Thursday, May 24, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"It is one thing for God to make a promise, but it is totally another thing to take it in to our hearts by faith and see His promises being fulfilled in our lives. So by faith hold God's promises in your heart, and it will hold your life within all the blessings of the promises of God." — Abraham Israel

"Holiness is a dreamy illusion, without the power of the Holy Spirit guiding us in to it. The situation can be said as a person trying to drive a car without a gas or petrol, a fish trying to live with out the water on the land, like a human who goes out in to space trying to live without oxygen, like a proud man who tries to jump out of the plane saying that there is no law of gravity as far as he is concerned, etc....we all know treading through such situations brings only death and nothing more. So will also be the person who tries to walk in holiness without the Holy Spirit guiding him in to it day by day through faith, the law of the Spirit brings heaven's life of God in to a human, the law of sin brings death. So trust the Lord to sanctify you and surrender to Him day by day to lead you in to His holiness, God has surely promised to guide you in to His holiness for His Glory!." — Abraham Israel

"To have true humility is not only to have true estimation of one self as God sees us, but it also means to totally forget who we are in ourselves without God based on the gifts that operate within, and totally become who we are because of who our God is and what He has given to us to glorify Him. Taking focus off ourselves, and keeping our focus perpetually on who God is to us in every area of our lives makes us stay humble! When we kneel before God and can go no further down, we know in our humility of submission to God, we can only go up and higher to stand before men of greatness to speak grace to them. Speak grace, grace to the mountains! None can stand before you all the days of your life." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus Christ did not die to make us feel sad, bad and miserable for who we are, but rather he died to make us realize who we can become if we continue to trust in His unconditional love that transforms us inside out, as a product in progress leading to eternal excellence." — Abraham Israel

"How many times we all fail to acknowledge the mercies and grace of God, that He shows to us daily and consistently in our lives? How many times we take for granted the precious life given to us as a gift of God to glorify Him? How many times we fail to remember we are nothing more than a water bubble floating on the surface of this earth ready to burst but kept intact by God's supernatural miracle called life? How many times the small things of life irritates us to forget the great things of God that God provides as sustenance for survival? How many times our unforgiveness and remembering the hurt caused by others are let by us to cause bitterness of life rather than rejoicing in life for the grace and mercy of God? How many times the work of the cross of Jesus Christ has never been allowed to affect our lives positively just because, we do not want to let go off our ego that drives us mad? How many times the work of angelic protection have never been acknowledged, but taken as a luck or good times that has kept us safe? There is no luck in the life of a Christian, only the sovereign hand of protection and provision for a child of God through which they are kept safe and alive for the Glory of God. May we learn to say it daily in our lives, 'There go I if not for the grace and mercies of God,' whenever we see someone die before us. May we learn to thank and praise the Lord for all His loads of daily innumerable benefits, and count our blessings instead of the temporal hardships that God has allowed for us to be prepared for eternal excellence, which will raise our earthly quality of life in to a heavenly one to experience heaven on earth!" — Abraham Israel

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