed to the world system's of governance led by self and Satan, but transformation of mind, body and soul comes without our own effort when we believe. Because when we believe, the power of the world to come fills us to aid us in our weaknesses to overcome all obstacles and oppositions to make us be victorious for the Glory of God. Only Believe and all things are possible in partnership with God, the things which are impossible with men are only possible with God! Say yes and amen to all the promises of God, soon one by one will start to unfold its power in your life because God is in the business of rewarding all His children for now and for eternity if you are a believer. Are you one of the believers, God is excited about you for sure!" — Abraham Israel

"Do not let the technology use you, instead use the technology to be used for the Glory of God in your life and living!" — Abraham Israel

"Feminism kills all the uniqueness of woman, but true faith that Christ gives transcends gender inequality which has come as a result of the curse for the sin of our first parents, and becomes the true antidote for restoring the true beauty of a woman. Submission to man doesn't make a woman a slave, rather it exhibits the true inner beauty within her which God greatly delights and honors. True courageous woman of faith submits to all godly authority because she safely rests in the fact that God is her rewarder, but the one who is fearful, insecure and coward to be conformed to the flow of system of the world which calls it feminism will become rebellious and non-profitable to themselves both in their family and spiritual lives." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is not a dead end road, because each time when you find yourself at the end of the road, a new avenue opens up to make you travel supernaturally to your destination. Have faith in God and also in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

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